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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Believe in God or Believe God?

Believing in God is a choice. And not just a choice we make once in a lifetime...we make it daily, constantly. The enemy is waiting for the moment to jump on us and place the doubt in our belief system. So that is why we have to consciously make the decision to Believe in God about everything...big or small. But in the past few years I am convinced that believing in God is not enough...James says in chapter 2 verse 19 "You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that—and shudder." So if I am living life believing in God but not living for Christ...then I am no better than a demon. OUCH! James refers to this when he is teaching about faith and deeds. He closes the section with a sentence that rocked my simple little mind verse 26 "As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead."

I was so the movie says "I see dead people...but they don't even know they are dead"...just call me Bruce Willis...because I was living "dead". And that is what folks saw in me. They saw wasted words with no real meaning. I said yes I believe in God but my life did not tell the same story. My talk and walk did not line up. My life looked like any other "good person". But we are not called to be good people!

You see as I have said before...believing IN God is very different than Believing God. Believing in God is what the demons do...and they have enough sense to shudder. Honestly, I cannot remember a time that I did "not" believe IN God. But I lived MANY MANY years without a relationship WITH God and sadly I did not have enough sense to shudder! You see, I was a dead demon...and I didn't even know it!

I MISSED the point...I went through the first step...believing God exists, but I never developed a relationship with I did not grow closer...I was wilted and dried up. Then Jesus grabbed me up and we began to walk and talk. Slowly...just like a toddler. I still fall more times than I can count...BUT that's what it's about...walking and talking with Jesus! Falling down and then getting back up again! And my how life changes when you try!!! Self becomes less important and faith breeds deeds and blessings flow in your life. Not necessarily material blessings, but the ones that matter....SOUL BLESSINGS! Believing God is much harder than believing IN God...

Exhibit A: An example of believing IN God (as Creator):
This is a 200 ft waterfall at Stone Mountain. It is gorgeous and CLEARLY not man-made! Here's one thing I don't does the water keep flowing downward? I mean in times of severe drought (to the point of forbidding me to water my lawn and garden), spots like this maintain free flowing water and not just a trickle of water. Ponds can be dried completely up, yet large amounts of water flows down mountains. So I choose to Believe IN God for creating waterfalls.

Now the difference of choosing to Believe God: Believing God is trusting Him, believing His promises and knowing He loves me unconditionally regardless of the sinner that I am. Believing God is living everyday seeking God and praying for His eyes to see through. It is walking so closely with Jesus that others can see the light shining out of you. I will not lie. It is so where in the Bible does it say it is fact it flat says it is hard. But the reward is so worth every second of Believing IN God! And it is clear in the little things that you survive and can see His glory!

Exhibit B...
I choose to believe God for the miracle that I survived going up and down these to view the falls! I lost count after 220 steps and that was barely half way!!! It was hard. I was sucking wind to the point of no return. But no one said it would be easy to walk down and back up 220 PLUS stairs. In fact the folks we met going in had the red cheeks and sweat ponds to was going to be hard. But the blessing (view) at the bottom was so worth it. It was not tangible, but it was peaceful, joyous, etc. As I reflect...the entire experience was very similar to Believing God!

If you are struggling to walk with Him...let Him carry you.
Just don't turn away! He loves you and so do I!
We are not promised easy...we are promised eternal!
Walk Ladies...walk!

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