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Monday, December 20, 2010


There are several countdowns going on in my life right now! I am such a nerd when it comes to planning and anticipating!
  1. Of course there is the Christmas countdown...5 days in case you live in a bubble =)
  2. End of year Chronological Bible Reading countdown...11 days...a few more letters from Paul, then I think all that is left is John and Revelation! I love finishing the annual Bible is such an awesome feeling!
  3. New Bible Reading Countdown! January 1st!!! please read with me....15 minutes a day is not a lot to give to Jesus! I promise He will give you the 15 minutes back tenfold! I am so excited to be doing my original reading plan...the first one I was successful with...come on tell me if you need a copy.
  4. D Day...also on Jan 1....Diet Day!!! I have got to get back on the weight loss program. I finally just bought bigger pants to make it through the holidays because I have ZERO will power and there was no need to have my circulation cut off for 6-8 more weeks until I lose 10 pounds! But Jan 1 it's back to counting points for a while!

I don't do "New Years Resolutions", but I have learned that goal setting...especially on a very effective way to stay focused. So I have been praying about my goals for 2011 and where God wants me to focus my time and energy. Some of them are seek HIM first in everything I do, read His Word again this year, keep up the scripture memorization program, keep mentoring, be the best wife I can possibly be by making sure I always put my husband 2nd behind God alone, keep up the running (my next 5k is Feb 5th if anyone wants to run with me), and keep planning my days ahead...that is key to using the time He lets me borrow wisely for Him! When I plan...I am not wasteful with my time or other resources!

On a side note...if you missed church last was amazing! I loved the Christmas play this year. I like a traditional play and we have not had one in a few years. The other styles of plays are very cute too, but there is just something about a manger scene that melts my heart.

Go and be a blessing today...if you don't know anyone that needs a blessing....let me know. I know some little old ladies who could use a card, call or smile!

In Him,


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