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Monday, January 24, 2011

Personal Sacrifice...ouch

So my man stepped on my football loving toes last night...haha He did point out when we were at home that he did not throw me under the bus by announcing that some nights I do my Daily Bible Reading with the tv on mute...on a ball game! Honestly...I am just too lazy to get the other remote to turn it completely off! I never look up...but it is there flashing quietly in the background. Maybe tonight I'll get the remote BEFORE I get in the chair! :)

As women, I think we sacrifice a lot and don't even count it as sacrifice. We sacrifice ourselves for husbands, children, etc. But do we sacrifice ourselves for Jesus? I know I sacrifice daily for my loved ones...sacrifice my time, talents, finances, etc. In ways I never dreamed I would serve others...ha! But do I daily sacrifice for Jesus those same things? Do others see me sacrificing daily for Jesus? When folks look at my life do they think "wow, she loves Jesus enough to give up anything she has" or do they say " wow she loves living in this world"? Despite what I once is VERY important what others see when they look at you. You can't witness very well if you are not highly thought of by folks!

Travis gave us a few personal sacrifice examples. We can add countless others to the list. But because it is a PERSONAL sacrifice...your list is not like anyone else's. Sacrificing ball games on the tv might mean nothing to you whereas it is important to me. Sacrificing financially might mean nothing to you if you have more money than you can spend. Sacrificing is personal and every person is different.

Examine your life...what can you give up for Jesus? What can bring you out of your comfort zone in His name? For Travis...he didn't say it...but preaching two Sunday night services in a row is WAY out of his comfort zone. But God was with him to guide him and give him calmness and peace.

What is God calling you to do for Him as a personal sacrifice???? Be a blessing to someone today! If you don't know who to me...I have a list of women needing an uplifting touch!

In Him,
Kristy =)

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