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Monday, November 29, 2010


Ever feel overwhelmed?

As a woman I think we have a bigger task of juggling and balancing than our counterparts. Specifically as a wife and mother we juggle every one's schedules (including our own), taxi driving, preparing meals, laundry, cleaning, checking homework, reminding to brush teeth, take medicine, and the list continues... And what usually gets left "undone" is us. I mean if anything gets left undone it is "our stuff". The kids are fed and dressed and homework checked and tucked in at night. Husbands are cared for and loved and have clean clothes to wear. House is livable and the chores are mostly done. At the end of the day we make sure we do every one's stuff first...and we get what's left of our time. That means often God gets "what's left" of us. And sometimes when you look at the means He gets less than nothing!

So I challenge you for the next 4 survive the holidays without losing your joy...spend 15 minutes a day in God's Word. More time if you have it but at least 15 minutes a day. Do not close your eyes at night until you have done 15 minutes of God time and see what happens. I cannot count the days in a year that I tell God that I am running out of time and need him to multiply it the way He did for Joshua (i.e. sun standing still Josh 10:13-14 one of my faves!).

You see...the God in those awesome Old Testament stories is the same God we serve today and tomorrow and forever. If He stopped the sun from setting for Joshua...He will stop it for me. As long as I have faith as small as a mustard seed. And I think that is why we don't witness the miracles as were witnessed in the Bible. We are low in faith and only believe that God did miracles for others. We don't believe He can do them for us. But friend...He can and will...if we LET HIM!

So the next 4 weeks show Him you are serious about developing a closer walk with Him. Give Him 15 minutes a day and let Him bless you with 30 minutes back! I can't wait to hear the testimony you will be able to share! I am praising Him in advance for your blessings! Grow your faith and stand in awe of the God we serve. If you need help getting started, contact me and I'll help you!

In Him,

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  1. I may have to take you up on this one. Since September I have had BSF to keep me focused but last week I got a little behind and did not do my lessons daily. I know without a doubt that my relationship with God is directly related to the time I spend with him. The more in His word I am and the more time I spend in prayer....the closer I feel to Him. If I don't make time for Him he feels further away. I know that God doesn't move, that it is me doing the moving but sometimes I lose focus. So with that said, I am gonna try to make sure that everyday I spend time with HIM. BSF will be on break for the holidays in 2 weeks, Discipleship training will be complete and I will be left hanging without focus if I don't commit to something. So I am comitting to reading the life of Jesus with my family from Dec. 13th thru Christmas day. (This is my last night of
    BSF so it fits in perfectly). I love God and fall so short of His expectations of me but I am trying!!!
    Thank you Kristy for being the encouragement that is needed to keep traveling on.