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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Comic Relief for today...

OK...I know tomorrow is the 1st and I will post the scripture memory verse after lunch....but after talking with my good friend she thought this was blog worthy to entertain other women who sometimes want to smack themselves =) So laugh with me...not at me!

Some of you know that I am technically challenged even though I pretend to be "cutting edge". Specifically with my ipod. I hate that scrolling thing. It takes me 3 minutes to adjust the volume and about 5 minutes to change the playlist. Well apparently I forgot all that when I very excitedly ran out (literally) and bought the new (well not really new...but I just heard of it so it is new to me!) Nike plus ipod thingy.

I saw some girls using it at the last 5k I did and I was so impressed. It tracked their distance, time and even talked to them and told them how much farther to run. Unfortunately I failed to notice how they were experts at navigating the ipod

Anyway...I also noticed they had this special clip thingy on their shoe to hook it to the laces. They told me if your Nike shoes do not have a plus you just order this thing on-line and away you go. So I ordered one for $4.98 with free shipping. But it won't be here for a week. Most of you know my patience so I decided to do this...Nice, huh? Johnston County at its finest! =) I could probably stop the post right here and you are already shaking your head and grinning. But it gets better.

Since it is sprinkling outside I decided to run on the treadmill and calibrate the sucker (whatever that means). So I went upstairs and forgot to turn the AC or ceiling fan back on...and started running (with the heat on). I decided not to do the recommended mile. You know me...the overachiever. Instead I did my full 3 miles and with the heat index up there it took me 5 minutes longer than normal and my face looked like a tomato when the 3 mile bell sounded. Praise Him for that bell!

SO at that point I came downstairs to look at the instruction book to see how to calibrate the run. Key words...AT THAT know after the collapsed lung and heart failure setting in. Guess what...the calibration feature is supposed to be turned on BEFORE the run. And guess what else...if you don't the MAX distance you can enter is 1.25 miles....and I ran 3.0

So...the encouragement and lesson for you women is....READ THE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE YOU RUN 3 MILES!!!!! We have access to the best instruction book covers every aspect of life...God's Word! Don't forget to give Him 15 minutes today!

Love you girls! See ya tomorrow for SMC! Sleep well!

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