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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Crud

I missed y'all at church tonight. It is rare for me to miss a Wed night service...but I think I am coming down with the crud. My throat hurts and I feel icky. So I decided to keep germs home and rest because I have a big meeting first thing in the morning. Too bad my wild children are not letting me rest =)

Have you pondered on your "sending it on ahead - giving joyously" since the sermon on Sunday? I have. I intended to practice my favorite joyous giving in the McDonald's drive thru last night for spirit night, but it was too backed up so I went inside. If you have never done this...the best drive thru giving ever is to pay for the person behind you. When the person comes to the window you tell them you want to pay for yours and the car behind you. And tell them to tell the car behind you to pass it on. It makes me and my kids giggle every time. And we always wonder how far it will go before someone doesn't play. Try it! You can feel fairly sure that you won't get stuck with two big a bill in a drive thru...most orders are less than $20 at least. I don't think I have ever had one more than $10 in fact.

Anonymous giving is my FAVORITE! It keeps pride out of the equation and satan has no foothold to try and sabotage your motive. He messes with your head sometimes when you give publicly or at least he does mine! I have to be careful to keep pridefulness away. What is your favorite ways of joyous giving? Share it with us!

One more thing not related to giving but related to satan...last night I was telling a friend of mine that I was 10 points over on my daily weight watchers points allowance. Then I told her technically I had earned 8 activity points so I was only a net 2 points over. And she agreed. But then I confessed to her that it showed you could justify ANYTHING in your head and that it was no wonder satan won so many small battles in there.

Praise Jesus we know that satan does not win the war!

Have a great night!

In Him,

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