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Friday, December 31, 2010

Reflections...and other jibber jabber

Well, I normally am not up this time of night...even on New Year's Eve! But tonight I have to work at midnight on the computer for all of 10 minutes if everything runs properly. At least I don't have to drive to work to do it...wooohoo for wireless home internet! These are the times I question why technology has come so far yet we still need to "monitor it". Those who know me understand that I turn into a pumpkin around 10pm!

So while I wait alone for midnight (cause y'all know Travis and the kids are long gone to sleep), I thought I would share some reflections on 2010. Not that either of you reading cares, but it will help me pass the time. It might be a little more "me" focused than I normally post on this Women's Ministry blog...but I am a woman, and I am exhausted, and I have to keep myself humor me or come back in a day or two... =)

I think it is very important to grow in some aspect every year...other than the pant size growth which I have mastered might I add! As I think back I am happy to say that I have grown in many areas. Doing the "Woman After God's Own Heart" Bible Study rekindled some habits I had let slide when it came to putting my priorities in order. I am happy to report that through that study I feel closer to my husband than I have been in recent years. And in developing a mentoring relationship this year, I feel I have grown as a friend in many areas too. I listen better than I ever have, and I am not nearly as quick to give advice before praying it through. And my word I cannot even tell you how close I feel to Jesus! If you have never read the book...I highly recommend it. Some people hate it because it is a bit old fashioned...but if I figure that if I turn into my Granny Capps...I will be a better person indeed!

I finished reading the Bible today...third year in a row!!!! Praise Him! Please don't think I am bragging or prideful. I only share that information to encourage you to join me this year! If I can make my severe ADHD self sit and read 15 minutes a day...and stick it can too! If you ask God to help you stay committed...and you earnestly see Him in the 15 minutes...He will see to it that you find the time and effort to succeed. And I will help you if you tell me you want to make it. I am excellent at nagging and I have the most wonderful reading plan that I typed into excel so I could re-use it. Just let me know if you want a copy.

Other growth highlights....was that I ran two 5ks without stopping this year...something I never dreamed I could do. I have never run in my life unless something was chasing me. But this year I prayed and committed to succeed. Of course...I haven't ran in over two getting back to the pavement may kill me tomorrow...if it does...y'all be sure to sing Victory in Jesus at my funeral...the Travis Cottrell version PLEASE!!!!

25 minutes to go...I know y'all are thrilled.

Ok what else...I got nothing else.

So let's talk about next year...I want to be better next year at every thing. I want to be the best Christian, wife, mother, friend, employee, runner, etc. that I can be. Kind of like the the best that you can be...whew I am getting so I may read this tomorrow and delete it.

What do you want to do next year? What is one thing you can make a reality in your life? I plan to read the Bible again, complete 2-3 Bible Studies, lose a few pounds, run (signing up for a 5k in February if anyone is interested in joining me), cook at home more instead of eating out so much!, and who knows what else. I am not one to set resolutions, most of them are never achievable because they require massive life style changes in the blink of an eye....instead I like to set short term goals...they are much more manageable! If you have any good goals to inspire us...please share them!

Good night....19 minutes to go...and I am thinking I may eat a snack now...cause Jan 3rd I will have to write it in my food

Happy New Year!
I love serving Christ alongside of you!
In Him,
Kristy =)

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  1. Hey Kristy,

    I woke up with a tummy problem last night about 3am and read this.. thanks for something to do cause I was definitely asleep at midnight and didn't read it then. I thought I would check back this morning to see if this post was still there. Yay, it still is! I am gonna join you in the reading the Bible thru this year. I did the 90 day read thru 2 years ago and never quite committed to a read thru last year. So here is my committment. I am gonna read it thru in 365 days. Slow and easy, so that if I am in a discipleship study, reading for Sunday School, or even doing homework for bible study fellowhip I won't feel overwhelmed. I love to have things to do and I love even MORE to Study His Word but I have a habit of getting too many things on my plate and not being able to get to them all. Then when a study is completed or BSF is out for the summer, I am lost....with nothing to do and can't quite wrap my head or my will around doing a read thru of the Bible. So I am gonna read it in 365 days. I also am gonna attempt to journal, yet again. Reading Mark Batterson's blog yesterday sealed that one for me. He used his journal/blog to determine the 25 things he was grateful for. A gratitude journal. How Cool! Then I would really like to lose a FEW pounds, exercise more, and possibly run a 5K too. Lastly no, make that FIRSTLY, I wanna turn my EYES upon Jesus and Keep Them Focused on Him all the year LONG!