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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nominating Survey

Howdy Ladies,
Have you completed your "gold" sheet? You know the one, the Nominating Survey Form. Let's be honest...most folks DREAD getting the form. The form is means accountability and commitment. It means putting in writing the things that God is calling you to do in the next year. And for some of us it means admitting that we don't know what God is calling us to do in the next year. And even some us having to admit we don't hear God calling! And that my friend is scary! I have been there...and lived to tell!
I have an earth shattering revelation for those who find themselves in one of these categories...YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Ask the person sitting beside you Sunday what God is calling them to do next year and likely they will stutter and stammer and never really give you a clear answer. Folks avoid commitment like the plague. And rightly so...commitment means hard (and sometimes thankless) work, frustration, dealing with difficult people at times, and being outflat uncomfortable at times. But let me share the other side of commitment...blessings beyond measure, seeing others thrive, forgetting about yourself because you are so lost in the lives of others that you forget you exist, a joy and peace that is not even describable...I mean literally indescribable!!! You want it????
  1. Pray. Ask God to reveal where He wants you to work next year. If you do not get an answer...mark nursery worker...haha just kidding!
  2. Complete the spiritual assessment to see where you are gifted and what your passion is. It is important to ask someone else what they think of your assessment. Sometimes we see ourselves differently than others see us...and it helps to get a couple opinions to confirm your thoughts or spark you to re-take the assessment.
  3. Pray again. Ask God to reveal how to use your gifts in the church. If you do not get an answer...mark nursery worker...haha just kidding!
  4. If you are still lost in what to me (202-1781) or email me. I will gladly meet with you and help you find your place to fit in at church!

The church is not a is a body of unified believers...the church is not functioning as a normal healthy body if you are not plugged in and participating...(see the Spectator Sport post below!).

Love you all! Kristy =)

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