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Monday, February 28, 2011

Caswell Challenge Recap

I don’t even know where to begin! Have you ever wanted to say and share so much that you can’t even figure out where to start so you end up speechless? That is where I am today. Well maybe not totally speechless…that would take some serious intervention from God…a miracle of the proportions of parting the sea! ha

We went to the Caswell Ladies Retreat over the weekend. Make your plans TODAY to attend next year. It is always the last weekend in Feb and we will take you whether you attend our church or not…because I feel that passionate about its importance. Phyllis Elvington was our guest speaker. She is speaking for our church on 3/27. You do NOT want to miss it…she is wonderful! You can go from laughing to crying and back to laughing in 3 seconds flat! She challenged us, encouraged us, fussed at us, and loved on us all weekend long. She is so inspiring!

I think my favorite part was an illustration she did showing from Genesis to Revelation of who Christ is. It was 10 scripture references of Christ as The Lamb. It was very moving and very powerful. I had plenty of “ah-ha!” moments but that one brought me to tears and just resonated in my spirit.

If you went to Caswell…share your favorite moment!

I think the first full day back in your life is the hardest part of coming home from a spiritual retreat. Apparently no one tells your circle of people that you have tasted heaven and would like to keep the sweetness on your lips. Instead they try you, test you, tempt you, and trip you up…and most times they don’t even realize they are doing it. That is what satan does…he uses folks who don’t ever know they are his puppet. So how do we survive the first days back to reality? On our faces! Jesus is the ultimate answer to that question. Praying for strength and then finding confirmation in His Word is the best survival tactic in ANY situation. Did you get in His Word before you left the house this morning?

Then there is an Accountability Partner…find one NOW. Ask her to hold your feet to the fire and make sure you are walking the walk that you are talking. You don’t have to have a single thing in common except for loving Jesus with all your being! But be cautious…find a good one! Don’t pick a friend because they have always been your friend. Pick someone who is earnestly seeking Jesus as hard as you or maybe harder. Pick someone consistently lifting you up. If you partner drags you down or encourages you to falter in your walk with Christ…she is the wrong partner! Sometimes you have to make hard relationship choices to get the right fit for you…but looking at the grand picture…eternity trumps this life any day so choose wisely!

Then there is fellowship with other believers. Get to church Wed night. In fact, every time the door opens…try everything needed to get there. With or without your husband…get there. Children clean or muddy…get there. Not because you want to be seen and see others…but because you want to worship God while surrounded by like-minded believers. I believe you can’t stay full of the Holy Spirit without interaction at a worship center. This morning Beth Moore said “We were created for relationship!” We need to worship with other believers. That is what makes Caswell and other retreats so spiritual…the people there are seeking the same Jesus together! I know there are times you must miss church…no one can be there every single time the doors open…but they should be far and few between! And there must be a reason worthy to stand at the throne of God and say “thank you for sending Jesus to die on the cross for my sins…but I couldn’t worship you on Wed night with the other believers because ______”. The only things I can think of are sickness and travelling!! So if healthy and in town…see you Wed night!

Lunch is over I know the two of you are glad I am signing off…
Be a blessing to someone this week…

In Him,
Kristy =)


  1. Kristy,
    I can't even begin to say what a blessing Caswell was for me this year! I wasn't specifically going looking for Jesus for I know He is with me where ever I go but by Friday afternoon I did want to escape the world and spend some one on one time with Jesus. Caswell is PERFECT for that. Even with all that has happened in the last week I know that God has ordained every bit of IT. How Awesome is HE!!!! From going to the ED, to being admitted, from being told lifechanging news to being discharged from the hospital and then hitting the payment to Caswell, God was in it all. I truly know He is in complete control of all of this Timing. The people I would ride with, the messages I would hear, the music we would sing, the times spent with friends and the reassurrance and directions that I know that He placed on my HEART!!! I can't even begin to explain or list all these things except to say that HE HAS BLOWN ME AWAY! MY GOD LOVES ME SO!!! HIS HAND IS ON MY LIFE. I am in HIS hand Always and NOTHING CAN CHANGE THAT. No person, circumstance, situation or disease can change anything that HE HAS PURPOSED. So with all that said. I NEEDED THIS WEEKEND, ON EXACTLY THIS WEEKEND, AND IN EXACTLY THE MANNER THAT IT CAME TO BE. I am not worthy of His LOVE, I am not worthy of His GRACE, I am not worthy of being chosen to be A Light for Him But I feel this is what He is calling me to do! So God, where ever this road takes me, where you lead I will follow. Karen, sent me this scripture today. I think it will be my life verse for awhile. " 2Tim 4:17 But the Lord stood at my side and gave me strength, so that through me the message might be fully proclaimed and all the Gentiles might hear it. And I was delivered from the lion’s mouth.
    2Tim 4:18 The Lord will rescue me from every evil attack and will bring me safely to his heavenly kingdom. To him be glory for ever and ever. Amen
    Karen S. sent this scripture to me this morning. I thank God for himself! For His Son, For His Spirit, For my Family, For my Friends and definitely for My Sisters in Christ. What strength there is among us!!! Love Ya!!!

  2. There is so much that I could say about the way this weekend impacted me! I think it will take a little while to replay all of the infomation and truly soak it all in spiritually. Two things stood out more than any other to me this weekend. First on Saturday night when Phyllis spoke about abiding in Jesus! The part of abiding that I struggle with the most is watching and praying. I am so impulsive that my mouth opens before I have even stoped to think or pray in a situation. Nothing says you have to have the first word or the last. I am in so much need of just stopping and praying so that I might not enter into tempation or worse cause someone else to wind up there! The second AH-HA moment came when I made the connection between the first passover when the lambs were sacrificed and the blood was put on the door post so that the angel of death would passover the house and what will be the final passover where God's people will be passed over and spared from the second death because they are covered in the blood of the most perfect lamb. I just got chills all over again. I knew both of the facts, but had never looked at them side by side. I am a walking, talking living door post that is covered in the blood of the lamb so that my life might be spared from the second death.... wow.... that takes a while just to set in. I will go even further to include pastor Billies sunday night service and talk about the blessings that I will miss because I didn't obey, or like Moses I partialy obey God! Moses got to see the land God was giving to him, yet never got to enter into its blessing because he didn't fully obey.... one time.... how many times do I miss out because I only partially obey! Wow.... I could go on and on! Thanks to all that are such guiding lights in my life! I love each of you more that you could ever know! My prayer for myself is that God will guide my every move and that I will not make any move without seeking him and being in his will.... Please help me pray this prayer! Love to all

  3. Caswell has become one of my favorite times of the year! Being in a place surrounded by people who want to know and praise God is such a huge comfort - it is our little escape from the "world." I also learned just how much closer my relationship with Jesus is growing because Satan is really stepping up his game on me, and that is only because he knows I'm holding God tighter every day. I know the only way to fight the temptation is to be in God's word and I am so excited about my accountability partners being there to help me do that! Kristy is so right - just like we learned in the Frienemies class - a surround yourself with someone who truly wants the best for you - that is an accountability parter. There are so many things that touched me, but my "ah-ha" moment was Phyllis talking about her Heart Sisters. Step on my toes and tell me where I am falling down on the job! Sure I say a prayer for my close friends and their families here and there, but that isn't cutting it. Daily I will be in prayer for them and their families..not just when they ask, but to protect them from what may come and for their future. I pray that each one of you does this for the "Heart Sisters" in your life as well. I echo Tammy saying "what strength there is among us!" In Christ's love - Denise