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Thursday, January 20, 2011

It left me...

I had this great thing to share but I can't remember what it
Let me was something Tim sparked in his message...I'll save this as a draft and maybe it will come to me...hehehe

OK...It never came to me =)

So..instead lets talk about disciplines. Not like spanking but like structure, regiment, you know...being a "disciplined" person. I have tried SO hard over these last years to be disciplined in a few areas...Bible Reading daily, Bible Study, and regular exercise to name a few.

Well...I think I told y'all I was back on weight watchers so I am trying to be more disciplined in what I eat too. But I am not. I have made it almost 3 weeks on WW stayin gin my points but I am hungry....and now at work these mean people have started a pool. I told them I could make it until 3/31 without falling off the WW wagon. And here is what they did to my white board at work:

Yes...none of them think I can make it until the end of Feb!!!! They know me too well!

So I am going to turn it over to God...if He can make me disciplined in all those areas I listed...I know He can make me disciplined to stay on WW. He is bigger than the white board!

What do you need to give to Him in your life and ask Him to help you stay disciplined?

In Him,

Kristy =)


  1. Kristy, I think you have the motivation now. That's a challenge if I ever saw one. I am usually driven by competition if it's the right kind. So I am picking March 31, 2011 and I promise not to take Fudge Rounds to Caswell with us in February. Praying for you!
    As for my disciplines, so far my daily Bible reading has gone well. I have wanted to journal daily so I bought me a calendar big enough to journal in. So far I am not consistent but I am trying. Lastly, guess I gotta set a weight goal since the doctor said that my help my ulcer/stomach problem. HUH....well here goes...once again.! When I lost weight before I came off all my stomach meds so it is worth the effort. God is bigger than that white board, He is bigger than all our problems, bigger than all our fears! Go God!!!

  2. I have real evidence that you are a fighter and that you will be able to make it until the end of March... hehe... I'll be praing for you all along the way! I joined WW for the first time today and I admit that I need discipline in that area too. I have gained back all the weight that I had lost last year plus some. I think ultimately I need to become disciplined in staying disciplined. I start out strong, but many times do not follow through! I have determined that to be disciplined in anything I have to give it to God. My recent prayer has been God I want to move right in step with you! That takes great discipline in all areas of my life!