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Monday, November 8, 2010

the randomness of life...hope it encourages someone

Happy Monday! I have a few random things to share....purely for your entertainment! 1 - This one is really comes from people telling me that I am too busy. Hello? How can one determine if another person is too busy? I get plenty of sleep and balance my family, my church, my work, etc. Who is to decide how "busy" I can be? I am a firm believer in the old cliche..."Idle hands are the devil's handiwork" Granny said that so many times in my life...I could quote it at age 2! Well, a few months ago I found this awesome expression that illustrates the way we try to live in the Gardner household. I have hung it over the living room walkway so visitors can know where we stand..."Hands to Work - Hearts to God" It makes Peyton roll her eyes! haha But it is my ultimate goal. I want to live life so that people say...gosh Proverbs 31 could have been written about her! And I am SOOOOOO far from it that I need the visual reminder every time I enter the house! I told someone last week that "I want my tombstone to say "except for her"!!!" referring to the Beth Moore So Long Insecurity Simulcast which I reflected on here. But maybe I'd rather it say...She lived a life that was so busy walking with Jesus that folks had to find Jesus to find her!
2 - Harvest Festival was so much fun! Everyone who worked so hard has a special jewel waiting for their crown.

3 - Veteran's Day is this week. Thank a are free to read this blog because they stood up for our nation.

4 - nogs is AWESOME! If you need a Bible study to fill the gap between the fall discipleship training classes and the a copy of No Other Gods by Kelly Minter. You can absolutely do it solo...and you WILL be blessed by it. I admit I was worried about being the "Guider" (I like that term better than Leader) of it because it is solely discussion with no dvd. But it has stretched me and I recall a recent sermon that if your _____ doesn't isn't true worship because worship should cost you something. (or it went something like that!) Well...this semester my Bible Study hurts and it is such a blessing!

5 - Jesus dies tonight. I will be weeping with the ladies by the tomb. Most of you know that I have been reading the Bible through once a year for the last couple of years. Well this year (year 3!!!) I decided to read a Chronological Bible. Tonight Jesus dies. Last night they led him up that mountain and I almost cried. Tonight I know I will. I asked Travis the other night did he ever read something that he had read before and knew the ending to but hope in his spirit that it might be different. He looked at me lovingly (like I had four heads) and said "no....can't say that I ever have". And I confessed I do it ALL the time reading the Bible. And finally last night at nogs I put it into words...the Bible is SO ALIVE to me that I sometimes get so caught up in it being current that I think it might change...I am quite sure God shakes his head and giggles when I offer up "please let Judas change his mind....can't he kiss someone else this time???" now you KNOW without a doubt I am weird. Hopefully if you read nothing else encouraging...that little tidbit will encourage you...I am weirder than most folks! There you go.

I challenge you to pray RIGHT NOW...I am going to issue the 15 minutes a day for God challenge again the end of this year and do the old reading guide that I like so much in 2011...I WANT ALL OF YOU TO DO IT WITH ME!!!! 15 minutes a day...and it has ETERNAL VALUE. Not much else that takes you 15 minutes can say can it? And if you plan to say no and have a good this. haha

love you!
Kristy =)

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  1. Kristy,
    I read your comment above probably on Monday or possibly Tuesday. This morning as I woke up at a little after 3am (not by choice) with a lot on my mind. I went to His word. In BSF we are studying Isaiah. This study is already changing my life which is what His Word does. I so totally agree with you that when you read it becomes real. Sometimes I feel like I am crawling in those pages and am right there with them. Standing beside Moses on the Mountain, David when he is facing Goliath, the disciples as they minister everywhere. The only time I am not standing with them hanging onto every word I hear them speaking, is when my Jesus comes on the scene. I am humbled by the cross. Struck down as low as I can go but then I too leap forth in victory as He arises. Our Living a Praying life study this morning was on His word and the study of his word and how important it is to be in His word everyday. I will not tell you that I am in His word everyday but I am in it a lot of days. Just this morning, I received much needed encouragement from scripture that my BSF study led me to. It is in Romans and the scripture I read will be where my SMC verse will come from. So with all of that said. I, too, will join you next year in reading the Bible thru in a year on a daily basis. I have a lot of activities that keep me in his word on a regular basis but none that require me to be in His word on a daily basis. Jennifer Kennedy Dean...said just this morning that His word is to our spiritual digestive system what food is to our physical digestive system. We cannot expect to draw from its nutrients if we are not partaking. We could not go a day without food and not get physically hungry but we can go ????how long without his word and not be spiritually hungry. I pray for spiritual hunger every day and that God would make my spirit growl if necessary to remind me to get in His word for If I am not there, How will I ever hear Him speak. It is not enough to be involved in bible studies, church activities, etc....I need to be in His word EVERY DAY! So that he can speak to me EVERY DAY!