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Friday, December 31, 2010

Reflections...and other jibber jabber

Well, I normally am not up this time of night...even on New Year's Eve! But tonight I have to work at midnight on the computer for all of 10 minutes if everything runs properly. At least I don't have to drive to work to do it...wooohoo for wireless home internet! These are the times I question why technology has come so far yet we still need to "monitor it". Those who know me understand that I turn into a pumpkin around 10pm!

So while I wait alone for midnight (cause y'all know Travis and the kids are long gone to sleep), I thought I would share some reflections on 2010. Not that either of you reading cares, but it will help me pass the time. It might be a little more "me" focused than I normally post on this Women's Ministry blog...but I am a woman, and I am exhausted, and I have to keep myself humor me or come back in a day or two... =)

I think it is very important to grow in some aspect every year...other than the pant size growth which I have mastered might I add! As I think back I am happy to say that I have grown in many areas. Doing the "Woman After God's Own Heart" Bible Study rekindled some habits I had let slide when it came to putting my priorities in order. I am happy to report that through that study I feel closer to my husband than I have been in recent years. And in developing a mentoring relationship this year, I feel I have grown as a friend in many areas too. I listen better than I ever have, and I am not nearly as quick to give advice before praying it through. And my word I cannot even tell you how close I feel to Jesus! If you have never read the book...I highly recommend it. Some people hate it because it is a bit old fashioned...but if I figure that if I turn into my Granny Capps...I will be a better person indeed!

I finished reading the Bible today...third year in a row!!!! Praise Him! Please don't think I am bragging or prideful. I only share that information to encourage you to join me this year! If I can make my severe ADHD self sit and read 15 minutes a day...and stick it can too! If you ask God to help you stay committed...and you earnestly see Him in the 15 minutes...He will see to it that you find the time and effort to succeed. And I will help you if you tell me you want to make it. I am excellent at nagging and I have the most wonderful reading plan that I typed into excel so I could re-use it. Just let me know if you want a copy.

Other growth highlights....was that I ran two 5ks without stopping this year...something I never dreamed I could do. I have never run in my life unless something was chasing me. But this year I prayed and committed to succeed. Of course...I haven't ran in over two getting back to the pavement may kill me tomorrow...if it does...y'all be sure to sing Victory in Jesus at my funeral...the Travis Cottrell version PLEASE!!!!

25 minutes to go...I know y'all are thrilled.

Ok what else...I got nothing else.

So let's talk about next year...I want to be better next year at every thing. I want to be the best Christian, wife, mother, friend, employee, runner, etc. that I can be. Kind of like the the best that you can be...whew I am getting so I may read this tomorrow and delete it.

What do you want to do next year? What is one thing you can make a reality in your life? I plan to read the Bible again, complete 2-3 Bible Studies, lose a few pounds, run (signing up for a 5k in February if anyone is interested in joining me), cook at home more instead of eating out so much!, and who knows what else. I am not one to set resolutions, most of them are never achievable because they require massive life style changes in the blink of an eye....instead I like to set short term goals...they are much more manageable! If you have any good goals to inspire us...please share them!

Good night....19 minutes to go...and I am thinking I may eat a snack now...cause Jan 3rd I will have to write it in my food

Happy New Year!
I love serving Christ alongside of you!
In Him,
Kristy =)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Scripture Memory in 2011

Hey y'all,
In 2011 Beth Moore is doing the Scripture Memory Team again. I will be signing up and hope you will as well. Here are the instructions:
It works exactly like I did on our blog in 2010 because I copied the idea from her in 2009! ha The only major difference is that she offers a free Living Proof Live Event in the following January as a congratulations party. The event is free (you have to bring your spiral or note cards as your admission ticket and say 12 of your verses while you are there) but you have to pay your own transportation to TX and room and food. I don't know that my finances will allow me to go this time...but who knows! In 2009 when I checked it was going to be a bit pricey so I opted out. The satisfaction of knowing 24 verses was reward enough! And the increased closeness to Jesus was well worth the time in memorizing!

I haven't decided if I will do the SMC on our blog in 2011. I can't decide how many of you are participating in the shadows...I know a couple of you made it through but did not post your verses each time. So I'll pray on it and decide by Jan 1. If you want to give me feedback on it...either comment or email me I feel VERY strongly about the concept. I cannot tell you how blessed I have been by being able to recall scriptures when I need them. It is an awesome feeling. And I have shared them countless times with others who needed the encouragement. But I don't want to bore both you readers to death if you are not participating. =) So we'll see where the Lord leads me on it.

If you haven't signed up for the Caswell Ladies Retreat, let me know asap if you want to go. I cannot wait to hear Phyllis Elvington!

Have a great day...I probably won't post again until the New Happy New Year! Be safe! And focus on Jesus in all of your New Year's events!

In Him,

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

This is a picture of our tire swing. My neighbor Amy took it Sunday in my back yard and then transposed it to black and white with fancy edges at It is a web site that allows free photo shopping. Or you can pay $25 a year and have more access. It is way cool but I am too cheap to pay the $25...haha. And the free stuff is really cool...I thought some of you might like to know about it. I think I am going to frame it in my house as a "winter" picture. I've never had season themed pictures before....hmmm...could be a new look at the Gardner house!

So the year ends in 3 days. I am chronologically reading in Revelations now. This will be the third year I have completed the Bible in a year...Lord willing I am still breathing until Friday that is! If you have never read the Bible cover to is an awesome journey. If you are afraid it may be too boring for are has more drama than any trashy novel I have ever read! Admittedly, some books are harder to read than others...but pressing toward the goal will sustain you if you ask God for help! And the Spirit will speak to you and guide you and draw you nearer....if you let Him! So tell me if you want an excel copy of the Bible Reading Guide that I am doing this year...and I will read it with you...and hold you accountable ;)

If you need more convincing....Henry Blackaby wrote this in Encounters with God: Transforming Your Bible Study (yes this is a picture of my computer screen because I was too challenged to import the document...haha)

And you KNOW if Henry Blackaby tells you to do it...then you'd better. haha
Have a Jesus filled day! Come to church tonight! I miss seeing all the smiling faces since services were snowed out on Sunday! If your church does not have service....come to need refilling!
In Him,

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's stolen...

I have two things to share today and both are stolen from other sources...haha

Mark Batterson's blog...
I'm a big believer in the power of one decision. You are only one decision away from a totally different life. I think we get overwhelmed by the thought of making massive changes so we don't make any! But you don't have to make big changes. You need to make small changes and then consistently follow thru on them. Here's one decision that will revolutionize your spiritual life: read the Bible daily. Here's one decision that will revolutionize your health: go to the gym 3x/week. Here's one decision that will revolutionize your mind: read one book a month.What one decision would revolutionize your body, spirit or mind?

In the book I just finished reading "Surprised by Worship" by Travis Cottrell he says that Charles Swindoll once said "Your critics rarely hit the bull's eye, but they seldom miss the target completely". ouch!

And I just love the Mark Batterson blog post. I have always believed that you can make or break your entire life one decision at a time. How many folks do we know (or us!) have made one bad decision and ruined their entire earthly life? Thankfully one bad decision will not ruin our eternal life because no matter what we have ever done...Jesus Saves! If Jesus did not forgive...none of us would ever see glory. Praise Him ladies!

So in 2011...what "one decision" will you make? If you choose the daily Bible reading....I have a plan I can send you...hehehe

In Him,

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Snow Day!

I do love the snow! I know some of you can't stand it...but I love it. Makes me feel like a little kid again. Even if I don't get to play long...just seeing it makes my day! Of course....I may weigh 50 pounds more by the time I go tback to work Tuesday! All we have done is cook and eat!

Hope you had a Merry Christmas! Stay warm!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

Most of you probably don't read these while you are on vacation...but I thought I would post anyway. =)

Merry Christmas! Hope you encounter Jesus this holiday!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Live Nativity

So...yesterday I had school duty (meaning it was my day to take the kids because Travis left home before most people were awake...people like me! ha) and I was running unusually late because Peyt did not set her alarm and when I went to check to make sure she was up...I heard water running and assumed she was in the shower. But when I went back 20 minutes later to wake Caleb...I realized it was the humidifier running!!!! So we were a tad later than I like to be...anyway...I drove by Hephzibah Baptist on Hwy 70 in Princeton and read that they had rescheduled their Live Nativity. Only I was driving too fast (so late!!!) to read the dates. So yesterday on the way home I drove that way and made the kids help me read it. And as God would have it (not luck because I don't believe in luck) was Dec 20-22! So after supper we loaded up and went to check it out. Every year since we moved to Princeton I have wanted to go but we always miss it because I guess I don't do school duty in December often enough to catch the dates!

Y'all...I have never seen anything like it! It was 3 stations and at each station they had actors and animals. And they had a recorded narration and singing!!!! They had luminaries to guide your path. And you had to turn your lights off. I had only always seen the silent ones, but this one had such life with all the talking and singing. It was unlike anything I had ever seen. They even had a CAMEL...actually 3 of them....for the Wise Men. I was shocked. If you can go by tonight or tomorrow night starting around 7pm. It is such a blessing!

I think it will become one of my favorite Christmas traditions!

In Him,

Monday, December 20, 2010


There are several countdowns going on in my life right now! I am such a nerd when it comes to planning and anticipating!
  1. Of course there is the Christmas countdown...5 days in case you live in a bubble =)
  2. End of year Chronological Bible Reading countdown...11 days...a few more letters from Paul, then I think all that is left is John and Revelation! I love finishing the annual Bible is such an awesome feeling!
  3. New Bible Reading Countdown! January 1st!!! please read with me....15 minutes a day is not a lot to give to Jesus! I promise He will give you the 15 minutes back tenfold! I am so excited to be doing my original reading plan...the first one I was successful with...come on tell me if you need a copy.
  4. D Day...also on Jan 1....Diet Day!!! I have got to get back on the weight loss program. I finally just bought bigger pants to make it through the holidays because I have ZERO will power and there was no need to have my circulation cut off for 6-8 more weeks until I lose 10 pounds! But Jan 1 it's back to counting points for a while!

I don't do "New Years Resolutions", but I have learned that goal setting...especially on a very effective way to stay focused. So I have been praying about my goals for 2011 and where God wants me to focus my time and energy. Some of them are seek HIM first in everything I do, read His Word again this year, keep up the scripture memorization program, keep mentoring, be the best wife I can possibly be by making sure I always put my husband 2nd behind God alone, keep up the running (my next 5k is Feb 5th if anyone wants to run with me), and keep planning my days ahead...that is key to using the time He lets me borrow wisely for Him! When I plan...I am not wasteful with my time or other resources!

On a side note...if you missed church last was amazing! I loved the Christmas play this year. I like a traditional play and we have not had one in a few years. The other styles of plays are very cute too, but there is just something about a manger scene that melts my heart.

Go and be a blessing today...if you don't know anyone that needs a blessing....let me know. I know some little old ladies who could use a card, call or smile!

In Him,


Thursday, December 16, 2010


I am reading Paul's letters right now in my chronological Bible. Have you ever thought about all that Paul wrote? He has most of December dedicated to him! And his writings are amazing. I wish people still wrote as honest as he does. There was very little worry of being politically correct, he just laid it out there plain for the churches to read. Anyway, the other night something lept off the page at me.

Phil 1:17-18 "The former preach Christ out of selfish ambition, not sincerely, supposing that they can stir up trouble for me while I am in chains. But what does it matter? The important thing is that in every way, whether from false motives or true, Christ is preached. And because of this I rejoice. Yes, and I will continue to rejoice,"

WOW! I used to be the first person to point out poor motives. And I still struggle daily with the concept of judging the motives of others. I continually have to remind myself that being God's child does not make me "Holy Ghost Junior" and He alone can judge a man's actions because He alone can see the man's heart. I have pure argued with God about whether someone is serving Him out of the right intent. Hello????? 1) Why argue with God? 2) Why think after you have read the Bible 3 times...which means you have read the 1 Samuel passage where God tells Samuel that man looks at the outward appearance of man but that God sees the man's heart at least 3 times...would you think you are a better judge of intention than God? And 3) now that I re-read Philippians for the 4th time I see so clearly...that IT DOES NOT MATTER as long as the Word of God is proclaimed correctly. What an awesome revelation for me! I know it is elementary to most of you, but to me it was like finding out AFTER I had broken three vents when I crawled under the house with the kids to "close the vents under the house" that there was a slidey thing on the outside to open and close the vents! Wow! Who knew?

So again I receive affirmation from God that reading the Bible in a year can be very effective. He will speak to you in remote little passages if you are seeking Him. Some people say that you can't get anything from reading the Bible this way...and to that I NOW say....does it matter? Does the motive really matter? Isn't having some one's face in the Word ok regardless of what gets them there?

So here comes the end of year challenge...start with me Jan 1. Read the Bible in 2011. It takes only 15 minutes a day and you will be blessed. I am using the old reading plan that I first got started with again next year. It is an excel file and I would love to have you read with me. Contact me if you want a copy.

And the definition of ponderful in case you are pondering is...something very interesting and odd that needs to be pondered about.

Ponder it ladies! Love ya!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

SMC - Dec 15th

I wanted to go ahead and post early because tomorrow I have a crazy day!

My verse this time is: James 2:19 "You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that—and shudder." (NIV)

I love this verse. It is one that I semi-quote a lot, but I never can remember WHERE it is located! So this one I am going to be able to quote fully and tell you where to find it!

Every time I read it I imagine satan shudder like a cool breeze blows through hell. And then I realize if the name of the Lord makes satan better put a little quake in me too! I think a lot of times we lose the "fear of God". Not like an "oh no I am going to get beat or murdered kind of fear" but a more healthy "He loves me enough to discipline me and let me make my own choices even if they are disastrous and I wish I could take it back" kind of fear ;)

We believe that the "compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love and faithfulness" God (Ps 86:15 a prior memory verse! woohoo) is so forgiving and understanding that we need not "fear" Him. And I think that is a lot of what is wrong with us as Christians today. If we feared God the way we should...we would behave more like the Christians Paul coaches us on how to be (Eph) and less like the world. By taking the "fear of God" out of the equation...we just blend in...and this leads to destruction! =) Look at your actions and folks see that you "fear God"? Or do you react to situations like a lost person? Do people see you react like a person with no respect or love for the God that created her...a person who does not care how their words or actions affect you "fear" God?

He loves you more than anything in the world that He created...but He commands fear and respect and love and an intimate relationship...and I have learned the hard way that you can't have the relationship without the others! So take it from a sista who has been there and tried it!

Enough of that...let's hear your verses!
Fearing Him,
Kristy =)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Another thing...

Sorry I forgot to share that I gave out the first two batches of the Christmas Story books...and I got one thank you at each location and a couple odd looks, and several no responses...not even eye contact. Which is basically the response I was expecting!

So y'all pray for the hearts that received books this weekend, and the 8 more next weekend. Pray for their hearts to be softened and eyes to be opened to Jesus. There are so many hurting people. My heart has really been burdened of late for folks that I love that would not go to heaven today if Jesus came back. I just want to shake them.

In Him,

Monday Ramblings

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a wonderful day in Jesus' house yesterday! We had a baptismal service last night and it was awesome! Morning church service was good too, but there is something so special about baptizing that I just love. And it helped that Brian and Beth sang specials...I could listen to them ALL night! They are so talented!

It did not make it in the bulletin...but if you are planning to go to Caswell on the ladies retreat (Feb 25-27) I need to know ASAP. $50 deposit due as soon as you can pay it (payable to the church but hand deliver it to me)! I need to make sure we will fill all 30 spots before I pay the deposit. So if you are interested let me know even if you cannot pay the deposit right now. If you are reading from another church you are welcome to go with is so much fun!

Go be a blessing today!
In Him,

Friday, December 10, 2010

So I am a little blog happy this week...BY DESIGN!

This is the most I have posted in a week...ever. I just have so much to share..maybe it is because TG is in travel mode right now and the kids do not let me talk to them enough. haha So in return...y'all suffer =)

So last night I thought it would be a good idea to 8pm...with it below 30 degrees. I think I may have frostbite on my ear. But it was kind of strange that you sweated but it didn't run Anyway, the Nike Plus gadget must not be calibrated quite right...because when I hit 3 miles and pressed the button that aggravating thing said 2.82 I kept going for an extra culdesac. So I have to try and calibrate again...I know you are surprised.

This is random, but here is our group picture from the OCC work day. It was cool to crouch down surrounded by those boxes. It is such a humbling, blessed experience. It is hard to describe...please go with us next year! the reason I logged on was because I wanted to share something that I got from Mark Batterson. And yes I realize how sad it is that it took me 1/2 a post to get to it....(Batterson wrote "In a Pit on a Snowy Day with a Lion" and "Primal" - two books that changed my life forever if you don't know of him). He sends out a little blog devotion thing from time to time and today it made me stop and go WOW!

Default or Design
Posted: 09 Dec 2010 04:35 AM PST
There are only two ways to live: by default or by design. I'm guessing that 90% of people live 90% of their lives by default. In other words, life happens to them. They live in reactive mode. The other option is to live in proactive mode. Living by design is establishing priorities and then living by them. So what's the difference between default and design? Well, in financial terms, a budget may be the difference between default and design. In experiential terms, life goals may be the difference between default and design. In spiritual terms, a Bible reading plan may be the difference between default and design. And in relational terms, a scheduled date night may be the difference between default and design. The common denominator is a plan. When I'm frustrated spiritually or relationally, it's often because I'm in reactive mode. I'm just reacting to the circumstances I find myself in. And that's when you default on life. When I'm feeling fulfilled, it's usually because I'm proactive. I'm going after goals or executing a plan or living out my priorities.

Oh my Word! As Beth Moore would say...that was a "Fresh Word" for me! I want to live life by design. It was so timely because just yesterday a friend and I had lunch and discussed a planning system that would allow us to organize our priorities to match God's priorities. And to schedule specific acts of service and kindness in our planning system would draw us nearer to Jesus. When I read the Mark Batterson email today I just laughed out loud. God is so funny to me when He sends you basically the SAME message in several ways and from different people. He knows me well enough to realize that I MIGHT not get it the first time...haha Clearly right now His message to me is to plan more wisely and consistently so that I can live for Him in a clearer, intentional and consistent way! So let me go plan something!

Happy Friday! Be a blessing to someone today!
In Him,
Kristy =)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy Thursday!

It feels like Friday and I have no clue why...I am going to be so disappointed in the morning when I have to get up for work...haha

I hope everyone is having a good week so far. If you are healthy...then you are having a good week whether you know it or not. I had to take Peyt to the doctor this morning and there was a young couple coming in with an infant carrier and it was covered with a blanket and the daddy was wheeling the biggest oxygen tank I have ever seen beside it and the tube went under the blanket. And the mom smiled but looked exhausted. I don't know who they were or what they are facing but please lift them in your prayers today. God knows their name and what they need.

I am VERY excited about this Christmas. I get excited every Christmas because you may not know that...I am a "giver". Since I was little teeny my favorite part of Christmas was surprising others. And as I get older my favorite part is surprising them and them not knowing. Not just at Christmas...but all year long! Anyway...I almost lost my point. lol So this year I am doing something different for the season. Christmas has lost the meaning in most families. And I want to put Jesus back in the focus where He belongs. We do not exchange gifts with our "adults" in the extended families anymore but this year I have something to give every single person in our family...28 of them in all. It is the NIV Christmas Story family Bible that "Aunt Tammy" shared with me.You can order them here if you are interested...they also have a hard back collectors edition that is gorgeous (it is more expensive but still only $5). here is what God laid on my heart for these books. We have some lost family members that we have prayed over many times. We also have some saved family members who do not live for Jesus anymore. So each family is getting one of these paperback books (less than $3 each!) and a note from us. Not an intrusive or demeaning note, but a note that tells them we love them and the greatest gift ever was Jesus and if they have never accepted this gift then we hope reading this Christmas Story as a family will open their eyes and heart to the gospel. And if they have received the gift of eternal life...then we hope it is a blessing for them to read the Christmas Story together with us.
So this Christmas that is what is exciting me. Our families already think I am completely crazy...and this may confirm it for them but at least it will confirm that I am crazy over Jesus! I figure if they throw it in the trash I am out $3/copy but I have the peace of mind that I gave it to them. And each night when my family reads the devotion we will pray for others who are reading at the same time or who have a book in their possession. And there is power in prayer!
So what are you doing this Christmas in Jesus' name? Do you have any other ideas I can steal? I mean ask permission and adapt...haha
Love you all!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mentoring Opportunity

Titus 2:3-5 (NIV)
“Likewise, teach the older women to be reverent in the way they live, not to be slanderers or addicted to much wine, but to teach what is good. Then they can train the younger women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled and pure, to be busy at home, to be kind, and to be subject to their husbands, so that no one will malign the word of God.”

This is one of my favorite scripture passages. I think the most sobering reality in my life of late is that the writer is not necessarily referring to the physical age of the older women versus younger women. (Well that and where the WMU trainers told me I was old. hehe)

God has shown me over the years that physical age does not matter in His eyes...He is more interested in whether we are growing older spiritually. I think it takes older spiritual women to impact the lives of younger spiritual women in a unique way that you don't get from regular discipleship interaction. Discipleship is very important, but learning to cultivate relationships with Jesus and other believers pays huge dividends as well.

The past year we have been piloting a One to One Women's Mentoring program. The blessings have been endless and we want to expand it in 2011 by creating more one on one groups.

If you are spiritually "older" and would like to meet weekly to complete a 12-24 week Bible Study (depending on your speed) with a spiritually "younger" woman please contact me. Also, if you are spiritually "younger" and feel like having a mentor would help hold you accountable and help guide you in being a Christian woman, let me know. I'll pair you up and get you going in January down a very exciting road of growing and building relationships!

I know some of you reading this are members of other churches...feel free to participate with us. Maybe we could help you start it at your churches.

In Him,
Kristy =)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's Over...and OCC ROCKS!

It is a sad night tonight...our Bible Study ended. The NOGS had their last meeting. And I have been blessed beyond imagine from our small group of four! I never imagined that doing a Bible Study without a dvd leading you would be so rewarding and grow me closer to a group of Bible believing women. I confessed to them that every time I end a Bible Study a feel so sad. Which is especially funny since I normally have couple going on simultaneously. I don't know what it just makes me ache.

In other news...Operation Christmas Child is AWESOME! We went and worked at the processing center in Charlotte on Saturday. 13 of us. It was quite the adventure. Who knew it would really snow here while we were We decided it was certainly a memorable trip. Not only do you feel so blessed from participating which makes it memorable enough...but in addition...

1 - The church van got pulled on the way out of Raleigh for failing to move over when a State Trooper was on the left side of the road. We were in a row of three...I got over as I passed him, vehicle # 2 was half way over, but the van had no where to go because of traffic. Can you believe he actually told them they should have come to a complete stop in the left lane of I40 and waited until it was safe to get in the next lane....HELLLLLLOOOOOO that would have caused a major pile up! He let them go with a warning...thank God! And the van had no registration paperwork so it could have been much worse for us!
2 - The van window would not go back up after they were pulled and we had to get one of the guys to work on it because it was FREEZING!
3 - The van had only 1/2 a tank of gas because I did not think to check it so we had to stop in Mebane. Road Warriors we are! haha
4 - We were about 10 minutes late to work due to traffic, and patrolman, and gas, etc!
5 - Vehicle #2 lost his keys at the processing center! We realized it when it was time to go and although they tried to tell us to leave...I could not imagine leaving folks stranded to wait for Triple A. So we asked Pastor Billie and Lorraine to pray while we searched (they were at home) and 10 minutes later someone came forward with a set of keys they had found...PRAISE THE LORD!
6 - We had a marathon hour and a half meal at Ruby Tuesdays after being delayed by the keys!
7 - And when we got to Greensboro and saw the snow we were shocked!
8 - We got back to church at 12:15am Sunday morning!
9 - Then I got stuck on Highway 70 in Pine Level due to a terrible accident that had just happened moments before and did not get to Princeton until 1:30am!!! Praise God for protection and timing! 10 minutes could have made me a victim!

Ahhhh...the memories...LOL

If you have never gone to the processing center you will have another chance next year...take is so worth it!

Sleep well!
In Him,
Kristy =)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

SMC - Dec 1st

The next two weeks I want to focus on reviewing everything in my memory binder. For a long time I recited them weekly, and lately I have not been disciplined in doing that. So I am not picking a new one this week. I want to master some of my previous ones that I only partially have memorized or haven't quite gotten down. If you have been a little slack about fully learning your past verses then I challenge you to do the same. Or...let's hear your new verse! =) Either way...check in!

In Him,

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Comic Relief for today...

OK...I know tomorrow is the 1st and I will post the scripture memory verse after lunch....but after talking with my good friend she thought this was blog worthy to entertain other women who sometimes want to smack themselves =) So laugh with me...not at me!

Some of you know that I am technically challenged even though I pretend to be "cutting edge". Specifically with my ipod. I hate that scrolling thing. It takes me 3 minutes to adjust the volume and about 5 minutes to change the playlist. Well apparently I forgot all that when I very excitedly ran out (literally) and bought the new (well not really new...but I just heard of it so it is new to me!) Nike plus ipod thingy.

I saw some girls using it at the last 5k I did and I was so impressed. It tracked their distance, time and even talked to them and told them how much farther to run. Unfortunately I failed to notice how they were experts at navigating the ipod

Anyway...I also noticed they had this special clip thingy on their shoe to hook it to the laces. They told me if your Nike shoes do not have a plus you just order this thing on-line and away you go. So I ordered one for $4.98 with free shipping. But it won't be here for a week. Most of you know my patience so I decided to do this...Nice, huh? Johnston County at its finest! =) I could probably stop the post right here and you are already shaking your head and grinning. But it gets better.

Since it is sprinkling outside I decided to run on the treadmill and calibrate the sucker (whatever that means). So I went upstairs and forgot to turn the AC or ceiling fan back on...and started running (with the heat on). I decided not to do the recommended mile. You know me...the overachiever. Instead I did my full 3 miles and with the heat index up there it took me 5 minutes longer than normal and my face looked like a tomato when the 3 mile bell sounded. Praise Him for that bell!

SO at that point I came downstairs to look at the instruction book to see how to calibrate the run. Key words...AT THAT know after the collapsed lung and heart failure setting in. Guess what...the calibration feature is supposed to be turned on BEFORE the run. And guess what else...if you don't the MAX distance you can enter is 1.25 miles....and I ran 3.0

So...the encouragement and lesson for you women is....READ THE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE YOU RUN 3 MILES!!!!! We have access to the best instruction book covers every aspect of life...God's Word! Don't forget to give Him 15 minutes today!

Love you girls! See ya tomorrow for SMC! Sleep well!

Monday, November 29, 2010


Ever feel overwhelmed?

As a woman I think we have a bigger task of juggling and balancing than our counterparts. Specifically as a wife and mother we juggle every one's schedules (including our own), taxi driving, preparing meals, laundry, cleaning, checking homework, reminding to brush teeth, take medicine, and the list continues... And what usually gets left "undone" is us. I mean if anything gets left undone it is "our stuff". The kids are fed and dressed and homework checked and tucked in at night. Husbands are cared for and loved and have clean clothes to wear. House is livable and the chores are mostly done. At the end of the day we make sure we do every one's stuff first...and we get what's left of our time. That means often God gets "what's left" of us. And sometimes when you look at the means He gets less than nothing!

So I challenge you for the next 4 survive the holidays without losing your joy...spend 15 minutes a day in God's Word. More time if you have it but at least 15 minutes a day. Do not close your eyes at night until you have done 15 minutes of God time and see what happens. I cannot count the days in a year that I tell God that I am running out of time and need him to multiply it the way He did for Joshua (i.e. sun standing still Josh 10:13-14 one of my faves!).

You see...the God in those awesome Old Testament stories is the same God we serve today and tomorrow and forever. If He stopped the sun from setting for Joshua...He will stop it for me. As long as I have faith as small as a mustard seed. And I think that is why we don't witness the miracles as were witnessed in the Bible. We are low in faith and only believe that God did miracles for others. We don't believe He can do them for us. But friend...He can and will...if we LET HIM!

So the next 4 weeks show Him you are serious about developing a closer walk with Him. Give Him 15 minutes a day and let Him bless you with 30 minutes back! I can't wait to hear the testimony you will be able to share! I am praising Him in advance for your blessings! Grow your faith and stand in awe of the God we serve. If you need help getting started, contact me and I'll help you!

In Him,

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Whatcha Got Cooking???

Hope to see you at the Thanksgiving service tonight. I have the Preschoolers for Ms Tonia so y'all pray for my sanity...

I need a good recipe for a fruity dish. My sister-in-law is doing a chocolate cake, so I need to do something different for a dessert. I was thinking maybe a pig pickin cake or peach cobbler.

Anyone got any EASY suggestions???

In Him,

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Few Reminders!

Just a few reminders today...

  • Tomorrow (Wed 11/24) we are having a Thanksgiving service at our church. I will be filling in for Tonia in Mission Friends...unless someone is itching to take my place...haha...y'all know how gifted I am with preschoolers...LOL I am sure it will be a blessing to attend!
  • Please bring microwave popcorn and square sticky notes for the JCC Christmas bags!
  • Also bring Backpack Buddy Food...the holidays will be long for those children!
  • Any last minute OCC shoeboxes can be turned in before Sat Dec 4th.

Pray for safe travels for those travelling this week!

Monday, November 22, 2010

What are you thankful for?

It's that time of year!
What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? I am thankful for so many things...they are beyond counting! But the Bible (and the song...haha) tells us to count them one by one. And I don't think we do it often enough. I think our thankfulness should be overflowing to the point that everyone around us thinks we are weird. I think folks should be able to glance at us and see the thankfulness running out of us.

What do people see when they glance at you? Do you scowl like me without even realizing it? Do you look annoyed at your children when they ask a question? Do you huff when you are waiting in line? Do you roll your eyes while your husband is talking in a crowd?

It is frightening to imagine that I could be the ONLY Jesus that some people get a glimpse of in life. How do I portray Him to every contact I make? What if there is no second impression and the first glance is all someone gets? Will they want a relationship like mine or will they feel pity towards me thinking I must be miserable as a Christian???

Counting blessings can encourage you to be thankful even when folks think in your situation that you shouldn't be! So list them...what are you thankful for? Here are just a few of mine...Salvation, the privilege to pray, an intimate relationship with Jesus, HIS WORD!, family, friends, health, employment, food and shelter, clothing, transportation, the nice weather!, entertainment, Breezy (our dog), etc....

Happy Thanksgiving to you!
In Him,
Kristy =)

Friday, November 12, 2010

SMC - Nov 15th (a little early!)

Happy Friday! It has been the longest week. Not sure if it is because Travis was travelling or because vacation is next week! woohoo!

My verse this time is Romans 8:28. I try to reference it often, and I never know where it is or exactly what it I am putting it in memory!

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." (NIV)

Let's hear your verses! Hope everyone is having a Jesus filled week! Have a great weekend and week next week!

Desperately Seeking Him,
Kristy =)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

From Religion to Relationship

Billie has been doing sermons on the topic of Religion to Relationship for some time now. And I have been trying to wrap my mind around the best way to say this...but I struggle finding the words. This will probably come out all wrong...and rambly...but here goes.

I think people are misled in understanding that being saved and having eternal life is what God truly wants out of us while we are here on earth. I think we miss the point entirely if that is all we believe. I think God desires so much more than that...I think He desires an intimate relationship with us that can only be obtained by first being saved but then being intentional in seeking Him first and living life by the example His Word give us. (Which means we have to be IN the Word to KNOW the Word).

I can remember being saved as a teenager...praying the sinners prayer and accepting Jesus in my heart but then being TOTALLY clueless what that really meant. I believe that it did mean I was destined for heaven at that moment but nothing really changed. I still had the same friends, did the same things, made the same bad decisions (mostly with the same friends), etc. I missed the point. And no one told me I had missed it...because as I look back at that small church...they were missing it too. Kind of like the Seventh Sign movie or whatever it was called..."seeing dead people and they don't even know they are dead".

When we started at WMBC and the first Discipleship Training session rolled around. I signed up because everyone else did. It changed my life forever. Henry Blackaby taught me what it means to develop a relationship wit Jesus. Mr Joe and Mrs Jackie guided me in reading the Bible and seeking Him first. I can still remember my very first Scripture I ever memorized...John 15:5. It was week 1 of Experiencing God...and I experienced Him in ways I never imagined over those 12 weeks. I don't ever want to "not" have a Bible Study going...because you know what they say about idle hands...haha

Last night Billie talked about Discipleship and I remembered Henry Blackaby. And John 15:5 and the way I felt the first year I completed the one year Bible reading guide. And the affirmation God gave me ALL along the way.

I cannot wait to see what God is doing in our church...if you are not in a Bible me...I will recommend a good one and I will even do it with you if you need the encouragement and accountability. Because if you are saved but do not have a are missing out on so many blessings that God is wanting to lavish upon you. It is not all about is all about the relationship! Without are missing out!

Love ya!
Kristy =)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Well...last night was the BEST reading ever...Jesus arose from death in victory! I might read it again tonight before I read the Nov 10 section! ha

I really just wanted to tell y'all that I love Wednesdays! I need refilling by the middle of the week and hearing the message and interacting with fellow believers is the highlight of the work week! I don't know how folks at churches without Wed night service survive the week. On the weeks I miss for sick children I am a mess by Sunday! If you are not a WMBC peep and your church does not have a Wed are invited to ours...anytime!

Just so you know...I will probably post the Nov 15 scripture memory on Friday because we are driving down to see Mickey and Minnie for a few days...pray for safe travels please!

See ya at church tonight!
Kristy =)

Monday, November 8, 2010

the randomness of life...hope it encourages someone

Happy Monday! I have a few random things to share....purely for your entertainment! 1 - This one is really comes from people telling me that I am too busy. Hello? How can one determine if another person is too busy? I get plenty of sleep and balance my family, my church, my work, etc. Who is to decide how "busy" I can be? I am a firm believer in the old cliche..."Idle hands are the devil's handiwork" Granny said that so many times in my life...I could quote it at age 2! Well, a few months ago I found this awesome expression that illustrates the way we try to live in the Gardner household. I have hung it over the living room walkway so visitors can know where we stand..."Hands to Work - Hearts to God" It makes Peyton roll her eyes! haha But it is my ultimate goal. I want to live life so that people say...gosh Proverbs 31 could have been written about her! And I am SOOOOOO far from it that I need the visual reminder every time I enter the house! I told someone last week that "I want my tombstone to say "except for her"!!!" referring to the Beth Moore So Long Insecurity Simulcast which I reflected on here. But maybe I'd rather it say...She lived a life that was so busy walking with Jesus that folks had to find Jesus to find her!
2 - Harvest Festival was so much fun! Everyone who worked so hard has a special jewel waiting for their crown.

3 - Veteran's Day is this week. Thank a are free to read this blog because they stood up for our nation.

4 - nogs is AWESOME! If you need a Bible study to fill the gap between the fall discipleship training classes and the a copy of No Other Gods by Kelly Minter. You can absolutely do it solo...and you WILL be blessed by it. I admit I was worried about being the "Guider" (I like that term better than Leader) of it because it is solely discussion with no dvd. But it has stretched me and I recall a recent sermon that if your _____ doesn't isn't true worship because worship should cost you something. (or it went something like that!) Well...this semester my Bible Study hurts and it is such a blessing!

5 - Jesus dies tonight. I will be weeping with the ladies by the tomb. Most of you know that I have been reading the Bible through once a year for the last couple of years. Well this year (year 3!!!) I decided to read a Chronological Bible. Tonight Jesus dies. Last night they led him up that mountain and I almost cried. Tonight I know I will. I asked Travis the other night did he ever read something that he had read before and knew the ending to but hope in his spirit that it might be different. He looked at me lovingly (like I had four heads) and said "no....can't say that I ever have". And I confessed I do it ALL the time reading the Bible. And finally last night at nogs I put it into words...the Bible is SO ALIVE to me that I sometimes get so caught up in it being current that I think it might change...I am quite sure God shakes his head and giggles when I offer up "please let Judas change his mind....can't he kiss someone else this time???" now you KNOW without a doubt I am weird. Hopefully if you read nothing else encouraging...that little tidbit will encourage you...I am weirder than most folks! There you go.

I challenge you to pray RIGHT NOW...I am going to issue the 15 minutes a day for God challenge again the end of this year and do the old reading guide that I like so much in 2011...I WANT ALL OF YOU TO DO IT WITH ME!!!! 15 minutes a day...and it has ETERNAL VALUE. Not much else that takes you 15 minutes can say can it? And if you plan to say no and have a good this. haha

love you!
Kristy =)

Monday, November 1, 2010

SMC - Nov 1st

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. If you were at church yesterday I hope you had on steel toed boots! If you were not there...I am sorry for the blessing you missed!

I had on boots, but not steel toes...and my toes have not recovered yet! As Lisa Ives would say, "Billie shucked corn yesterday morning!" It it was so crazy. A good portion of the end of his sermon was eerily similar to our nogs Bible study. I would not even look around to see if the nogs girls had their eyes on And I am certain Billie does not have a copy of the workbook!

Anyway, it is scripture memory day!!! And while I am not quite perfect at last time's I am close enough to bite off the next one!

Psalm 78:35 "They remembered that GOD was their ROCK, that GOD MOST HIGH was their Redeemer." (NIV)

Can I get an amen? How often do we forget this truth? satan puts all grades of lies in our head and we believe them...and sometimes it takes us way too long to "REMEMBER". It is reassuring to realize that others before us also forgot. Really, people in the Bible are not much different than people today. We're sinners just as they were sinners. We can learn so much from their mistakes and experiences if we get in His Word and remember He is our ROCK, REDEEMER, and MOST HIGH!!! So ladies...remember today and give Him glory!!!!

Let's hear your verses!!! Use mine if you'd like!

Praise Him!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Party Time!

It's almost party time!
Tomorrow night at 6pm we will have our very first WMU Worldcrafts party. I am very excited. However, I have no snacks yet!!!! And I may have to work late again tonight! So y'all pray for snacks to be ready and everything done tomorrow in time!

And come to the party...great Christmas gift ideas that provide support to a village!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

While I am waiting patiently...or not...

My computer spreadsheet takes so long to calculate I thought I would jump out here and give a quick shout out to Scripture Memory...

Sunday night Billie, in ONE message, used 5 of mine from the last couple of years! It was an awesome reminder of how important it is to keep memorizing them! I was so excited. It was like God was saying..."see I know you are trying your best to walk with Me! Keep it up little one! Though you will never be perfect you are doing your BEST and that is what it takes!"

So if you have not started memorizing or you have fallen off pace...START TODAY! Pick you a scripture and go go go!!!

And I wasn't even going to tell y'all that our Bible Study homework for last week talked about being the bride of Christ! I got CHILLS!!!!! I admit...I was behind on my homework when I wrote the whole "dating Jesus" post inspired by Joyce Meyer...and when I did that homework I felt God pure breathing down my neck!!!

I love God moments like these!!! Share yours!

In Him,
Kristy =)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Are we "dating" Jesus?

Last night I decided to run on the treadmill since I had to work late and missed my running partner. Deep down I did not want to run. Especially on the stinking go no where treadmill. But I knew I needed to stay on schedule so I hopped on and started flipping the channels. I watched the usual Sportscenter but it is hard to run watching baseball news. Need something more exciting to run to. Football works good and Basketball is not so much. I like watching when I am still, but not moving. So I went to God TV (I think is the name of the station) and low and behold there was Joyce Meyer. Some of you may not like her, but I really enjoy listening to her on 1270am. In fact, after hearing her on 1270, I got two of her audio teaching cd's for Christmas presents and have listened to them three times each so far. If you want them...they are awesome...about PEACE!

Anyway...what really got my attention when I flipped was this question "Are you just dating Jesus?". And I was like *pant pant* this is interesting *pant pant*. She talked about the day she got married. And how you get so much more than a husband. You get a new last name, debt or money - depending on who you marry!, help opening jars, more laundry to keep up, etc. Her point was that once you marry life is no longer JUST you. Every decision you make effects another person. Of course it is your choice if you continue to make decisions solely for SELF or for the joint person you now are!!! When you are is different. There is no responsibility to another human. There is no last name. There is no ring. You are not recognized as "so and so's wife". And most folks you meet do not even know if you have a boyfriend!

She related this to Jesus. Hang with me...I am trying my best to capture it (coming up short I realize!!!)

The church is the bride of Christ. And we are the church. So we are the bride of Christ. You probably already know that part. But do we act as though we are the bride of Christ, or like we are only dating Jesus? You remember the difference. Do we take His name as ours? Do we think of Him in every decision we make? Or do we only call on Him in a time of crisis? Do folks recognize us as His? Or can they even tell us apart from non-believers? Or even folks hear us say we are His and then we act as though we are not?!!!!

I was going to stop at 1.5 miles...but the show intrigued me and convicted me to 3 miles! woohoo!

I never cared what people "thought" of me. I always did my thing the best I could do and if others did not like be it. But the closer to Christ I grow...I realize that what people think about me is VERY important in my witness. If folks perceive me as hypocritical, or ugly, or self centered or ect...then my witness is ineffective. And then I am not helping Jesus at all! I am damaging the kingdom! me!

So who are you married to and who do you resemble???? Scary stuff, huh?

In Him,
Kristy =)

Friday, October 15, 2010

SMC - Oct 15th

Ps 119:133 (NIV)
Direct my footsteps according to your word; let no sin rule over me.

Mine is self explanatory...satan is on the prowl and through the nog bible study I can see where sin so easily will rule over my life IF I let it. So I pray this scripture out loud!

Let's hear yours! Invite a friend to participate!
In Him,
Kristy =)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

News Flash...I am an Older Woman!

One of my favorite scripture passages is in the book of Titus…I think it is because I am so passionate about Women’s Ministry and ways to grow women to have their own relationship with Christ…not mine and not Pastor Billie’s, but their own…in their own way!!

Titus 2:3-5 (NIV)
3Likewise, teach the older women to be reverent in the way they live, not to be slanderers or addicted to much wine, but to teach what is good. 4Then they can train the younger women to love their husbands and children, 5to be self-controlled and pure, to be busy at home, to be kind, and to be subject to their husbands, so that no one will malign the word of God.

For years and years I have been searching so hard for an “older” woman to teach me things I needed to know about managing my home and being involved in ministry. Someone to guide me and hold me accountable and to live a Christian Woman’s life that made me yearn to also have a walk so close to Christ that people wanted what I had too.

So here is the funny thing…when Amber and I went to JBA WMU training at Campbell Univ. this summer, they were doing a presentation of this Ladies Event they were having called “Shine”. And I was pumped about it. It sounded so cool. It was ONLY for younger women and I thought it was going to be so much fun. And then in the middle of my excitement the girl looked up and said (I quote) “so please encourage all of your Young Ladies…ages 18-34 to come”. I looked at Amber like I had been shot. She stifled a giggle and I said..."I am not young anymore". I was stunned…it was all I could do to stay focused…not because age matters, because I rarely even remember how old I am…lol…but because it was the very first time I saw myself as someone people MIGHT be looking up to!!!! And that scared the skirt off of me!!!

Reality set in…if I am not young…am I leading the life of the “older” woman in Titus? I was always so focused on being the one “learning” everything that it never occurred to me I needed to be teaching something! Do I spend time investing in younger women so that they know how to manage their houses? Am I being the role model I was looking for all those years?

If you are my age and a new Christian…you are exempt from these questions because you are still spiritually young! But if you are my age and have been a Christian for a number of years…what are you doing to teach the “younger” woman? If the HONEST answer is nothing…then pray for God to lead you where you can be effective in someone’s life.

Scripture Memory tomorrow =)
I challenge you to invite a “younger” woman to participate in learning one scripture with you!

Love ya!
Kristy =)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

ABUNDANT Women's Ministry Opportunities!!!

It is Wednesday! woohoo! .
Today's post is kind of like a commercial because I just can't come up with a nice way to say what is really on my mind and I really do try and keep some of these posts relevant to our church's Women's Ministry...haha.

Upcoming ways to be involved in Women's Ministry (other church wide opportunities are available but these are sponsored by WM in some way):

Every week - Backpack Buddy Food program
Oct 16 - WMU can volunteer or sign up to walk. In this way you serve the Lord by helping missionaries across the world have clean drinking water.
Oct 19 - Women on Mission meeting 7pm in Conference Room
Oct 29 - WMU Worldcraft party Anything purchased provides unimaginable monetary and emotional support for artisans living in villages worldwide.
Oct 31 - Red Box Project deodorant due!
Nov 8 - House of Hope Supper night In this way you serve by being a Christian role model to hurting teenage girls who just enjoy regular fellowship with us! See Vicki Brown to attend.
Nov 21 - Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes will be due!
Dec 5 - Cookies for Community Helpers - firemen and ems workers!

January 2011 - one on one mentoring program will me if you want to participate

Go and Serve!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Tick Tock...the countdown begins!

Race day is Saturday!!! And I am excited! We have 112 participants signed up so far! 10 volunteers and 102 racers! We have about 10 extra it is not too late to register! As of today we will clear over $1300!! That is a filter and a half for the missionaries and a scholarship and a piece for the JBA Scholarship Fund!

In other Women's Ministry news...We are thinking of expanding a mentor program after the first of the year. The study is called "A Woman After God's Own Heart" by Elizabeth George. We read the book a few years ago as part of our Book Club. Some folks liked it (basically just me) and some folks did not (the other 9 in the club...ha). But it is tried and true to guiding women in cultivating a closer relationship with Jesus and each other. It is a 12 to 24 week course depending on your speed of reading and the amount of other Discipleship Training you are participating in. We are doing it as a one on one program. You would need to meet weekly or as close to that as possible. The more you meet the more accountable you hold each other and the more you will benefit from the study. Ponder it and let me know if you would be interested. The pilot run has gone awesome! Personally, I have been blessed in ways I never imagined! It is a great way to build strong friendship bonds with another Christian woman striving to please God! Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Just send me a note (! We would love feedback from other churches that have tried this or would like to try it as well!

In Him,

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sometimes it is just easier to believe...

At the Grand Canyon the guide was telling us all these "theories" of how the Canyon came to be. At the end he said "But you can believe whichever theory you like". And I looked at Travis and is so funny that people try and come up with all this far fetched stuff to explain is SO much easier to just BELIEVE GOD! That he spoke it into existence! ha

Honestly...the Grand Canyon is INDESCRIBABLE!!!! But these few pictures might give you a glimpse of how real God is!!!!

I think this one is my FAVORITE!!!

You can tell why they call it the painted desert...the colors are amazing

My new friend...he was like less than 5 feet from me!!!!

Breathtaking...I time lapsed about 25 pictures but these few will give you the idea...I can't wait to make a book!

God is BIG!!!!
Love y'all!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

One step closer...

I downloaded the pictures to my SLOW home laptop last tomorrow maybe some pics...haha

In Other randomness...
- Today is Wednesday! It is my favorite "week" day because we get to refuel at church tonight!

- This weekend is Homecoming at church and I am very excited because for the first time in years I do not have nursery duty! long as everyone shows up that is scheduled...hint hint if you are reading this! haha

- One of the baseball mamas made our Prayer Shawl Ministry group a lap blanket! It was so sweet of her. I was excited. She sees me crocheting at practice and asked what I was working on so I told her about the PSM Group. Two weeks later...a beautiful blanket! Wasn't that sweet? She is not churched right now that I can y'all pray for me to have the right words to encourage her to get involved with her church again.

- Yesterday I delivered the cookies to the Sheriff's Dept. I was early because they do not open until 8am. But a nice detective let me in the back door. They were excited and appreciative to get the cookies. Then the detective walked me out and said "If more folks in the county would do the Lord's work this would be amazing place to live". All I could say was amen! So I did what every good WMU Director would do...invited him to participate in the race! lol

- Speaking of which we are at 99!!!!! I am on pins and needles waiting to hit 100! God is so funny. I had prayed hard for 50...a low but achievable number...especially since there were so many doubters on the JBA board that it could be successful. Cause y'all know I hate to fail (especially my NOG girls!)...but my God is so BIG and He loves to remind me of it!! Go God! Ps 150:6!!!

OK...enough rambling...y'all lift up Clyde's Chapel today please their members, former pastor and Women's Ministry programs...they need some special prayer.

I do have one pictire to make you laugh...this is how I cam to work the day of all the raining...they think I am crazy...I don't know why???

Shine for Him today!!!
Love you!
Kristy =)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Slackard...that's what Mr Joe would call me!

Ok...I haven't dumped any of the breathtaking pics off my camera yet...but I did have this one...and I promise to have more later! If anyone doubts God the creator them this...

Be back later!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

SMC - October 1st (a little early!)

Hey y'all!
well...we all know that God controls all plans...hehe! The rain has delayed school tomorrow which means I do not get to go in to work at all! So I can stay up a little later and get ready for my trip (that I hope the plane can take off for tomorrow in the wet weather!!!)

This time I am sticking with the combined Psalm 23! All of it! I am very close...but struggling a bit with verse 5.

Psalm 23 (NIV)
1 The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in want.
2 He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he restores my soul.
3 He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name's sake.
4 Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me,your rod and your staff they comfort me.
5 You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil, my cup overflows.
6 Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

Sleep well ladies......
If I have Internet service I will try and post a picture or two of one of God's wonders!

In Him,
Kristy =)

Two things...maybe three

1 - It happened again....what does the second option say??? Is it too much for a girl to ask for a Cherry Coke Zero? I finally sent a formal complaint. I didn't want to...but I was has been 9 days since the machine man put regular Coke in the spot of the precious Cherry Coke Zero. So I sent this picture along with a request that if Cherry Coke Zero was no longer available to please change the label. And the guy came around and said the Cherry Coke Zero was back and he was so sorry it had happened. So at lunch...I put in my money...and out came a regular Coke Zero...SERIOUSLY???? So I melted down...and supposedly it is corrected now...but I am not even going to risk it! I will be bringing my own and saving the $1.25 from now on!

2 - I am LOVING the No Other Gods Bible Study. Our first real session was last Sunday night and I thought the conversation was incredible and Spirit led. The homework last night was like a fresh revelation...I can't wait until tonight!

3 - I am also reading a new book. It is called "Deacon Wives" catchy, huh? It really should be called "WOMEN" because EVERY WOMAN needs to read it!!! It has been so convicting that I blubbered through Ch 1 with toes in seat to protect them from the army boot that was grinding them into the carpet. Finally I painted my toe nails to hide the bruises...haha Seriously, it is so funny how when you think you get it and start feeling a little spiritual "over-confidence"...Jesus gets out the 2x4 and tells you that no one ever truly gets it and that you certainly have a long way to go!!! So you call to Him and he tells you great and unsearchable things...Jer 33:3- memory verse a few weeks ago ;).

But alas I was rewarded last night for past obedience with this..."the best advice you will read in this book: read the entire Bible through completely every year". AMEN SISTER! Honestly y'all, that is the second most life changing thing in my spiritual life (first being scripture memorization). It was so overwhelming the first year...but now I am almost done with year 3 and it is second nature like washing my hair! If you have never read cover to cover...I have a reading guide that makes it simple...15 minutes a night...SEND ME A NOTE and I will provide you the spreadsheet I created. You can start NOW!!!!!

4 - I am going out of town Thursday so I will post the SMC be thinking of your verses! But understand that there could be a delay in your postings...not sure if I will have access to wireless. I can't count...but I love you gals!!!!
Kristy =)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

No excuses...and cookies

If you missed tonight's message, you missed a good one...and your toes are probably still in tact (which is more that I can say! ha). Pastor Billie spoke on one of my favorite passages. Exodus 3 and 4. It's the burning bush event and then the myriad of excuses that followed. I think it's one of my favorites because my name should be Kristy Moses Gardner! I laugh now at all the excuses I gave God in the past for all grades of things. And how whether I realized it then or not at the time...I ended up doing the thing He wanted me to in the end...AFTER the punishment for disobedience. I could have saved so much discipline if I would have just done the thing to begin with! And the stinger Pastor Billie sank was the "good" excuse...I'll pray about it. ouch! How many times do we use that one when the answer might as well have been NO because we are going to pray that they find someone else before they ask us again! So then after service...Ellen Hardison picked on me...if you missed it...we need folks to bake cookies for our "Cookies for Community Helpers" event. The cookies are due next Sunday and I was handing out the bags RIGHT AFTER Billie laid excuses sermon out! hahaha So we only have a few bags left! If you did not pick one up...SEE ME WEDNESDAY NIGHT....hint hint
In Him,
Kristy =)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

SAVE THE DATE - Friday OCT 29th!

*** I am so excited about this opportunity to support villages in need! This is a great way to involve yourself in international missions! We are going to invite all our area churches to this event! Look in the lobby soon for a sneak peek at some of the samples of items! ***

Out of this World…and into your neighborhood.

Shopping combined with hope!

Join us where compassion meets art.

WMBC WMU is hosting a Worldcrafts Party and we would love for you to come and bring a friend.

You will discover the ancient traditions of talented WorldCrafts artisans around the globe, and learn about the exciting growth they experience even in the midst of the poverty around them. There will be samples on display. Lots of great Christmas ideas and teacher presents at reasonable prices! By shopping with Worldcrafts you can touch lives all around the world…come learn how!

Time: 6pm – 8pm
Date: Friday, October 29
Place: Wilson’s Mills Baptist Fellowship Hall
(Come to the doors at the very back!)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the small things in life...and sorry this has NOTHING to do with Women's Ministry but I thought someone might giggle

What started as a miserable turning out to be wonderful. I had kid and dog duty this morning which I apparently did not allow enough time to prepare for...with a sinus infection trying to attack but I am standing strong...and the last straw of a crazy morning was when the ever so mean Coke man put REGULAR COKE ZERO in the hole that is clearly labeled for CHERRY COKE ZERO. I am a Pepsi girl except for Cherry Coke Zero. I have one every single morning...and today the stupid shut up machine spit out a regular one.

So for spite...I drank a full octane REGULAR MT DEW. There you go Coke man...take that!

Then this afternoon...I saw the most glorious site...finally back in the machine... is...Mrs Freshley's cupcakes!!!!! And note I am drinking it with a Diet drink...does that lower the calories you think????

So I guess that sums up that my weight loss is stalling a bit...maybe tomorrow I can make better choices...

In Him,

Kristy =)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Ramblings

Today is a Psalm 118:24 kind of day! Don't ask just

I am so excited about Discipleship Training (aka Bible Study) starting back! If you did not make it last can start now. Mine is not dvd driven so you would just need to get a book from church and do the homework for week 1 before we meet again next Sunday night. It is going to be awesome! Contact me if you want to join us!!!!

The 5K registrations are finally coming in! I was beginning to think there would just be a handful of us walkers/joggers...but now we are up to like 35 or so! And we are multi-denominational! There are some Methodist, Holy Pentecostal, and Baptist! I ordered the first set of t shirts...I can't wait to see them. Christi Boothe did an excellent job designing them. I wish I was talented like that! If you are not registered yet...please do so asap! I need to see if we are going to be able to qualify for the next t shirt qty break!

Have a Jesus-filled Day!
In Him,
Kristy =)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

SMC - Sep 15th

OK...this one may take me two times but I am going to give it a go...the rest of Ps 23!

Ps 23:4-6 (NIV)
4 Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.
5 You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.
6 Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.

Let's hear yours!!! =)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Friday!

We made it!!!! Tell me...why are short weeks so much longer than normal weeks? It amazes me. I really have nothing to say. Just wanted to tell you Happy Friday!

Oh and I did want to remind you that Discipleship Training classes are starting very soon (most start next Sunday, 19th). If you have not registered, you need to do so ASAP! If you cannot come to class (because you are passionate about shepherding the little children of the church - and we appraciate you more than you will ever know!!!) but would like to have the homework and an accountability monitor...pick mine =) There are no dvd instructional videos. It is purely discussion and homework driven. I can make it work for you. The important thing with Discipleship Training is to consistently get you in the Word! So alone or in a will work!

Other reminders are....THE 5K!!! If you are not registered...please go ahead! A lot of you keep telling me you are excited and ready...BUT we need to figure out what size t shirts we need to order so we need folks to go ahead and register! The link for on-line registration is on the blog main page at the top.

This morning felt so much like fall! I bet Caleb had teeth chattering...that boy is so cold natured...he could not have come from my thick blood! He wears sweatshirts and fleece coats year round. The PES teachers think we are the Adams Family I believe. Anyway, I love fall. Last few years we seemed to skip it into winter...I felt like Fall was getting cheated. Maybe this year God will let it linger. I went from not one thing to say to quite a bit of rambling...have a great day in Him!

Love ya!
Kristy =)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It is TIME for a Women's Ministry Blog Weight Loss Challenge! (say that 5 times fast) here is the deal. I either have a closet that shrinks my clothes or I am growing wider at an enormous rate of speed. If it is the latter (which I am still checking and holding hope into the closet issue)...I am in desperate need of someone to hold me accountable for what I eat. I have tried Weight Watchers on-line...and finally decided that paying the $17 a month for 7 months to GAIN 14 pounds was just plain stupid. Apparently, It only works for disciplined people...which I am NOT! Travis on the other hand decided a few weeks ago to "cut back" and has drawn his belt up TWO HOLES....yes I said two makes me want to smack him. Meanwhile...I am about to give up the dream and buy elastic pants and a gallon of mint chocolate chip.

Or I could believe the promise in Phil 4:13 and get you all to pray me to victory...and ask me everyday how many points I have consumed and whether I did my running the night before. But then honestly it would be no fun if only I was trying to become healthy and not buy a bigger wardrobe. So after today reaching the weight at my 2nd child's birth...I am issuing a challenge to both of you blog readers to join me in the quest for better health...let's lose some weight and feel great! haha

Here's the deal...log in (anonymous if you want) with your goal of either total pounds or total % of weight to lose by 11/24 (day before Thanksgiving). Track it however you want. I am going to weigh on Wednesdays. If you reach your goal...I will buy you Cold Stone's ice cream one night in December!!! Yes, I know I am retarded to reward my weight loss with ice cream...but I love it....and I don't buy it often so it will be a treat! If you think of a better prize...I am game as long as it costs me less than $10 per person...I am not made of money despite what Peyton and Caleb would tell you.

And if no one wants to join me...then you still have to ask me every time you see me..."Kristy dear, how many points have you eaten today?" And every time you eat a bite...pray for me to have strength...cause on my own I have ZERO will power...just ask my man! Also, I will gladly take helps and hints =)

Happy Wednesday! Go to church and get refueled tonight! If your church does not have Wed night service...come to ours...just get it somewhere! It is the 2nd most important day of the week! I could not survive without it!

In Him,

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

SMC - Sep 1st

OK...y'all are going to think I have lost my seriously you are...haha

I am going to learn Psalm 23. The whole thing. You see, I miss my Granny Capps tremendously these days and it was her favorite. And when she was in the hospital we read it to her a lot. And then when Ms Shelby was so sick she wanted folks to recite it with her. So I think it is important enough to learn the whole two pieces. I'll do 1-3 this time and 4-6 next time.

Ps 23:1-3 (NIV)
1 The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want.
2 He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters,
3 he restores my soul. He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name's sake.

Let's hear your verses...and invite a friend to join us!

See ya!
Kristy =)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Randomly ending at the Harvest a couple of you sent me notes asking where was the next blog post? haha Sorry I was in training in Raleigh all week last week...and I just had nothing nice to say! If you have a spouse that works in Raleigh...hug him right now and tell him you love him. =) If you work in Raleigh...bless you...and I am sorry if I was in the way last week!

This is my final crop collection of the season (ignore the random junk on the counter). It is going to be sad tonight when I pull up the remaining vines. But they need to go. The harvest is done and the vines are taking over the steps when you try and go inside. And Travis reminds me of that daily...he has been ready for them to go for quite a while. I guess his not eating tomatoes might play a part...
So...we had a guest speaker for church Sunday...the dude was very good (if you weren't there you will think I am being disrespectful when I call him a dude...but he would laugh). He talked a lot about my favorite hobby...seed sewing, cultivating and harvesting. If you would have told me that I would EVER relate to a gardening illustration I would have laughed in your face. politely of course. But I was thinking as I was listening to the illustrations Sunday that my focus in life is slightly displaced. Much better aligned than EVER before...but still slightly displaced. I have been so wrapped up in focusing on eternal life versus the life now. In ways that have surprised me at letting things that normally would unnerve me roll right off because "they have no eternal significance". And in losing my Granny last year, I grieved so differently than ever before because I know where she is today without a doubt. And people think I am crazy when I refer to my children as borrowed from God...because honestly...that is what they are...borrowed while on earth. They are His alone...and I just get the privilege of trying to raise them to adults without killing them (or them killing each other...not sure which!). while my big picture focus is generally ok...eternal life is what truly matters most...I am now thinking my immediate focus is missing a tad. I think my focus has ONLY been on the harvest. Which is impossible to achieve without the sewing and cultivating. Through his many illustrations I realized that being an effective witness requires multi-tasking...which I THRIVE on so I do not know how I missed it!!! You have to be able to focus on seed sewing, cultivating, and harvesting all at the same time! Because every encounter is at a different stage. And you do not "know" what stage! So you have to be prepared for all three and let God lead you to the proper stage. I absolutely loved his story of the garbage man. If you were not there, email me and I will tell you the is kind of long and it will add so much to this post that the two of you regulars may never read the blog again...hahaha

Where is your focus? Is it only on the harvest or do you do well at multi-tasking? It is something to think about...tomorrow is Sep getting ready for your SMC verse!

Have a Jesus filled day!
Kristy =)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jesus Loves Me...more

Not much to say...the mouse pad says it

This was a present from my boss. It just tickles me to look at it. But then I think about what it says. And you can take it a couple different ways. Obviously, at face value you would think that someone actually thinks Jesus plays favoritism...but most of us know the foot of the cross is level ground. If you do not understand this and you honestly think Jesus loves you (or me or even Pastor Billie) more than any other sinner...we need to chat face to face. ;)

So the way I like to think about this mouse pad is that I should live my life daily so that others see me and think "wow, she just HAS to be the teacher's pet". Because if I live like I want to be the favorite, then I am walking in obedience and walking so close to Christ that others want what I have. Not that I want folks to covet or anything un-commandment like , but you know what I mean! When folks see Jesus shining out of you, they realize they NEED to have a relationship with Him too. It's contagious. And that is what Christianity should be...contagious. We should be so infected that when others are near us...they become infected too. Like a stomach bug or strep throat or the swine flu. Spread it to all your friends and neighbors. No amount of vitamin C should protect against it.

So why can't I do it daily? Why can't I be obedient and Christ-like on a daily basis? When you figure it out, let's write a book. I'll provide the comic annotations and you supply the earth shattering way to be Christ like. Oh sorry...the book has already been's called The B-I-B-L-E (yes that's the book for me). And it is full of earth shattering ways to be Christ like (along with some comic relief). So maybe if I read it more often, I'll hear the Father speaking more clearly and then I can be the teacher's pet!!!!! Cause if you know know that is what truly drives me...being the teacher's pet! hahaha

Seriously, how can we become more obedient? Do we need to pray more, read more, study more, or just live more transparently? There is no secret combination for the "best" Christian. We all fall short...but we should all strive to be "better". It helps tremendously to have an accountability partner to pull you through the slack times...or the rebellious times..or whatever season you "fall" the most short! So get one...or contact me and I'll partner with you. That is IF you can stand knowing that I am His favorite... :)

Any thoughts?
In Him,
Kristy =)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Fall, fall wherefore art thou, fall?

Fall is coming! I love fall…for so many reasons, while admittedly FOOTBALL season is the primary driver, I also love the return of cooler weather, suppers on the back porch, the thrill of hunting season through the eyes of not only a grown man but also a 9 year old girl and 6 year old boy, fall baseball and cheerleading practices (maybe not so much those...), shorter days, less bugs, etc. And I especially love that the routine begins to return. Most of you who know me know that I like structure. In fact, I just L-O-V-E a color-coded calendar with specific dates and times for things to occur... school, dance, football games, baseball practice, etc. It is truly sad...but it is just me! I like to call it “controlled chaos”! The summer is wonderful, but it is very hard to find any structure or stay on any kind of normal schedule.

And I’ve also grown to believe that September is the true season of “starting fresh” versus January first. Lots of things "start up" in the fall now. Sports seasons, dance classes, school for traditional system calendars, the church year, etc. So I like to think of September as a time of re-commitment. Where are you committing to serve in the new church year?

We had an interesting conversation in Sunday School last week. We were talking about folks using excuses for not serving at church. Basically...that no excuse is a good one! We talked some about how if you are asked to serve in a particular area...that could very well be the only "calling" God sends you. So if you sit and wait for God to might have missed it by saying no. And then someone said it best of all..."honestly, what do you have going on in life that you are too busy to serve God? To do the thing He has sent someone to ask you to do." OUCH!

So what are you doing this year at church? Where are you serving with your time and talent? More importantly, WHO are you serving?

Joshua 24:15 "But if serving the LORD seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your forefathers served beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are living. But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD.""

I cannot wait to get started on the No Other Gods study!!!

SMC - August 15th (a little late =)

Sorry! Yesterday was too busy to turn on a

Eph 5:11 (NIV)
"Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them".

Let's hear your verses....

Friday, August 13, 2010

Fall Discipleship Classes are coming soon!!!!

OK...I don't know about y'all but I cannot wait for the Fall Discipleship classes to start at church. Sep 12th is the day! Wooohooo!! Soon you will be asked to pick your classes. There will be several hard to pick from choices...but let me get a plug in for the one I will be facilitating...=)
This is the same author of the Ruth study I did over the summer. And I believe I did a blog post or two about the book I read recently "no other gods". The book was amazing I cannot wait to do the study with some of you! I want to ask now that you go ahead and begin praying for me as the facilitator because I am so spoiled by Beth Moore studies...having a dvd to just press start...this one has no is all discussion and leading. So it will be a challenge for me. But I am very excited about it!

Here is the link to the Introduction if you want to read it before you decide which class is for you.

Also, if you are reading the blog and do not attend our church...YOU ARE WELCOME to come to Discipleship Training. It is Sunday nights at 6pm...just email me and I will hook you up with the details. It would be awesome to have several churches studying together...(the "It" book I finished last night (yeah!) made me keenly aware of how awesome that would be in God's eyes...churches on the same team...WOW!)

And funny...that was my motivation for joining the JBA WMU Leadership form alliances and a network of Women's Ministry Leaders across the county that could share information and ideas and support each other in so any way. And it is so "God" to lead me to read the book "It" to affirm that is exactly what He wants me to do in this season of my life. I LOVE HIM!!!!

Imagine what five churches could do hooked up in the county to reach the lost versus one church standing alone! Because honestly in the big picture...WHO CARES WHICH CHURCH GETS THE CREDIT AS LONG AS LIVES ARE COMING TO KNOW CHRIST INTIMATELY!!! I imagine satan is shuddering right now as I put the words in print!!! And I have a smirk!

OK...I side tracked...honestly imagine what I could do if I went to the doctor and got something prescribed for my A.D.D.

Get ready for the Fall Classes...if you were planning NOT to do one...THINK need to be accountable in your study time with God...and this is the best way! So go ahead and plan for it! If you need me to encourage you personally...send me an e-mail I will be on you like a spider monkey drinking mountain dew! Nagging...I mean ENCOURAGING is one of my specialties =)

Love ya!
Kristy =)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Integrity toes are hurting!

Lee Blackman filled in at church last night, and let me tell was awesome! I just love to hear him teach! The message was simple. From the book of Daniel. Specifically, the story of Daniel in the lions den. I bet I have read/heard that story hundreds of times. And almost every time I have accredited Daniel being saved by His faithfulness to God. But Lee added some depth to that philosophy. Daniel's integrity. Throughout the story, Daniel's integrity shines. In the first verses of the chapter (I think it was ch 6) we see that Daniel's integrity has landed him as the TOP administrator to the king. He was 2nd in charge. This made the other governors jealous.

Check 1 - Whom have you made jealous because your integrity is so highly thought of? When folks hear your name, do they think good standing, high integrity, etc? Or do they think compromising, able to be bought, wishy-washy, etc?

The next section is the governors convincing the king to issue the edict that no one can pray to anyone except the king. Because they knew Daniel well enough to KNOW he would continue to pray to God. That there was no way Daniel would compromise his faithfulness to God for anything...even the lion's den.

Check 2 - When folks see you Monday through Saturday, do they KNOW without a doubt that you are uncompromising in your faithfulness to Jesus Christ? Do they eventually give up trying to drag you down because you are standing firm on the Rock? And no matter what they tempt you with you always say no? Or do they know your button to push or your price for purchase?

The last section we discussed was obviously the lions den. It was brief because...well...Lee is a bit like myself...very good at talking and his time was But you know the ending to the story...God saved Daniel in the lion's den and then the king made everyone worship Daniel's God.

Check 3 - Who do you worship and with what motive? Do you worship God all the time purely so that you can become more Christ-like? Or do you worship your phone, tv, computer, money, children, friends, etc? Do folks know that you are a Christian without you saying the word? Or do you play church on Sunday but worship the world the other 6 days?

I leave you with a quote from the book "IT"...."if your gospel isn't touching others, it hasn't touched you"....

Who are you touching?

In Him,