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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Game on!

Tied ball game. Time has expired. No one on base. Two outs. The ump yells “Batter Up, sir you have 5 pitches”…a 7year olds dream, his momma’s nightmare! Preseason tournament…no trophy or anything but a game is a game! Background info…the kid has had a batting slump like you would not believe. He has not gotten a decent hit in a single practice this year. His momma wonders if he is suddenly scared of the machine, or maybe needs new equipment, or maybe he lost the zeal he had for it. Hopeless on the bleachers, momma sits…the machine pitches the ball, he swings…

As a Christian we face the batters box daily sometimes many times a day. Sometimes we dread it, sometimes we are excited, sometimes we are scared we will strike out, sometimes we are confident. The real question is what do we do with our turn in the batter’s box? It can go several ways:
1 – stand there and never swing for fear of striking out; 5 pitches and done.
2 – swing at everything that comes regardless if it is a good pitch and strike out
3 – eye on the ball and wait for the right pitch…swing…base hit
4 – eye on the ball and wait for the right pitch…swing…homerun!!

1 - If we never swing, we cannot do God’s work. We have to go into every situation knowing that God does not call the equipped…he equips the called. He will make sure we have the right “equipment” as long as we seek Him and His Word.

2 – If we swing at every pitch regardless if it is a good pitch, we may wear ourselves out and those around us. Sometimes God puts us in a place to stand in the box and watch the ball. He doesn’t want us to do anything except be there. Sometimes there are no words for situations…and our presence is all that is needed.

3 – A base hit is a wonderful thing. It allows the next batter to participate in the game. If we never allow others to play in the game, they do not grow and get better at playing. Sometimes God puts us in a situation to just plant the seed…and then he sends another worker to water it as He grows it. So keep your eye on God and know if He wants you to base hit and then move on. You can “know” by seeking Him with all your heart!

4 – A homerun is awesome! I am certain it is a great feeling…I wouldn’t know…I was not a baller! But I CAN tell you that it sure makes a momma have to fight hard against the feeling of pride!! =) But you can’t hit a homerun without practice, patience, paying attention, and praying (ha)! Everything must align for a homerun to happen in a God appointed situation. And you must pray, seek, study, and pay attention to your surroundings for it to be successful!

I know the two of you reading are not baseball people…so I am sorry to bore you! But this weekend as I was watching the game…I was trying to find God in the small stuff. And when he lays something so clear on my heart…I feel like I should share it with you two =). So humor me today and enjoy the game analogy!

So what am I doing with my turn in the batter’s box? What are you doing today with your turn in the batter box? You only get a certain number of times before the game expires…make the most of your turn by drawing near and listening to God through prayer, His Word, His people, and circumstances. (Yes Tammy…I love me some Experiencing God too!)

Tonight is church night….PRAISE THE LORD! I can’t wait to see you there…hint, hint.

Be a blessing to someone today! And stay in the game!!!
In Him,
Kristy =)


  1. Love has caused me to look today at what I am doing in the batter box...or if I am still sitting on the stand.
    Thanks. I love the analogy.

  2. Well, I think you have more than TWO readers!!.....C'mon now!! And I LOVE baseball!!

    God gave me an opportunity to be in the batter's box this morning and I have to tell you I almost missed it! Praise Him that He gave the Holy Spirit to us to remind us of our true calling and heighten our awareness in these situations. His gentle nudging and His words led me. I may never know if it was a base hit or a homerun, but I know I was obedient to swing the bat. Praise His name for His patience with the most stubborn of His children!!

  3. I am catching up on the blog because my computer is crushed....(I didn't do it) and I have to beg to use someone I love this analogy. In fact I am very much an analogy kind of girl! I think God teaches me specifically in analogies, but I like to call them parables that he gives me :) I was easily able to identify parts of my life in every situation listed. I pray that I can seek God in every at bat and listen to and carry out his word!