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Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy Monday!

So if you were in service yesterday....have you pondered the "one thing"?
This morning my co-worker and I decided that after 1 week on weight watchers...a candy bar might be the one thing for us! Just kidding. Then we laughed that Billie would tell us we weren't paying enough attention to his

So the one thing...any thoughts? I bet you are surprised that I have some things to

I kind of think once you find the "one thing" that it might surprise the socks off of you! Take me for instance...I tried so hard to make my one thing working with kids. I thought with such good intentions that I would be good at working with children. I was apparently day dreaming or wishing or something...because it became clear that the harder I tried...the more it just wasn't working out. But the one thing I did not want to do was work with adults. I mean seriously...adults have opinions on everything and don't mind sharing them, they have difficult schedules to work with, preconceived notions on ministries and things, etc. Who in their right mind would want to work with adults???? ....well apparently God thinks I am not in my right mind...He is so smart...hehehe

The call from God came...women's ministry. Are you serious? Women are the worst adults of all! Or at least I am! Very clear again...women's ministry. But I must have misunderstood...I thought God said "women's ministry" Maybe He meant to say youth age Or baby women. So I signed up for nursery and to substitute in Youth Sunday School. So then as Billie mentioned God was silent. Life was moving forward, I was still being blessed, but something was missing...hard to put my finger on. Then Experiencing God Bible Study came along and whacked me in the head...during service yesterday Travis laughed because I said his name before Billie did...Henry Blackaby..."if you are not hearing from God...go back and do the last thing He told you to do that you didn't do"...OUCH

So here I am 8 years later...not able to imagine life without being Women's Ministry Leader! Contemplating what I should do next...and asking is this still my one thing? Because I also believe if you obey...God will change your one thing...if you follow.

And I also believe sometimes you have to do more than your one thing if there is a nursery...preschool church...clean bathrooms if needed....where ever there is a hole...I do believe it is our job to fill it. But God will bless you in it...and get you through it...because you saw a need a filled it. Especially an unnoticed need.

Praying for safety and power to stay on!
In Him,

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