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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


That's what my house is right now...QUIET! It is a miracle!!! is just late! haha
The kids are in bed and Travis hasn't made it in from the road yet. Why is it that bed time is a fuss almost every night? I know I will look back and miss these days...but while you are living's hard to imagine missing it!

Tim talked on Prayer tonight. One of my favorite stories from Daniel. We should all take lessons from Daniel and his committment to prayer. In Beth Moore's Bible Study, Daniel, she says something similar to "Nothing shakes the heavenlies like the prayer of God's people". I wrote it down because I just love that thought...reminds me of the story in Acts where the people prayed and the "place was shaken". Jack gave an example of having to "disengage" a situation and pray about it. I absolutely LOVED that example! How often am I so engaged in a situation that I forget to stop and pray and turn it over to God!!! I think "disengage and pray" may be my new goal!

Honestly, prayer is one discipline I need to improve on. I keep meaning to start a prayer journal but something always distracts me. I keep intending to have a dedicated period of prayer each day but something comes up in the time slot. I am really good at praying immediately when there is a need, but I am sporatic at the deep prayer/listening that needs to be done daily. I know that you can't hear God's whisper if you do not take time to slow down and listen...but I need help in making it happen!

So if you have a spare prayer tonight...lift me up...and my quest to be more disciplined and to disengage and pray in the process!

In Him,
Kristy =)

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