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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A new book

I am reading a new book...SURPRISE! I actually am juggling a couple. The title of one makes me giggle..."Becoming More than Just a Good Bible Study Girl". The title implies exactly what it is to make your life more about LIVING what you study vs just checking off the list that you studied and have head knowledge. Head knowledge is easy to obtain...but can you apply it in life...especially in a crisis? I'm only in Ch4 but it is an easy read! She tells great stories that are easy to relate to. One in particular made me laugh at ball practice until I almost cried...the woman sitting next to me surely thought I was crazy. I could just SOOOO see myself in her shoes! She had volunteered to do something for her child's school without getting enough instructions to do it...which really is the STORY OF MY LIFE! And like me she decided instead of clarifying she would just figure it out for herself...and she messed up...royally. But then she did something I don't always do. She fessed up and moved on. She did not cover it up, or dwell on it, or beat herself up about it (which is often my reaction). She threw satan out of the equation by not letting her mind talk her down the ugly path...I am so stupid, why do I bother, no one really wants me to help because I ruin everything, I am a failure, if God loved me He would have stepped in and saved from being so stupid, where was He at?...sound familiar??? They are EVERY ONE lies! Lies that satan fuels to try and bring you down and make you doubt. But you can overcome those thoughts by refusing to participate in the pity party. Dust yourself off and get back up and move on. In the name of Jesus! And then laugh at your is never as bad as it seems if you can separate your identity from your situation. That is what the book points out...despite the worldly view...YOUR IDENTITY IS NOT YOUR CURRENT SITUATION. Whether your situation be mourning, discouraged, sick, tired, fed up, angry. Situations change...but if you remain can survive anything! And you do not need to base YOUR identity on anyone else (ie baseball mom, preacher's wife, deacon's wife, cheer coach, stay home mom, wife without a supper plan, professional whatever, etc, etc). See yourself as you and your situation as temporary and things will look much better! I tell my children all the time that life is temporary and no matter what really at the end of the day does not matter because we are only passing don't get too comfy in this world!! God made you to be you and no one else! Anyway...I only meant to tell you it was a good book if you need something to read...HAHAHA

The other book is Joyce Meyer's "The Mind is a Battlefield" I am doing it as a mentor study with a good friend. It is good too. I especially have liked the way the homework in the study guide is laid out. It is mainly scripture research and a little heart searching. I get a little burnt out on the Bible Studies that are constantly heart and soul searching with no scripture to study.

And last night...I completed Exodus. woohoo! The Isrealites are behaving for the moment. Tonight I get to start in Mark. I love the way this Yearly Bible Reading Guide swaps between the OT and NT. It is so easy to follow and not get bogged down in the Law!

So anybody else reading anything great right now??? Please share!

In Him,
Kristy =)


  1. Right now Im reading Crazy Love! I know all who will read this have probably already read it, but my friend borrowed my book last year and just gave it back this week... lol... Im not a reader by nature, but I love this book because its more like a down to earth conversation! Anyways I just finished reading the part where he is comparing our life to the a movie where God is the main character and we only get 2.5 seconds. We don't matter! I've always known this, but this illustration really puts it into perspective! Im loving this book and its really easy to read.

    I am also in Isaiah for BSF which has been really good! We just finished chapter 41 where God is begging the idols to tell of the past or what will happen in the future or to just do anything at all! God has such a sense of humor!

    I am lastly finishing up my Matthew study for my Sunday School class. I have realy prayed God would give me the desire to read more and I can see that he is helping me. My mom has started asking.... "What are you reading now?" Love it!

  2. Hey Kristy,
    I am reading "True to His Word" which is the story of Wetherell Johnson who started BSF. What a heart for God and a thirst for His word that she had. She was not a scholar in the sense that she went to theology school but she was because she prayed, she read and she fully expected God to show her the meaning behind the words. Then she felt the call of God to share that to others. I, for one am thankful for her willingness to do that. I am also doing the chronological read thru in the Bible so I am in Numbers and Levicticus right now. Actually yesterday the spies went out to see Canaan and then came back and spread rumors about the bad people and the awful things that are (were)there. (It's present tense to me-ha) It is totally amazing to me to see how God reacts to His people when they do not trust him. Only Caleb and Joshua will enter in. WOW!! And they were HIS people, or maybe at that point they were Moses's people or even worse those people. (Yes, i loved that part of the sermon on Sunday night).
    And I am with Amber on the Isaiah study. Just when I thought it couldn't get better than Chapter 40, here comes 41. Yes those people even nailed their idols down so the power of God would not cause them to tremble. We can't let our idols be affected by what God is doing. (OUCH). And all the scriptures about God reaching down with his righteous right and and that He will hold my right hand. Our teaching leader brought out the fact that He has to face up to hold our right hand. It is not impossible to hold right hands while not facing but it is not natural. It would hinder someone from moving. (WOW). He can hold my right hand all HE WAnts. All this makes me wonder. What are my idols, where do I doubt God, what are my sins that need revealing? Yes, I am looking in the mirror (His Word) and fully expecting him to reveal. I even asked HIM OUT LOUD Monday morning. GOD, How can I stay plugged in? How can your current run thru me consistently. I then thought of a 3 prong plug. Two of those prongs has to be prayer and reading his word. I am thinking the 3rd one, the ground is HIS spirit that can flow consistently thru me. I love God and when I hold up that mirror I see the Little I's as Misty calls them. I am no better than the Israelites....yes keep sinning I's I relate to you but thru it all I know God loves you still, yes, keep preaching Isaiah, I am listening, keep speaking Spirit, I am changing, Keep Loving me, God although I am not worthy I am trying. Nope, still not perfect, not even close! But I Hope he's giving me a A for effort. Sometimes I am afraid I am barely passing. But maybe that is the enemy speaking. Guess I will keep pressing on!!!! And watching where He leads. LOVE YOU GOD and love you my sisters.