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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What are you reading?

If you follow Beth Moore's LPM Blog, please check it today...there is an urgent prayer request for a young woman that had a stroke. You can click the link on the right side of this page to get to the LPM Blog. Please lift her and her family up during this time.

I am reading "Radical" right is pretty good. I am only in Ch 2 so I have aways to go. I can't wait to get "Soul Print" the new release from Mark Batterson. He gave a couple sneak peek excerpts on his blog and it looks like it will be very good.

And I am fixin to start a new Book/Bible Study...Joyce Meyer...Battlefield of the Mind. I am excited about it because I firmly believe that satan attacks your mind and causes you to doubt and stumble...if you ever lose focus on are a sitting duck! Kind of like the BCS are the duck and satan is the tiger and he will devour you if you are not ready!

What are you reading right now? If you don't have anything currently, check the right side of this page for some of my old favorites! And I can probably loan them to you... Or you could read your Bible! 15 minutes a day gets you through the entire thing in one year!!!!

Funny Story about the Bible...Travis and I were working on typing out the prayer vigil points last night and we decided that we needed to give the background on King Jehoshaphat and his prayer for protection from the army coming to attack him. So I typed out the story and Travis made fun of me because I did it in present tense. Like it was happening right now (using words like is, will, etc.). So I did the only thing a good wife could do...I defended that the Bible was real and active and living to me and he needed to stop trying to kill it...we laughed and laughed! But in the end he was flowed better in the past tense wording...haha

But many of you view the Bible as living? If you don't...come see me we need to talk! Until I read the Bible cover to cover I didn't really think of it as living and active myself...I thought of it as old and boring and something my Granny knew way too much about. And now I am turning into her! After the first year of reading it through, or maybe I anticipate each story. I know what is going to happen but I still can't wait to read it. And when Judas kisses Jesus on the cheek...I pray for a different ending because it breaks my heart that I tortured Jesus with my sins while He was on the cross. Of course...the ending is the only way to salvation and I am so thankful for it, but I just get caught up in the action and think maybe this time it will be different.

Anyway...what are you reading? That's what I came to ask. If you do not have anything to read and you are sitting in front of the tv watching whatever is on...find a book. Grow your faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ by reading a good book or THE Good Book. Just don't let the world and tv infiltrate and weaken a sitting duck because the tiger is out there waiting(actually the Bible calls satan a lion waiting to devour and destroy but it just works with my BCS example better if we call him a tiger) . James 1:27 is one of my memory verses from last year...look it up and pay attention to the last few words =)

In Him,


  1. Hey Kristy,
    I just recently found a new favorite author. J. Vernon McGee - I bought his Thru the Bible series books on Isaiah. We are studying Isaiah in BSF this year and I bought them to assist with my understanding. We are not to use them while we are doing the study but can read this after we complete each chapter. Well I bought them a couple of months ago and have not really picked it up. My intention was to read the first one chapters 1 - 35 over the christmas break while BSF was out. I did not pick it up till this week. WOW! I really have enjoyed the first 3 chapters. I don't think it will take me long to get thru it. I now want the whole series but that may be awhile before I get to them. I googled him earlier today to find the prices of the books and to see if they are sold in sets and I found this same information on WWW.ONEPLACE.COM These books were actually developed from a radio series that went thru the Bible in 5 years. You can go to Oneplace and enter the author's name and listen to the books (all of them) online for free. I love His Word and love learning about His Word.
    On another note, I have a praise. I am doing the 365 read also. I am reading this in the mornings before work and my mom is doing it too. It is actually alot of fun to call her up and talk about what we read. What a Blessing! God's Word and my MOM together.
    My last thing is that I am reading a study on From Chaos to Calm that is being posted on the Virtuous Woman website. I haven't tried to do this daily but I am reading it on the Weekends and last weekend I found a new memory scripture that fits me to a tee. It is Mark 9:24 - I do believe, help my unbelief. It is the story of the father with a son who is possessed. He asks Jesus to help his son "if you can" to which Jesus says everything is possible to him who believe. Then the father responds I do believe, help my unbelief. That's me. I believe, I truly do believe and Faith is always my strongest spiritual gift whenever I do a gift analysis but I have to admit I don't completely believe or else I would not have the problems with obedience that I have. So my prayer is now that scripture. Well, enough said.....or as Forest Gump says - that's all I have to say about that.

  2. Bobby Cooke talks about Vernon McGee almost EVERY Sunday in our SS class...I will have to look him up! Thanks for sharing!