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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Soaking Wet is Sunday and I am trying to think of any reason possible to avoid getting soaking wet. You see...I did not get my grocery shopping done yesterday so I was planning to go today...but it is pouring. So I have made a pot of soup, worked on some e-mails, eaten about 10 snacks - weigh day will be UGLY tomorrow, and now I am reverting to talking to you...I just don't want to get out. ha!

I had infant nursery today...and we only had ONE baby. And she was a complete angel...never fussed a bit! It was wonderful! It was sad that my other 4 infant friends didn't make it to church, but the one on one with this baby was kind of nice.

I have been working on our Caswell trip that is next weekend...where is the time going??? I cannot believe Feb is almost over. We have our little league basketball tournament this week and then it is on to baseball (my favorite!). The seasons all start running together time is going so fast!

A friend of mine (well technically one of Caleb's friend's mom...but I will claim her too...haha) has opened her own beauty salon and I am so excited for her...but mostly for the opportunity she will be given to witness to folks by her chosen name for the shop...Salon 29:11. And it isn't the address =) it is Jeremiah cool is that??? I hope hundreds of people ask what the 29:11 stands for.

I know...I need a point...but I don't have one. So this can be the most random, waste of time blog post ever...sorry.

Have a great week...and pray for my friend Tammy. She got her MRI results from her liver/pancreas scan. The pancreas is looking stable but the liver has a new legion. She meets with the doctor Tuesday. Please also pray for Melanie. She has an oncologist appointment for an abnormal mammogram. She is already cancer survivor (melanoma - beat it twice!).

Thanks girls...I am headed to get soaked =(

In Him,
Kristy =)

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