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Friday, March 25, 2011

You get out what you put in...

Don't forget that Sunday is WMU Sunday. Basically that means we have a guest speaker that will address the theme for WMU for this year..."Unhindered". And I think we may have an all girl choir/praise team. Phyllis Elvington will be speaking. I am so excited! Invite a friend!

I talked to Phyllis for quite some time last night and she has been led to share something with us that is not her "normal" WMU Day spill. I told her that was great because we did not do WMU or much else the "normal" way! ha Personally I think normal is overrated! So she will share what the Holy Spirit has led her to share and I think that will be perfect! It's a combination message. Combining our personal spiritual walk with missional living! shhhh don't tell her I gave you a sneak peek!

So get your steel toed shoes on and come to church Sunday morning prepared for the Holy Spirit to stomp your toes and knock you socks off! I firmly believe that you get out of church what you expect to get out (or you get out of church what you put into church). My Daddy always said you get out what you put EVERY circumstance. You work hard at something and out comes something valuable. You put in garbage, you get out garbage. (And that ABSOLUTELY applies to your mind!!!) You don't put anything good into a don't get anything back from it. (And that ABSOLUTELY includes your relationship with Jesus!) I see now that there are exceptions to that rule in life...but overall it stands true for many things....especially church worship.

In my mind, (disclaimer here..."in my mind"...enough said!! hahaha) church worship is absolutely effected by what you "put in" and expect to come out. If you come expecting a powerful message that changes your will get it. If you come asking the Lord to speak directly to your will get it. If you come leaving all other burdens and distractions outside so that you can be filled with the Holy Spirit's comfort and will get it. If you come to be seen at church in your new dress and hold a spot on the pew so others know you are get only that. If you come ticked and bitter at Suzy Q because she said something ugly and it got back to you...then you will get bitterness. In fact you will get all the bitterness your heart can harbor. And you will probably be glad that the pastor is speaking DIRECTLY to Suzy Q and so glad you are more spiritual than her and don't need to hear it (note the sarcasm please!). Sorry I side-tracked but that one seems very popular these days! But you get the point...If you...then you get....

So clear your heart...come prepared...and see what HE brings!!!

In Him,
Kristy =)

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