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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Woohoo for Wednesday

It is Wednesday again…yippee! I love Wednesday for many reasons…and they all revolve around church night!!! In addition to getting my spiritual tank topped off with a Fresh Word…there is much joy in other things like supper at Yummi Japan, a day of rest from my running workout, very little or no homework (just love my church going teachers!), fellowship with like-minded believers, etc.

I am trying to finish a book before we start Discipleship Training in a couple weeks so that I only have 3 books going at a time! And it reminded me of something Phyllis Elvington shared that really struck me. I think Amber or Tammy commented on it so I thought I would expand.

Phyllis said that in 5-10 years the person you are spiritually will be influenced and shaped by 1) the books you read 2) the people you associate 3) the choices you make. I have been thinking A LOT about this statement and if I believed it. She challenged us to think of it and decide for ourselves. I have decided I ABSOLUTELY believe it. I think back to several years ago when I gave up watching most (not all) TV and replaced it with reading spiritual growth books. Then I think back to 4 years ago when I started reading the Bible cover to cover each year. Just those two CHOICES alone have majorly changed my life on earth and eternally!!! Then there was the choice made years ago to go to church every time the doors were open and I was physically able to surround myself with like-minded believers. My family thinks I am quite the Jesus freak...and I am certain that I am the topic of many conversations…and to that I say…Praise God!!!! If the worse thing I give someone to talk about is that I stay at church too much and spend too much time in His Word and raising my children in Him…then Praise the Lord!

OK…I side tracked…surprise! The other thing she said that I really wanted to share was that there were two categories of books 1) the Bible (a category all to itself!) 2) everything else. And that reading your Bible is like your daily "tithe" and reading devotions and other spirit filled books are the "offering". I just loved that analogy!

So are you daily giving your “tithe” and “offering”?

See ya tonight!
Kristy =)


  1. Your post about Wednesdays and books just brought back a good growing up memory. As a teenager when my mom and dad separated, Wednesdays were one of my favorite days of the week. On this day, I would get home from school and literally get ready for church. My mom would get home, we would head to Goldsboro for a bite to eat and then she would take me to the library until church time. Back then we even wore dresses and skirts on Wednesday nights and it was never a bother. (wow how times have changed). I used to check out multiple books to read from classics such as the Winds of War, to romance, to mystery and sometimes even biographies. I have always loved to read any kind of book. These days I can't quite get into romance - it is just not real. Horror books - I have been convicted of. I might read a biography if it was of the right person. Now my reading consists of the Bible and any other religious book I can get my hands on. I love His Word, I love books that explain HIs word, and I LOVE HIM! So now on Wednesdays, my life has changed a little. Now it is rushing home to cook supper and hopefully get out the door to get to church early so I can see friends and round up some teenage girls for Acteens. And since this weekend, I have been thinking about my tithes and offering in His word. With so many things that can invade our thoughts, why not dive in to His Word. It pushes all the other bad thoughts out. Darkness can not abide where light is. Fiction is always replaced by Truth. An an offering should be a willing sacrifice, so I am glad I am willing. I think I am rambling on here too ....but God is so Good. His word is Real to me. His Love I can actually feel the strongest I think I ever have. If you are seeking comfort, turn to His Word. If you are seeking truth, turn to His Word. If you are seeking happiness or self help, turn to His Word. If you want to look in the Mirror and see yourself, turn to His word. If you don't want to grow, If you don't want to be convicted, if you don't want a personal relationship with your Savior, creator and King, by all means shut that book definitely don't look inside. It will draw you in if you do and I PROMISE, YOU WILL NEVER BE THE SAME. YOU WILL BE CHANGED FOREVER. OH, I Pray that all of my sisters develop this thirst. Once you Dive in it will never disappear but oh the satisfying drinks you can receive and there is NOTHING IN THIS WORLD LIKE IT. TO GOD BE THE GLORY.
    YOUR sis in christ

  2. Unlike the two of you I have always longed to have a love affair with reading, but it is something that I have never been able to get into.... I should say was. Currently I am reading the Bible everyday...Isaiah for BSF, a Psalm and Proverb or two each moring to start my day off right, Matthew for Sunday School, and my chronological Bible to try to read the Bible through in a little over a year because I feel off track in the beginning of the year, but do not want to have to raise my hand again when Phyllis asks (or God for that matter) have I read the entire Bible again and because her point that you cannot truly know GOd if you never read all of his word cut me to my core this weekend! As for my offering I am currently finishing Crazy Love and Reading Radical with Mr. Lance in Sunday School... and its not killing me I am actually loving it and love getting into the Books, each one has its appointed time during the day! I even have books in my que so to speak! Six months ago I would have never said that, but I have stopped watching a lot of tv and turned more towrds reading! Its been great for me. So I am walking talking living proof that anyone can do it! Even if you don't love reading, pray that God will give you a desire to read. You can also coinsider books on tape or cd, which i haven't tried yet, but was suggested to me. Whatever you do get into the word! It will bless you more that you can imagine!
    In his love,
    PS... I know there are lots of long run-on sentences... did i mention I don't love grammer either... lol :)