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Thursday, January 6, 2011

The S word and other babblings

I cannot believe what I am hearing...another significant Snow event for us! I know some you hate it...but you have to is so pretty! As for me...I LOVE IT! I am such a child over it...and I have no clue why. I love to make snow cream and eat it until I could puke. This year my mother-in-law gave me an idea that stole the show....I toasted pecans with salt and butter, then crushed them and mixed them in the snow was Butter Pecan flavored and to D-I-E for! Mostly, I just like to walk in where to go and no reason...just walk (I won't tell you that I am the chunky one on the left...that is another post another day!)...see...snow is so pretty!
And so peaceful...until we get out the car hood and four wheeler...and the fun really begins! none of that was Women's Ministry related in any way...I digress so easily. sorry *grin*
So last night I read more about Abram...who finally became Abraham. And I thought of another component to Obedience...FAITH. It takes faith to obey. (I believe Tammy said Billie's sermon started with Belief..and since I wasn't there, I am doing my own version starting with Faith...but Faith and Belief are SO Part of why I chose the Faith angle is because it is easy to Believe something exists like believing God exists...(my scripture verse last time was James 2:19 - LOVE IT) but it is not so easy to believe "Believing" His Word and Promises are true and His love unconditional...see previous post. And I think faith addresses the "Believing" God is who He says He is and will do what He says He will do and loves us unconditionally and so on and so on. To me faith is kind of like instead of believing in have faith to believe God in all circumstances and that if you obey Him you will be blessed whether now or in Glory! also allows you to not care when!
So to need Faith before you can Obey! How is your faith? What is your faith in? man or God? Sometimes as women I think we have harder times with faith because we tend to let others let us down. Women get closer emotionally to relationships. Or at least in my house we do! ha I cannot count the number of outstanding Christians that I have placed too much trust in and too much reliance on...and then...crash...they let me down and I am crushed and vow to never have faith in ANYONE again. But looking back...I have to wonder if God orchestrated the let down to show your faith in man and he will let you down EVERY TIME but place your faith in Jesus and you will have peace regardless of the circumstance or environment.
Don't' believe me...put your faith in me...and eventually I too will disappoint you...not intentionally, and not maliciously but because I am human and because God's Word says "ALL fall short of the glory of God" (Rom 3:23)! So save yourself the trouble...don't set up a man or woman to fall. Put your faith in the only One...Jesus....Praise Him!
So far we have...Faith + Obedience = ????? stay tuned ;)
In Him,
Kristy =)

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