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Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's Over...and OCC ROCKS!

It is a sad night tonight...our Bible Study ended. The NOGS had their last meeting. And I have been blessed beyond imagine from our small group of four! I never imagined that doing a Bible Study without a dvd leading you would be so rewarding and grow me closer to a group of Bible believing women. I confessed to them that every time I end a Bible Study a feel so sad. Which is especially funny since I normally have couple going on simultaneously. I don't know what it just makes me ache.

In other news...Operation Christmas Child is AWESOME! We went and worked at the processing center in Charlotte on Saturday. 13 of us. It was quite the adventure. Who knew it would really snow here while we were We decided it was certainly a memorable trip. Not only do you feel so blessed from participating which makes it memorable enough...but in addition...

1 - The church van got pulled on the way out of Raleigh for failing to move over when a State Trooper was on the left side of the road. We were in a row of three...I got over as I passed him, vehicle # 2 was half way over, but the van had no where to go because of traffic. Can you believe he actually told them they should have come to a complete stop in the left lane of I40 and waited until it was safe to get in the next lane....HELLLLLLOOOOOO that would have caused a major pile up! He let them go with a warning...thank God! And the van had no registration paperwork so it could have been much worse for us!
2 - The van window would not go back up after they were pulled and we had to get one of the guys to work on it because it was FREEZING!
3 - The van had only 1/2 a tank of gas because I did not think to check it so we had to stop in Mebane. Road Warriors we are! haha
4 - We were about 10 minutes late to work due to traffic, and patrolman, and gas, etc!
5 - Vehicle #2 lost his keys at the processing center! We realized it when it was time to go and although they tried to tell us to leave...I could not imagine leaving folks stranded to wait for Triple A. So we asked Pastor Billie and Lorraine to pray while we searched (they were at home) and 10 minutes later someone came forward with a set of keys they had found...PRAISE THE LORD!
6 - We had a marathon hour and a half meal at Ruby Tuesdays after being delayed by the keys!
7 - And when we got to Greensboro and saw the snow we were shocked!
8 - We got back to church at 12:15am Sunday morning!
9 - Then I got stuck on Highway 70 in Pine Level due to a terrible accident that had just happened moments before and did not get to Princeton until 1:30am!!! Praise God for protection and timing! 10 minutes could have made me a victim!

Ahhhh...the memories...LOL

If you have never gone to the processing center you will have another chance next year...take is so worth it!

Sleep well!
In Him,
Kristy =)

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  1. Even with all of the hiccups along the way - the 4 hours spent in the processing center was simply AMAZING. I said a little prayer over each box I inspected - and it was all I could do not to cry when I thought of the special child who would open this box - imagining their excitement, joy, and the smile on their face - and to realize that we had ALL been a part of making that child happy, at least for a little while, despite thier everyday conditions.