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Friday, December 10, 2010

So I am a little blog happy this week...BY DESIGN!

This is the most I have posted in a week...ever. I just have so much to share..maybe it is because TG is in travel mode right now and the kids do not let me talk to them enough. haha So in return...y'all suffer =)

So last night I thought it would be a good idea to 8pm...with it below 30 degrees. I think I may have frostbite on my ear. But it was kind of strange that you sweated but it didn't run Anyway, the Nike Plus gadget must not be calibrated quite right...because when I hit 3 miles and pressed the button that aggravating thing said 2.82 I kept going for an extra culdesac. So I have to try and calibrate again...I know you are surprised.

This is random, but here is our group picture from the OCC work day. It was cool to crouch down surrounded by those boxes. It is such a humbling, blessed experience. It is hard to describe...please go with us next year! the reason I logged on was because I wanted to share something that I got from Mark Batterson. And yes I realize how sad it is that it took me 1/2 a post to get to it....(Batterson wrote "In a Pit on a Snowy Day with a Lion" and "Primal" - two books that changed my life forever if you don't know of him). He sends out a little blog devotion thing from time to time and today it made me stop and go WOW!

Default or Design
Posted: 09 Dec 2010 04:35 AM PST
There are only two ways to live: by default or by design. I'm guessing that 90% of people live 90% of their lives by default. In other words, life happens to them. They live in reactive mode. The other option is to live in proactive mode. Living by design is establishing priorities and then living by them. So what's the difference between default and design? Well, in financial terms, a budget may be the difference between default and design. In experiential terms, life goals may be the difference between default and design. In spiritual terms, a Bible reading plan may be the difference between default and design. And in relational terms, a scheduled date night may be the difference between default and design. The common denominator is a plan. When I'm frustrated spiritually or relationally, it's often because I'm in reactive mode. I'm just reacting to the circumstances I find myself in. And that's when you default on life. When I'm feeling fulfilled, it's usually because I'm proactive. I'm going after goals or executing a plan or living out my priorities.

Oh my Word! As Beth Moore would say...that was a "Fresh Word" for me! I want to live life by design. It was so timely because just yesterday a friend and I had lunch and discussed a planning system that would allow us to organize our priorities to match God's priorities. And to schedule specific acts of service and kindness in our planning system would draw us nearer to Jesus. When I read the Mark Batterson email today I just laughed out loud. God is so funny to me when He sends you basically the SAME message in several ways and from different people. He knows me well enough to realize that I MIGHT not get it the first time...haha Clearly right now His message to me is to plan more wisely and consistently so that I can live for Him in a clearer, intentional and consistent way! So let me go plan something!

Happy Friday! Be a blessing to someone today!
In Him,
Kristy =)

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