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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

This is a picture of our tire swing. My neighbor Amy took it Sunday in my back yard and then transposed it to black and white with fancy edges at It is a web site that allows free photo shopping. Or you can pay $25 a year and have more access. It is way cool but I am too cheap to pay the $25...haha. And the free stuff is really cool...I thought some of you might like to know about it. I think I am going to frame it in my house as a "winter" picture. I've never had season themed pictures before....hmmm...could be a new look at the Gardner house!

So the year ends in 3 days. I am chronologically reading in Revelations now. This will be the third year I have completed the Bible in a year...Lord willing I am still breathing until Friday that is! If you have never read the Bible cover to is an awesome journey. If you are afraid it may be too boring for are has more drama than any trashy novel I have ever read! Admittedly, some books are harder to read than others...but pressing toward the goal will sustain you if you ask God for help! And the Spirit will speak to you and guide you and draw you nearer....if you let Him! So tell me if you want an excel copy of the Bible Reading Guide that I am doing this year...and I will read it with you...and hold you accountable ;)

If you need more convincing....Henry Blackaby wrote this in Encounters with God: Transforming Your Bible Study (yes this is a picture of my computer screen because I was too challenged to import the document...haha)

And you KNOW if Henry Blackaby tells you to do it...then you'd better. haha
Have a Jesus filled day! Come to church tonight! I miss seeing all the smiling faces since services were snowed out on Sunday! If your church does not have service....come to need refilling!
In Him,

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