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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Live Nativity

So...yesterday I had school duty (meaning it was my day to take the kids because Travis left home before most people were awake...people like me! ha) and I was running unusually late because Peyt did not set her alarm and when I went to check to make sure she was up...I heard water running and assumed she was in the shower. But when I went back 20 minutes later to wake Caleb...I realized it was the humidifier running!!!! So we were a tad later than I like to be...anyway...I drove by Hephzibah Baptist on Hwy 70 in Princeton and read that they had rescheduled their Live Nativity. Only I was driving too fast (so late!!!) to read the dates. So yesterday on the way home I drove that way and made the kids help me read it. And as God would have it (not luck because I don't believe in luck) was Dec 20-22! So after supper we loaded up and went to check it out. Every year since we moved to Princeton I have wanted to go but we always miss it because I guess I don't do school duty in December often enough to catch the dates!

Y'all...I have never seen anything like it! It was 3 stations and at each station they had actors and animals. And they had a recorded narration and singing!!!! They had luminaries to guide your path. And you had to turn your lights off. I had only always seen the silent ones, but this one had such life with all the talking and singing. It was unlike anything I had ever seen. They even had a CAMEL...actually 3 of them....for the Wise Men. I was shocked. If you can go by tonight or tomorrow night starting around 7pm. It is such a blessing!

I think it will become one of my favorite Christmas traditions!

In Him,

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