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Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's called...not a fan

So the new book I started is called "Not a Fan" by Kyle Idleman. I read the prelude and chapter 1 and my toes were so sore that I was tickled it was bed time. After just one chapter I have enough quotes that if I were to text them all it would probably burn out my quote buddy. Life altering quotes. Sword of Truth quotes. Ultimate toe stomping quotes.

The premise of the book is that many people call themselves Christians; ie followers of Jesus Christ but in reality they are more like "fans of Jesus". A fan is defined as an enthusiastic admirer. Someone who cheers loudly from afar and quotes stats that no one cares about and maybe even knows names of family members. Jesus fans are similar to other types of fans. They fill the stadium (church) every Sunday morning, cheer loudly (sing), approve of the playing time of the star (nod during the sermon), exit the building and get something to eat. Jesus fans are sure to attend all of the home events...just like a devoted sports fan or theatre fan, etc. They look on from the stands and don't experience any pain or sacrifice associated with the event.

"Fans of Jesus know all about him, but they don't know him".

Hmmm...seems like I've seen that theme on this blog you "know" Jesus? Or do you just "know of" Jesus? There is a huge difference and I can't wait to read what Mr. Idleman has to say on the subject. Understanding that one concept changed my life in ways I cannot even begin to tell you. You wouldn't believe me if I did. If you don't understand that there is a difference in those two questions...we need to talk over some ice cream (but don't tell my weight watcher buddies *wink*).

The first chapter ends with two questions that I will leave you with as well..."Are you a follower of Jesus? Or are you really just a fan?"

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