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Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Surprises often do you have your weekend planned out minute by minute and then SURPRISE!!! something changes it second by second. Well that was our weekend! But the grace of God and His perfect timing...we made it all work and were blessed in the process.

The Prayer Vigil was awesome! When we were calling folks Fri evening to remind them about their spots, we got tickled because at one point folks were dropping like flies...and just as we would almost get ready to panic...God would send a replacement and we would giggle and move on to the next call. I was so blessed to get a 3pm Sat afternoon slot! Praise His Name! (Travis always makes me take whatever is left... some years I suffer through the wee hours...and y'all know I am a 10pm pumpkin waiting to happen!) We found extra folks to fill in for pukers (the flu is rampant!) and someone slid in for Pastor all was well! However, I did have to take my children with me this time because Travis needed to stay at the hospital with Billie until he was in recovery...and at first I was thinking I may have to hog-tie Caleb...but once he realized the reverence, he read the prayer points to me and Peyton in a whisper and then asked God to be with Pastor Billie. It was sweet! Then he enjoyed hammering my sticky notes and even wrote one of his own! The boy is growing up (maybe!!!). I only had to pop my fingers at him once the entire 30 was truly a miracle!

And then Sunday plans were altered so Travis could prepare his sermon for Sunday night. It is so funny to say that sentence! Who would have thought 10 years ago he would be in a pulpit filling in for the Pastor?? I would have laughed like Sarah at that thought! As his wife I thought he did really well...I may be just a little biased though! haha He made me cry with the reference to Pa...but who would have expected anything less from

His message was about Honoring we can honor God in the basic things we do. How have you honored God today? Have you lived so that others see Him shining through in the basic things you do? It is easier than you think! You can read your Bible regularly, pray, seek Him. And an easy way is to honor each other in word and deed. This brings honor to God when His people live in unity! Do something nice and unexpected for someone every day this week!

Think about it...what can you do to honor God?

In Him,
Kristy =)

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