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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Greatest Compliment....ever!!!

Today I received the greatest compliment I have ever received. It went a little something like this…

Scene: Kitchen….Mom is packing snacks for school, Peyton is sitting at table eating breakfast, Caleb is in living room being Caleb =)

Me: “I really need to skip church tonight and stay home and wash clothes so we can pack for our skiing trip this weekend. And wash dishes too! Being at the hospital last night with my mom has me way behind in my chores. (sighs deep)”

Peyton – so is that what we are going to do?

Me – “absolutely NOT! I know it is just satan trying to get in my head and I say to him…Get behind me satan I have no room for you today! Can’t let him win!” (she giggles)

Peyton (grinning) – When I grow up I want to be just like you!

Me – what, you mean crazy?????

Peyton – no….organized and godly

Me (off guard) – you can be…(smiling)

End scene

Pick me up off the floor!!!! Organized I expect…but godly…me???? That one threw me for a loop. In a split second I had to decide how to take the compliment. If I agree…am I arrogant, self righteous? If I disagree am I discrediting the work God is doing in my life? Right, wrong or indifferent I took the compliment with humility and gratefulness. Humble because I am so unworthy but grateful that God is using me to shape a child’s life.

So…who is watching you? Who is seeing how you react in adversity? What kind of example are you setting? The Lord knows I don’t always have the correct reactions and the most glorifying to God moments every time. But I am aware more and I do actively choose to glorify Jesus first in every situation. And when I fail and fall short…He picks me up. He always picks me up!

If you have nothing to pray for today…lift up my mom. She is a patient at JMH being treated for pneumonia but also planning to undergo a heart cath tomorrow to rule out heart problems. Pray for my sister…she lives with mom and is very scared.

In Him,
Kristy =)

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  1. This absoulutely made my day!