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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Summer Bible Study is awesome this year. Not that other year’s have been bad, but this year I particularly like the homework. I love seeing Old Testament and New Testament stories collide. And that is exactly what the author is doing in Duty or Delight?. I hope everyone else is enjoying the homework as much as I am. If you didn’t participate…shame on you…just kidding! Seriously, you can do it on your own…you don’t need a small group to do this Bible Study and I highly recommend it for personal development.

In other excitement VBS is in full swing and it is crazy BIG this year! I cannot believe we had 180 participants registered on night #1 (plus about 100 staff!!!). I can’t wait to hear the new totals from last night (yes I was a slackard and did something else!). We have 21 and growing riding our bus ministry. This is something we had talked about off and on for a few years and this year it just came together (Praise God for it!) and it is AWESOME! It is touching children’s lives in ways we may never know on this side of Heaven.

And speaking of please pray for our bus children and their families. One of them asked for leftovers from supper for their mom because they don’t have any food. It absolutely broke our hearts. Personally I have been fortunate to never experience true physical hunger and I cannot begin to imagine it. When I think of the food wasted by Gardner’s alone…I feel sick. We are so spoiled and wasteful.

Our VBS offering this week is to benefit our Backpack Buddies program but this experience shows us that the need is far greater than we could ever imagine. There are people all around our church that are hungry physically (and spiritually!). Have you ever been truly and honestly physically hungry? Not the “I’m starving” that my kids tell me and then turn their nose up and want something better…but the hunger that keeps you awake when you try to sleep.

If you have extra cash sometime or any of the items listed below…get them to me or the church and we will use them for Backpack Buddies. We will be thinking of more ways to impact the community…and feed the physical hunger so that folks will be able to listen and hear the Gospel to feed the spiritual hunger. I would think it is hard to grasp Jesus when your stomach has been empty for a long time. Any ideas are welcome!

One idea coming in August is an old fashioned Backyard Bible School complete with a hot dog cookout. I am excited to see what God does in our community through events like this! We are collecting school supplies for it but after this week’s experience I am going to suggest we do some non-perishable goodie bags too! In fact my Summer Bible Study girls voted last week to do a service project and collect some of the school supplies needed for the Backyard Bible school…maybe we can do food bags instead! I think I like that idea!

Be a blessing today ladies!!!

In Him,
Kristy =)

Backpack Buddy List:
Chef Boyardee type meals (individual serving cans)
Ramein Noodles
Individual serving cups of Fruit and Applesauce
Individual boxes of cereal
Granola Bars
Pudding Cups
Gummy Snacks

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