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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday Night Event!

Sorry I did not know caps lock was on and I am too lazy to erase it and start it over...which is hilarious since I just typed an extra two lines to explain that!

Anyway...Women on Mission is tonight at church at 7pm on the Adult SS Hall. Not sure which room yet...there was a schedule conflict. If you have never been...COME and bring a friend. (and yes, I knew caps lock was on for that one!). I am going to try and make it for the first time in MONTHS. Your WMU Director of the year(haha) has had a conflict all of 2010!!!! But tonight...might be the night! Pray for me to get there girls! I have missed it!

Or if you don't want to go to can go prayer driving at 6:30.

Opportunities for Christian fellowship and activity are abundant these days! Which bring me to today's ponderful do you spend your minutes? I read somewhere...Lord only knows where and when...that life can be measured by minutes. We get 1440 of them every day. How do you spend them? Do you spend them on yourself? your family? the lost? praying? reading the Bible? (uhhhmmm 15 minutes is all I am challenging you to!!!) sleeping? watching tv? whining? arguing?

What do you do with the 1440 minutes each day that are a gift to you from God? How many are spent on ETERNAL activities? versus worldly activities? Make a list of your is eye opening!!!! Example...most of us work an 8 hour job so that is 480 minutes to our bosses. We eat 3 meals a day and clean up behind the household...that is about 180 minutes. Some of us have to go to bed at 10pm to keep from turning into a pumpkin...and we MIGHT be too lazy to get up we spend 510 hours sleeping. That ONLY leaves us 270 minutes to give to eternal activities or to the world. Where did you spend your extras today?????? or yesterday??????

So tonight...with your extra minutes...come support your church...or you can stay home...and spend your minutes doing something else...

In Him,

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