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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Soaking Wet is Sunday and I am trying to think of any reason possible to avoid getting soaking wet. You see...I did not get my grocery shopping done yesterday so I was planning to go today...but it is pouring. So I have made a pot of soup, worked on some e-mails, eaten about 10 snacks - weigh day will be UGLY tomorrow, and now I am reverting to talking to you...I just don't want to get out. ha!

I had infant nursery today...and we only had ONE baby. And she was a complete angel...never fussed a bit! It was wonderful! It was sad that my other 4 infant friends didn't make it to church, but the one on one with this baby was kind of nice.

I have been working on our Caswell trip that is next weekend...where is the time going??? I cannot believe Feb is almost over. We have our little league basketball tournament this week and then it is on to baseball (my favorite!). The seasons all start running together time is going so fast!

A friend of mine (well technically one of Caleb's friend's mom...but I will claim her too...haha) has opened her own beauty salon and I am so excited for her...but mostly for the opportunity she will be given to witness to folks by her chosen name for the shop...Salon 29:11. And it isn't the address =) it is Jeremiah cool is that??? I hope hundreds of people ask what the 29:11 stands for.

I know...I need a point...but I don't have one. So this can be the most random, waste of time blog post ever...sorry.

Have a great week...and pray for my friend Tammy. She got her MRI results from her liver/pancreas scan. The pancreas is looking stable but the liver has a new legion. She meets with the doctor Tuesday. Please also pray for Melanie. She has an oncologist appointment for an abnormal mammogram. She is already cancer survivor (melanoma - beat it twice!).

Thanks girls...I am headed to get soaked =(

In Him,
Kristy =)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

SMC - Feb 15th 2012

Howdy! Hope everyone is having a fabulous week! Tonight was church night so I am filled up and ready to finish the week strong in the Lord! I love mid week prayer service because my tank usually needs refilling by Wed. Tim's message on caring for the poor was very timely. If you missed it, read the story of the rich man and Lazarus the beggar in 16. And then donate to Backpack Buddies *wink*. verse this time is an old testament...and I am picking the last portion to actually memorize. I will post the entire verse for context. But the last part has become my theme verse over the years.

2 Samuel 7:18 (NIV) "Then King David went in and sat before the LORD, and he said "Who am I, O Soverign LORD, and what is my family, that you have brought me this far?"

Think about that one...look around you at your blessings. From the smallest to the greatest. There are blessings we have that we are not even aware of. Often times I ask...who am I? A Sinner. Plain and Simple. That is who I am. And I just praise God for grace. undeserved, unmerited...grace. It's amazing. Thank you Jesus for saving me.

What's your verse?

In Him,
Kristy =)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Crud

I missed y'all at church tonight. It is rare for me to miss a Wed night service...but I think I am coming down with the crud. My throat hurts and I feel icky. So I decided to keep germs home and rest because I have a big meeting first thing in the morning. Too bad my wild children are not letting me rest =)

Have you pondered on your "sending it on ahead - giving joyously" since the sermon on Sunday? I have. I intended to practice my favorite joyous giving in the McDonald's drive thru last night for spirit night, but it was too backed up so I went inside. If you have never done this...the best drive thru giving ever is to pay for the person behind you. When the person comes to the window you tell them you want to pay for yours and the car behind you. And tell them to tell the car behind you to pass it on. It makes me and my kids giggle every time. And we always wonder how far it will go before someone doesn't play. Try it! You can feel fairly sure that you won't get stuck with two big a bill in a drive thru...most orders are less than $20 at least. I don't think I have ever had one more than $10 in fact.

Anonymous giving is my FAVORITE! It keeps pride out of the equation and satan has no foothold to try and sabotage your motive. He messes with your head sometimes when you give publicly or at least he does mine! I have to be careful to keep pridefulness away. What is your favorite ways of joyous giving? Share it with us!

One more thing not related to giving but related to satan...last night I was telling a friend of mine that I was 10 points over on my daily weight watchers points allowance. Then I told her technically I had earned 8 activity points so I was only a net 2 points over. And she agreed. But then I confessed to her that it showed you could justify ANYTHING in your head and that it was no wonder satan won so many small battles in there.

Praise Jesus we know that satan does not win the war!

Have a great night!

In Him,

Monday, February 6, 2012

happy monday!

Happy Monday everyone! How many people stayed up for the super bowl? Personally, I am so glad they start it earlier now...because at 10pm I turn into a pumpkin...regardless of what team, is playing. Since we had church service I only saw the 4th quarter...but in a tight game...the end is all that matters. =) And this year I didn't care who won...neither team is mine...but I was glad it was close. Actually it was probably a little too close for me this time. My little guy's basketball team had lost by one point Saturday in triple overtime...a 2 hour long 8 and under basketball nerves were done! And the old saying still rings true...foul shots win games...guess what the boys are doing at practice tonight ;)

And do NOT mention this to my little guy...I MEAN IT...but this was such a teachable moment...that I am going to brave it and share it...but do NOT tell him. I don't think he even realizes what he did...and no one better tell him. This is a point when having a parent in ministry stinks...especially a parent who shares everything she learns! ha!

First you need to know that my little man is NOT going to be in the running for any scholarships for basketball. At the ripe age of 8 he still has no clue what he is doing. He just likes to play. He is not aggressive and doesn't understand when folks play aggressively...he thinks they are being mean. Good example this past Saturday...two kids collided on one end of the court, everyone flew to the other end behind the guy goes back even though he wasn't part of the fall and helps the kids up. The two kids on the floor were the other team...we had a 5 on 3 opportunity at the basket but my baby goes back. He does not fight for a rebound and he would just assume someone else score. He just likes to be there. I have no clue why. As a mom...I just love that he loves to play. I don't care that he is not aggressive. His coach offers every game that if he were to foul out the coach would buy him some candy...because until two weeks 3 seasons of basketball my boy (who stands a foot above most players)...had NEVER committed a foul. Now he has 2 fouls in his career.

So this man was possessed! He was rebounding, boxing out, blocking shots, like he had finally realized that with his size...he owned the was crazy! None of us even parents knew who he was...he was on fire. BUT before the regulation time ended...the unthinkable little man got a rebound and put up a missed, he got the rebound again...put up a shot...swish...2 points...FOR THE OTHER TEAM!!!!! I could have died...I thought he would be furious at himself...but...I think he had no clue...he was just happy he rebounded and scored. I don't think he ever realized that the 2 points actually counted against him. Fortunately, he made up for it later...counting the opposing points he scored like 9 of the 21 between both teams...and he played like he finally understood the game...and no one better ever tell him...that in losing by only one triple OT...that his two points made the other team win!!!! The coach bought them all candy...because they never gave up...he was proud of them.

And it hit me (like the 2x4)...I know you wish I would get to the it is:

How many times do I score for the opposing team?

How many times do I do something that damages the Kingdom of God?

We know how the game ends...but it's the way we play each possession that matters. God ultimately wins whether we contribute to His score or the enemy's. God certainly doesn't NEED our points. But each possession counts for one team or the other. And on Judgement Day we will have to give an account of our points. Scary thought isn't it.

So who's team am I scoring for? Do I behave in a manner that adds to His Kingdom's score? Who's team are you scoring for??? Let's think about it...and score wisely

In Him,

PS - Not a word to my little man about his game...I mean it!!!! =)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's called...not a fan

So the new book I started is called "Not a Fan" by Kyle Idleman. I read the prelude and chapter 1 and my toes were so sore that I was tickled it was bed time. After just one chapter I have enough quotes that if I were to text them all it would probably burn out my quote buddy. Life altering quotes. Sword of Truth quotes. Ultimate toe stomping quotes.

The premise of the book is that many people call themselves Christians; ie followers of Jesus Christ but in reality they are more like "fans of Jesus". A fan is defined as an enthusiastic admirer. Someone who cheers loudly from afar and quotes stats that no one cares about and maybe even knows names of family members. Jesus fans are similar to other types of fans. They fill the stadium (church) every Sunday morning, cheer loudly (sing), approve of the playing time of the star (nod during the sermon), exit the building and get something to eat. Jesus fans are sure to attend all of the home events...just like a devoted sports fan or theatre fan, etc. They look on from the stands and don't experience any pain or sacrifice associated with the event.

"Fans of Jesus know all about him, but they don't know him".

Hmmm...seems like I've seen that theme on this blog you "know" Jesus? Or do you just "know of" Jesus? There is a huge difference and I can't wait to read what Mr. Idleman has to say on the subject. Understanding that one concept changed my life in ways I cannot even begin to tell you. You wouldn't believe me if I did. If you don't understand that there is a difference in those two questions...we need to talk over some ice cream (but don't tell my weight watcher buddies *wink*).

The first chapter ends with two questions that I will leave you with as well..."Are you a follower of Jesus? Or are you really just a fan?"

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

SMC - Feb 1st 2012

Howdy Ladies!
It's Scripture Memory Challenge Day...yay!!!

This time I am memorizing Gal 6:9 "Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up". NIV

How many of you know what a "dry spell" is? And no...I don't mean the weather! I have been in a sort of spiritual dry spell myself the last few months. Most of you have probably noticed...if you know me well. I just haven't been myself. I have felt like I was in some kind of a spiritual slump...almost a fog. Don't get me wrong, I have still been doing my daily Bible read through and loving Jesus with all my heart, soul and mind...but I haven't been seeking Him with all my heart, soul and mind...and believe me there is a difference in loving Jesus and seeking Jesus. I have no excuse other than...I got lazy!

In my non-theological view..."loving" Jesus is fairly's kind of like loving your parents or your kids or your friends. It is natural. Afterall, we love because He first loved relationships in life most people that love us, we love them back. It is rewarding. It is joyful. It requires no real "work". Just a feeling/emotion. However, "love" is surface at times and at times even shallow if we are willing to be honest.

"Seeking" Jesus is much is filling up all your spare time with His Word, prayer, Bible Study. It is dying to self with every decision of every minute of every day. It is a 24/7 me-last and Jesus-first and others-second mentality. It is serving others when you would much rather slap them. Did I mention it is hard? It is anything but natural. BUT the reward is VERY BIG. and well, very personal and intimate. I would even say the reward is AWESOME. A word that is widely overused today to describe things that are in fact not awesome. I can think of so many words to use but honestly the reward from seeking Jesus is...basically indescribable.

I have been missing that in my life the last few months...but I am back...and I intend to do some good...I am not going to grow weary...because the Bible tells me so...

and it starts...with hiding His Word in my that what my mouth spills out from the overflow of the full of Jesus's Words not mine! How sweet would that be?

Anyone else want to commit to the challenge this year?? Click the SMC Intro on the side of the page for the details.

Let's hear your verse.

In Him,

Stay tuned...I am reading an AMAZING new book...and I cannot wait to tell you about it!!!