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Monday, February 6, 2012

happy monday!

Happy Monday everyone! How many people stayed up for the super bowl? Personally, I am so glad they start it earlier now...because at 10pm I turn into a pumpkin...regardless of what team, is playing. Since we had church service I only saw the 4th quarter...but in a tight game...the end is all that matters. =) And this year I didn't care who won...neither team is mine...but I was glad it was close. Actually it was probably a little too close for me this time. My little guy's basketball team had lost by one point Saturday in triple overtime...a 2 hour long 8 and under basketball nerves were done! And the old saying still rings true...foul shots win games...guess what the boys are doing at practice tonight ;)

And do NOT mention this to my little guy...I MEAN IT...but this was such a teachable moment...that I am going to brave it and share it...but do NOT tell him. I don't think he even realizes what he did...and no one better tell him. This is a point when having a parent in ministry stinks...especially a parent who shares everything she learns! ha!

First you need to know that my little man is NOT going to be in the running for any scholarships for basketball. At the ripe age of 8 he still has no clue what he is doing. He just likes to play. He is not aggressive and doesn't understand when folks play aggressively...he thinks they are being mean. Good example this past Saturday...two kids collided on one end of the court, everyone flew to the other end behind the guy goes back even though he wasn't part of the fall and helps the kids up. The two kids on the floor were the other team...we had a 5 on 3 opportunity at the basket but my baby goes back. He does not fight for a rebound and he would just assume someone else score. He just likes to be there. I have no clue why. As a mom...I just love that he loves to play. I don't care that he is not aggressive. His coach offers every game that if he were to foul out the coach would buy him some candy...because until two weeks 3 seasons of basketball my boy (who stands a foot above most players)...had NEVER committed a foul. Now he has 2 fouls in his career.

So this man was possessed! He was rebounding, boxing out, blocking shots, like he had finally realized that with his size...he owned the was crazy! None of us even parents knew who he was...he was on fire. BUT before the regulation time ended...the unthinkable little man got a rebound and put up a missed, he got the rebound again...put up a shot...swish...2 points...FOR THE OTHER TEAM!!!!! I could have died...I thought he would be furious at himself...but...I think he had no clue...he was just happy he rebounded and scored. I don't think he ever realized that the 2 points actually counted against him. Fortunately, he made up for it later...counting the opposing points he scored like 9 of the 21 between both teams...and he played like he finally understood the game...and no one better ever tell him...that in losing by only one triple OT...that his two points made the other team win!!!! The coach bought them all candy...because they never gave up...he was proud of them.

And it hit me (like the 2x4)...I know you wish I would get to the it is:

How many times do I score for the opposing team?

How many times do I do something that damages the Kingdom of God?

We know how the game ends...but it's the way we play each possession that matters. God ultimately wins whether we contribute to His score or the enemy's. God certainly doesn't NEED our points. But each possession counts for one team or the other. And on Judgement Day we will have to give an account of our points. Scary thought isn't it.

So who's team am I scoring for? Do I behave in a manner that adds to His Kingdom's score? Who's team are you scoring for??? Let's think about it...and score wisely

In Him,

PS - Not a word to my little man about his game...I mean it!!!! =)

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  1. Kristy, I wont say a word about the game - Promise!!!! but I love the fact that he went back to help the two players (that is a sign of good parenting).

    I asked myself this weekend the same question basically that you are asking above. I didn't use sports terms as in possessions, scores, etc. but I did relate it to How does God view my life. Does He see me as going 2 steps forward and one step back or do I go 1 step forward and 2 steps back? I guess that is the same in a way. What am I doing in God's work? I so wanna move forward and does He see that in me? Does He view me as scoring for Him or the other team? I think that in Billie's message yesterday when he mention our standing before Christ and receiving our job evaluation this is referencing the same thing. I believe in Christ, I have accepted him and I believe I am going to heaven but what will my job evaluation be like. Yes that message spoke to me - just as this blog is speaking. Love ya!