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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

And Let the Whining Begin...and Studying! the night before last the Lord sent quail and manna to the whining Israelites. And I could hear in Moses's of my daily pleas...."God they are your deal with them!". Because honestly...we all belong to Him. I empathize with Moses...because the Gardner house last night was FULL of whining! lol

Then last night came the 10 Commandments. I have a studious as I try to be...and as much as I dive into the Word because I LOVE IT...I failed a basic Bible test last summer.

It was at WMU Associational training...and Phyllis Elvington was the speaker...I just love her. Anyway she asked us to rate our selves on Bible knowledge. 1-10 with 10 being a scholar and 1 being a beginner. Well I was trying to be modest in the crowd and rated myself a 7. I mean come that time I was in my 3rd year in a row of reading the Bible cover to cover. I am the Beth Moore Bible Study Queen, and I have read more Christian books than most women because of my LOVE to read about my Jesus! So I honestly thought a 7 was holding back. She had us get into pairs to do a quick test.

AND I FAILED! And I drug Ms Amber down with me...LOL

The test...list the 10 Commandments in order. It sounds so simple. I mean they are in many sermons, books, etc. We have been exposed thousands of times to the list. But I have to fess up...we did not even get all 10!!! We missed 1 (I think...maybe 2!) and I think we only had 3 in the right order. I was humiliated but not alone. EVERYONE of us failed. There were like 35 ladies mostly 20 years older than me...and we all failed!!!! so I vowed to study them...only I haven't yet! I completely forgot! So last night I made me a study guide while I was reading them!!!! know Phyllis will be at Caswell this year....and she is speaking at WMBC in March...and I am so afraid the test will come again...and I might fail again!

So do what you want...but I recommend...REVIEW THIS:

1 - No other gods
2 - no idols
3 - do not misuse the name of the Lord
4 - remember the Sabboth
5 - Honor your father and mother
6 - Shall not murder
7 - Shall not commit adultery
8 - Shall not steal
9 - Shall not give false testimony (lie)
10 - Shall not covet your neighbor's anything (greed)

Have a blessed day!
Come to church tonight!

In Him,
Kristy =)


  1. LOL.... and I am sitting next to you at caswell because I have been studying too! Phyllis always has you buddy up with the person next to you! NEVER agin will I be that embarassed! Whats crazier is I have always loved Exodus... up until recently it was my favorite book in the Bible! Lesson Learned!

  2. Hey Kristy,
    Check out! It is an easy way to learn the 10 commandments in order with a cute quiz. I tried to use this in sunday school but I can't access the internet there so I have used it myself to assist with learning them.