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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Power of Prayer!

God is good…All the time!
You know what I love better than seeing God work in my life? Seeing Him work in the lives of others! There is just something about a good “look what God is telling me to do” story that just gives me goose bumps. I got to hear one today and had goose bumps like you can't imagine. And I’d like to share one too. In case one of you two readers is feeling hopeless on a prayer request that seems to not be getting answered in your time. =)

If there is one thing God has shown me in the last 8 plus years is that life is not about me but instead about how I influence others to seek Him. I can remember when I first started in Women’s Ministry…God had to teach me some painful lessons on His plan vs. my plan. His glory vs. my glory. It was ugly y’all…talk about a 2x4 to the head…it was that bad! I was so focused on winning approval of other women to be thought of highly that I missed the whole point. Then it happened…I realized my call was to grow women closer to Christ but I was failing miserably because I was not close enough to Christ myself! And I had to change many things about me… my focus, my amount of study and prayer, my attitude, and even some of my friends, lots of changes! Not that I am spiritually perfect now by no means…but Jesus keeps me in check when I slip!

So anyway, I started planning women’s prayer events and Bible study opportunities. And my friend, Lisa used to joke with me that my theme verse was Matthew 18:20 “where two or three come together in my name, there I am with them” because the events were so poorly attended. And I was discouraged but her and a couple others encouraged me to continue because they were getting something out of each event. And God told me to hang in there for the ONE…not the MANY. And that my selfish ambition could not handle “many” and still stay focused on Him! So I began to pray for God to show me “the ones”. The “ones” who are desperate for Him but need encouraging…that I might could fan a flame of learning and seeking Him in them. And help them grow towards Him in ways they did not know were possible. Not to bring me glory or favor but because I truly feel called to Women’s Ministry and growing women disciples closer to Jesus. The phone call today…was from one of “the ones” I had been praying for. And get this…it was for not one of my prayer request but TWO prayer requests…answered in one phone call!

The power of prayer ladies…do not under estimate it. He will knock your socks off long after you give up on Him. Prayer can be frustrating if it is not answered immediately especially the way we live at warp speed today! But as an example one of the prayers answered today I have been praying since March and I was feeling hopeless and accepting that the answer might be no answer…and then BAM…He laughs at me today and says…”gotcha! And here’s another answer in case you think I am weak…child, don't put Me in a box”

and the goose bumps pop and all I know to do is just PRAISE HIM!!!! Not my strength but His! Amen!

See ya at VBS!

In Him,
Kristy =)

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