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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

On the plan and in the groove...

Well…I am back on the plan…the weight watchers plan, that is! And can I tell you when you stop counting points and writing down everything you eat and just go with the flow…you really get messed up. All these weeks since I stopped actively tracking every bite I have been telling myself how good I have still been doing. But after logging it for just yesterday…I was FOOLING myself! I have been eating like there was no tomorrow…and was clueless at how quickly you do slip back into that old pattern! It is really a conscious effort to not snick-snack all day long.

I think Bible reading and Bible Study is like that too. When it is discipleship training time in the fall and spring I am in the groove. Nothing stops me from doing my Bible Study homework for 30-45 minutes and sometimes longer. But in between sessions and especially during the summer I rarely get more than the daily 15 minutes of reading in…very rarely any true “study”…but I tell myself I am doing so good. And I believe it. And I wonder why folks fall off track…when in reality I am myself de-railed and at the bottom of the valley.

And then discipleship class starts again and I realize that I have done NOTHING in the way of study to speak of since the last session several weeks or months ago. And then I am ashamed of myself and down on myself and mad at myself…and satan wins a little battle because he messes with my head. (Of course he can NEVER win the war…see John 10:28! It REALLY says ”never”…and thank Jesus for it!)

So how do you stay in the groove all the time? Is it even possible? I like to think so. And I am determined to stay in it despite satan’s attempts to de-rail me. What about you? Are you in the groove right now? Or do you long to be in the groove? You can be…starting now…

Let me know if you need help getting started…I have a Bible Study to suggest =) And I can't wait for Summer Bible Study tonight!

Be a blessing today!!!!

In Him,
Kristy =)

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