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Friday, July 29, 2011

Hold Fast

Hold Fast…those were the two words Beth Moore shared with us last weekend. She took the message from Deu 10:11-21. The basic premise was that to hold fast means to hold tightly…different than just hanging on lightly. Some definitions were to stick to, to cling to, to cleave, to adhere as if with glue, to be stuck together. (kind of like Caleb to my leg at preschool!). Then she used the coolest example…we are to hold fast to God in the same way a leviathan's scales are described in Isaiah...with no room between them for even air.

And she used an example of an alligator’s scales. And she talked about the tv show…Swamp People!!! I have never laughed so hard and felt so close to a complete stranger…lol My children would have been so proud of her! If you have never seen Swamp People…it is quality tv…lol…well maybe not quality but there is no sexual content or immoral behavior…just a few bleeped words and a lot of shooting alligators. Y’all know I don’t watch much tv…but it is just so interesting to me. I mean for one it is an American tv show that has to run the words at the bottom of the screen so you understand what is being said!!! Troy and Lizabeth are my favorite hunting team. I love to hear Mr Troy say “choot em lizaebth choot em”!! Total excitement! It is family friendly entertainment for the Gardner’s! And it is funny because we don’t aim to watch it (don’t even know when it is scheduled to come on) but if we flip through it…you can bet we are glued! =)

Ok I digress…The first thing she said that I LOVED was from Deu 6:23. She pointed out that it says “He brought us out…that He might bring us in”. And there have been many times God has done that same thing to me! =) We also learned a lot of Greek words (she likes that stuff). I won’t give them to you unless you ask me…haha

One quote I found extremely toe stomping was “God holds fast to us for our eternal security but unless we hold back we have NO earthly security.” Amen! And she asked “He is holding tight to you but are you holding tight to Him?”

And then the acronym…we discussed 8 points throughout Deu 10:11-21.
H – His affection is set upon you
O – Only He is your promise!
L – Loving Him awakens your true heart.
D – Doing His will does us good.

F – Fleeing to Him means fleeing with Him!
A – Any tighter embrace will also replace
S – Satan wants what you have!!!
T – The Lord is your life!

And we even had a cheer… H-O-L-D-F-A-S-T God has set his love upon me!!!

Other random quotes that I thought needed to be tattooed on my head included:

“When we withhold serving our local church, we rob the Body because our gifts are not for us.” “What God is working for good in us is meant to be good for the community too”.

“You cannot hold fast with one hand! You must let go of everything to hold fast to God with ALL your might!” “ We get in trouble when we get hung up in holding onto worship styles or religious disciplines…we are hanging onto something about God and not to Jesus HIMSELF!” “The man God gave the most wisdom to (Solomon) became a fool (he took many wives). We can also hold onto people tighter than God”.

“The more we put off our obedience the more we lose our spiritual strength”.

2 Sam 23:9-10 is a passage about David’s Mighty Men. It tells us that one of them stood and fought so long and hard that “his hand froze to the sword”. That is how we are to stand and fight satan.

That’s it…in true random form =)

Hope you have a blessed day!

In Him,
Kristy =)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

our one and only ROCK

Howdy Ladies!
I wanted to tell you that I am planning to share my notes from the Beth Moore event in Charlotte last weekend. It was a timely and amazing message and I took 8 pages of notes! haha! But I haven’t had time to compile them yet! Hopefully by the end of the week…I just know someone else can be blessed through her message...even 2nd hand!

In other news tonight is Summer Bible Study session 2 night…wooohooo! I can’t wait! I shared a portion from our homework Sunday night in church…it goes something like this... The author (Tammie Head) was facing depression and out of the clear blue a friend came by with a huge rock. She handed the rock to Tammie and said “God told me to give you this rock”. And that was pretty much the entire visit. After she left Tammie prayed for God to show her why on earth He sent her a rock. He told her clearly to put the rock beside her bed and every morning wake up and stand on it and know that He was her one and only Rock. It gave me goose bumps and made me flash to a previous scripture memory verse Ps 78:35 “They remembered that God was their Rock, that God MOST HIGH was their Redeemer”.

And I wonder….how many of us need a physical rock in our house to remind us who is our one and only ROCK? How many times has God tried to show me to rely on Him and Him alone to be my Rock? Oh I hope we can remember daily!!!

Hope you have a fabulous day! Church night is tomorrow! Don’t miss out!!!!

In Him,

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Power of Prayer!

God is good…All the time!
You know what I love better than seeing God work in my life? Seeing Him work in the lives of others! There is just something about a good “look what God is telling me to do” story that just gives me goose bumps. I got to hear one today and had goose bumps like you can't imagine. And I’d like to share one too. In case one of you two readers is feeling hopeless on a prayer request that seems to not be getting answered in your time. =)

If there is one thing God has shown me in the last 8 plus years is that life is not about me but instead about how I influence others to seek Him. I can remember when I first started in Women’s Ministry…God had to teach me some painful lessons on His plan vs. my plan. His glory vs. my glory. It was ugly y’all…talk about a 2x4 to the head…it was that bad! I was so focused on winning approval of other women to be thought of highly that I missed the whole point. Then it happened…I realized my call was to grow women closer to Christ but I was failing miserably because I was not close enough to Christ myself! And I had to change many things about me… my focus, my amount of study and prayer, my attitude, and even some of my friends, lots of changes! Not that I am spiritually perfect now by no means…but Jesus keeps me in check when I slip!

So anyway, I started planning women’s prayer events and Bible study opportunities. And my friend, Lisa used to joke with me that my theme verse was Matthew 18:20 “where two or three come together in my name, there I am with them” because the events were so poorly attended. And I was discouraged but her and a couple others encouraged me to continue because they were getting something out of each event. And God told me to hang in there for the ONE…not the MANY. And that my selfish ambition could not handle “many” and still stay focused on Him! So I began to pray for God to show me “the ones”. The “ones” who are desperate for Him but need encouraging…that I might could fan a flame of learning and seeking Him in them. And help them grow towards Him in ways they did not know were possible. Not to bring me glory or favor but because I truly feel called to Women’s Ministry and growing women disciples closer to Jesus. The phone call today…was from one of “the ones” I had been praying for. And get this…it was for not one of my prayer request but TWO prayer requests…answered in one phone call!

The power of prayer ladies…do not under estimate it. He will knock your socks off long after you give up on Him. Prayer can be frustrating if it is not answered immediately especially the way we live at warp speed today! But as an example one of the prayers answered today I have been praying since March and I was feeling hopeless and accepting that the answer might be no answer…and then BAM…He laughs at me today and says…”gotcha! And here’s another answer in case you think I am weak…child, don't put Me in a box”

and the goose bumps pop and all I know to do is just PRAISE HIM!!!! Not my strength but His! Amen!

See ya at VBS!

In Him,
Kristy =)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Summer Bible Study is awesome this year. Not that other year’s have been bad, but this year I particularly like the homework. I love seeing Old Testament and New Testament stories collide. And that is exactly what the author is doing in Duty or Delight?. I hope everyone else is enjoying the homework as much as I am. If you didn’t participate…shame on you…just kidding! Seriously, you can do it on your own…you don’t need a small group to do this Bible Study and I highly recommend it for personal development.

In other excitement VBS is in full swing and it is crazy BIG this year! I cannot believe we had 180 participants registered on night #1 (plus about 100 staff!!!). I can’t wait to hear the new totals from last night (yes I was a slackard and did something else!). We have 21 and growing riding our bus ministry. This is something we had talked about off and on for a few years and this year it just came together (Praise God for it!) and it is AWESOME! It is touching children’s lives in ways we may never know on this side of Heaven.

And speaking of please pray for our bus children and their families. One of them asked for leftovers from supper for their mom because they don’t have any food. It absolutely broke our hearts. Personally I have been fortunate to never experience true physical hunger and I cannot begin to imagine it. When I think of the food wasted by Gardner’s alone…I feel sick. We are so spoiled and wasteful.

Our VBS offering this week is to benefit our Backpack Buddies program but this experience shows us that the need is far greater than we could ever imagine. There are people all around our church that are hungry physically (and spiritually!). Have you ever been truly and honestly physically hungry? Not the “I’m starving” that my kids tell me and then turn their nose up and want something better…but the hunger that keeps you awake when you try to sleep.

If you have extra cash sometime or any of the items listed below…get them to me or the church and we will use them for Backpack Buddies. We will be thinking of more ways to impact the community…and feed the physical hunger so that folks will be able to listen and hear the Gospel to feed the spiritual hunger. I would think it is hard to grasp Jesus when your stomach has been empty for a long time. Any ideas are welcome!

One idea coming in August is an old fashioned Backyard Bible School complete with a hot dog cookout. I am excited to see what God does in our community through events like this! We are collecting school supplies for it but after this week’s experience I am going to suggest we do some non-perishable goodie bags too! In fact my Summer Bible Study girls voted last week to do a service project and collect some of the school supplies needed for the Backyard Bible school…maybe we can do food bags instead! I think I like that idea!

Be a blessing today ladies!!!

In Him,
Kristy =)

Backpack Buddy List:
Chef Boyardee type meals (individual serving cans)
Ramein Noodles
Individual serving cups of Fruit and Applesauce
Individual boxes of cereal
Granola Bars
Pudding Cups
Gummy Snacks

Friday, July 15, 2011

SMC - July 15th 2011

Happy Friday Ladies!

I have decided I am done learning the Love series because after verse 7 it's not all about Love anymore. And if you remember the reason I was learning it was because in the book Crazy Love by Francis Chan, he had challenged us to replace the word "love" with our name because we were supposed to represent love to the world. So after the very first part of verse 8...Love never fails...there isn't any love talk left to be replacing my name with...haha

So today I am moving to Eph 1:4. This one came from last week's summer bible study series I am hosting at my house, "Duty or Delight?" by Tammie Head. It is a truth that we need to know without a shadow of a doubt so that we can be confident in God's love for us.

"For he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight." Eph 1:4 (NIV)

Soak that in...he CHOSE us. We did not choose him. He chose us all along...knowing every sin we would committ, every bad choice we would decide...He knew all that we would say and do in life and still chose us before he even created the world. Mind boggling to say the least!

So live today knowing that God chose you FIRST...makes you smile doesn't it????

Let's hear your verses!

In Him,
Kristy =)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

On the plan and in the groove...

Well…I am back on the plan…the weight watchers plan, that is! And can I tell you when you stop counting points and writing down everything you eat and just go with the flow…you really get messed up. All these weeks since I stopped actively tracking every bite I have been telling myself how good I have still been doing. But after logging it for just yesterday…I was FOOLING myself! I have been eating like there was no tomorrow…and was clueless at how quickly you do slip back into that old pattern! It is really a conscious effort to not snick-snack all day long.

I think Bible reading and Bible Study is like that too. When it is discipleship training time in the fall and spring I am in the groove. Nothing stops me from doing my Bible Study homework for 30-45 minutes and sometimes longer. But in between sessions and especially during the summer I rarely get more than the daily 15 minutes of reading in…very rarely any true “study”…but I tell myself I am doing so good. And I believe it. And I wonder why folks fall off track…when in reality I am myself de-railed and at the bottom of the valley.

And then discipleship class starts again and I realize that I have done NOTHING in the way of study to speak of since the last session several weeks or months ago. And then I am ashamed of myself and down on myself and mad at myself…and satan wins a little battle because he messes with my head. (Of course he can NEVER win the war…see John 10:28! It REALLY says ”never”…and thank Jesus for it!)

So how do you stay in the groove all the time? Is it even possible? I like to think so. And I am determined to stay in it despite satan’s attempts to de-rail me. What about you? Are you in the groove right now? Or do you long to be in the groove? You can be…starting now…

Let me know if you need help getting started…I have a Bible Study to suggest =) And I can't wait for Summer Bible Study tonight!

Be a blessing today!!!!

In Him,
Kristy =)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy Friday

I don't have anything to share. I know you are too actually! ha
I have some profound things to share...but I haven't quite formulated it into thoughts yet...maybe tomorrow!

Y'all have a great weekend!

See ya Sunday!

In Him,
Kristy = )

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Privilege of Praying...

I experienced something Sunday that is indescribable. I have been trying to figure out how to put it into words all day yesterday but I am still at a loss for how to explain…that alone should tell you the power of a miracle! *wink*

I spent Sunday morning worship service in the Prayer Room at our church with another prayer warrior. Our task was to pray throughout the entire service. I was a little apprehensive at first…I will not lie. You see we started a small Prayer Team at church and I missed the kick off meeting while on vacation and have been a little stressed ever since because I didn’t feel like I knew what to do! Generally, if I commit…I am committed 100% and I want to analyze the opportunity to death to make sure I am fully aware and understand everything! Not to mention provide my 2 cents on how I think things should be done…and offer a spreadsheet…it’s just IN ME!!!

And an hour plus service is a long time and I was afraid I would run out of words…like that’s going to happen unless God intervenes! Haha I had crazy thoughts like what if the other person wanted to pray silently instead of out loud? Or vice versa? Any random thought that satan could put in my head last week…you can bet he did. And so all week I prayed for what I would pray in the prayer room…how funny is that???? But God delivered…satan got not one single foothold in that room. He tried…but God won…He always does…so there! =)

Anyway…back to the experience. Y’all…it was amazing!!!! The other partner and I prayed together over the entire service, the pastors and leaders, the music, the technical folks and their button pushing/clicking fingers, the congregation and their hearts and minds, the children’s leaders and the children, the babies in the nursery and the folks rocking them…you name it and we prayed over it. We prayed over the various ministries and leaders at our church and the child care center and all the upcoming events. I was mentally tired after the service. Well…mainly because you know I cried through a lot of it!!! It was truly one of the most amazing and beautiful things I have EVER experienced at wmbc. Humbling and amazing. That is how I would describe it.

I think that the privilege to pray should not be taken for granted. For a long time I took it for granted but Jesus died to give us the privilege and we should hold on to it tightly. If not for Jesus bleeding and suffering and dying on that cross so that He might RISE on the third day…we would still be trying to live under The OT Law. God knew we could not do it. I can’t even keep the big 10 consistently every single day…much less even imagine knowing when and what to sacrifice and how often and for what sin. Thank you God for sending Jesus to save me!!!!

So how do you pray? Do you only pray in a crisis when nothing you can do can fix something? Do you ever pray just to say thank you for sending Jesus? Do you pray for lost folks that you do not know? Do you pray regularly? Or do you pray just at night before bed…”now I lay me down to sleep”? If you can’t or don’t want to answer some of these questions…come see me and I will get you a copy of the book the Prayer Team used to start up. It is excellent in guiding you to build and improve your personal prayer life. And it is very easy to read…nothing too heavy or hard to understand.

And today or any day if you don’t have anything to pray for…PRAY FOR ME! You will never waste a prayer on me…and I will appreciate every single one of them! Today specifically pray for perseverance…the race of life is long and sometimes hard…I want the stamina of Paul…pressing on toward the goal…forgetting what is behind...eyes on the prize!

Be a blessing to someone ladies!!

Love ya!
Kristy =)

Friday, July 1, 2011

SMC - July 1st 2011

Happy 1st of July!!! and FRIDAY!!!

Hope everyone will have a safe and happy 4th of July as well. I have to work on the 4th but hopefully not all day!

I am continuing learning the love series from 1 Cor 13. I am going to try and do verses 6 and 7 this time so I can finish up on the 15th with verse 8.

1 Cor 13:6-7 (NIV)
"Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. "

Let's hear your verses!

In Him,
Kristy =)