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Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
I feel so out of touch since we missed church yesterday. Well technically we went but left before Sunday School started with a sick child...hopefully we didn't spread any germs while we were in the building for 8 minutes!

So today I am home with her still puny but feeling better because she is getting stir crazy.

I am reading in Genesis right now. The story of Noah. I never get tired of that story. I used to love it because it was such a story of hope. Very inspiring. But now I love it because it is such a story of obedience. I never thought of the obedience side of Noah. He did something that God told him to do while everyone around him said he was crazy. He had never seen rain before. He probably did not truly understand what the term "flood" meant. But because God told him to build the ark...he built the ark. No questions, no whining, no nothing...just pure obedience.

How different would my life be if I was less like Moses (why me God???) and more like Noah (yes sir God!!!)?

Maybe in 2011 I can be more obedient!

Have a Jesus filled week! Find Him in the small stuff!

In Him,
Kristy =)


  1. Hey Kristy,
    Me Again....I can't help but respond to this topic and since you were not there I will fill you in on what you missed during Sunday morning's sermon. Billie's sermon came from Romans 1:8-16 and was on 3 buttons. One that read Believe, one that read Obey and the last one read Serve. Imagine wearing those buttons and them defining us. Do we Believe? Do we Obey? Do we serve? WOW....the Holy Spirit had me in tears with the OBEY questions. I have an area in my life that I Am Not completely Obedient in and He has shown me that time and time again. I just haven't placed complete trust in HIM enough to be obedient. The Funny thing is that the song "The Voice of Truth" speaks the message to me. This song pulls at my heart and for a while I thought it was a Work that He was calling me to do and that I was missing it somehow and then this year it occurred to me that it isn't a WORK or a PLACE to go, it is a call to be obedient. To get out of the Boat and TRUST HIM completely. The area of my obedience will take complete trust and I am afraid of it. (Yes, Afraid and He says FEAR NOT - how hard headed am I????. This wasn't really on my mind until I walked into the choir room after Sunday School. The Voice of Truth is listed as a song we are singing in the near future. That thought brought tears to my eyes even before the sermon began. Then with the sermon, Billie took us to Deut. 11:26-28 (a scripture on obedienc) he continued to other scriptures and other parts of the sermon, I found myself needing to read that Deut. scripture again so I went back..except I couldn't read my writing and mistook the chapter and went to a different place in Deuteronomy. Can I just tell you that the place I went in Deuteronomy was addressing the area that I am not obedient in. Now isn't that just like GOD. 1ST the song, then the scripture to obey, then the area I am being called to obey in coupled with a mention about this area by our pastor. Ouch, Ouch, Ouch.....Pastor Billie didn't step on my toes but the Holy Spirit sure did. I thank God for the reminder and the bop on the head. It is still gonna take courage and trust for me to be obedient but I know without a doubt that if I don't He will Hold me Accountable and I wanna don't want to upset my Father above. So pray for obedience in my Life. It has been a message He has repeatedly spoke since starting BSF this year. I know that whatever my life's work will be, it will not go anywhere else until I learn to OBEY him.

  2. WOW - Sound like I need to get a copy of the sermon! I had no idea what it was about!