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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Supper Club and Discipleship Training

Happy Thursday! If Friday does not get here...I may cry! I love the aspect of the day being lighter longer, but I declare it takes my body FOREVER to get adjusted to the one crazy hour time change! It is so strange...maybe it is just me!

In other news, we have 10 ladies signed up for Supper Club. It is not too late. It is designed to allow the women of the church to get to know a small group of other women really well. I feel like we are losing the "small church" feel as we grow. And to me that is what makes our church special. I love that nearly every person knows my name when they see me in town. As we grow numerically this is challenging. This is an attempt to put people in a small group to get to know each other better. The link is below if you want more information or to sign up. Feel free to send to a wmbc girlfriend that is not active in any other ministry area...this is a good way to break the ice slowly and get them involved!

I am loving the David study! I had forgotten some of the background info that has been brought up. It is funny that you can read the same scripture a zillion times and then one day go "oh I never realized it said THAT". That is the awesomeness of God's Living Word. It never changes but as you grow He reveals more and more in the exact same Words!!!! I just love love love it!

Again I plea...if you are not signed up for a Discipleship Training class, make the commitment and GET SIGNED UP! There are two many awesome studies being offered this semester to waste the opportunity. If you think you are too me you are not. Ask anyone...I absolutely KNOW busy. haha Seriously and honestly, He will multiply your time tenfold if you dedicate your time to Him. But if you hoard it up and always spend it selfishly...the minutes will fly by so fast you will not be able to count them! I can testify to that one a thousand times. When I have been selfish with my time...there was never enough in the day and I was exhausted, but when I give God the portion He requires...I get everything on my list accomplished with some time to spare and make it to bed by 10pm! I strongly believe that time management is a skill that you learn as you practice it...I can help if you need it! It is one of my FAVORITE skills!!!! lol

As I said last night...we will gladly take you in David...male or female! But the other classes will surely take you as pray about it and GET IN A CLASS this week!

Have a Jesus-filled day!
In Him,
Kristy =)

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