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Monday, January 31, 2011

Missed it!

Well...I missed the awesome sermon yesterday morning. I have heard it was wonderful and I hate that I didn't hear it...BUT...I was loving on some babies in the nursery instead! And there were plenty of babies to love! ha The toddler nursery can be so rewarding at times. Yesterday was one of those days where a couple wanted to snuggle. Granted I think one or two were just trying to wipe their snotty noses on my But I'll take the hugs and smooches anyway I can get them!

So last night in my reading the Israelites made it across the red sea. It is one of my favorite stories. I remember Pastor Tim preaching on it once and explaining that there is much speculation that the place the Israelites crossed was really only knee deep. And folks say it wasn't really completely parted. And some folks had even changed their mind based on these "scientific" studies. But there are a couple things I would like to mention...1) the Bible says they crossed on dry land and I believe it was bone the desert 2) the Bible says there was a wall of water...and I have not seen any knee deep walls so I believe it was a wall (taller than a person!) 3) if it was only knee deep (which I do not believe) ...then what a miracle it truly was that all the Egyptian men and horses drowned in knee deep water! I could see infants drowning...but grown men...and horses! =)

Anyway...the point (if there was one) to this post is to ask do you know what you believe when it comes to the Bible? Can people make you doubt? If you don't know what the Bible are sitting prey for satan to put your head in your Bible!!!!

If you need more challenging from someone the book Radical (I finished over the weekend). There is a year long radical challenge to do 5 simple things:

To pray for the entire world.
To read through the entire Word. (in a year)
To sacrifice your money for a specific purpose.
To give your time in another context (ie week long Mission Trip).
To commit your life to a multiplying community. (your home church!!)

Loooooooook at #2...I have been challenging you of this for quite some time. Some of you tried and did not make it all the way.....TRY AGAIN! Some of you never attempted it...START NOW!!! Pray for God to help you succeed! You have to stand firm in what you believe...and the only way to stand firm is to KNOW it!!!!

Also...thanks to everyone who came to the WMU Celebration yesterday! There were like 150 people there! It was AWESOME!!!!

Have a great week!

Be a blessing to someone!!!

In Him,

Kristy =)

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