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Thursday, November 11, 2010

From Religion to Relationship

Billie has been doing sermons on the topic of Religion to Relationship for some time now. And I have been trying to wrap my mind around the best way to say this...but I struggle finding the words. This will probably come out all wrong...and rambly...but here goes.

I think people are misled in understanding that being saved and having eternal life is what God truly wants out of us while we are here on earth. I think we miss the point entirely if that is all we believe. I think God desires so much more than that...I think He desires an intimate relationship with us that can only be obtained by first being saved but then being intentional in seeking Him first and living life by the example His Word give us. (Which means we have to be IN the Word to KNOW the Word).

I can remember being saved as a teenager...praying the sinners prayer and accepting Jesus in my heart but then being TOTALLY clueless what that really meant. I believe that it did mean I was destined for heaven at that moment but nothing really changed. I still had the same friends, did the same things, made the same bad decisions (mostly with the same friends), etc. I missed the point. And no one told me I had missed it...because as I look back at that small church...they were missing it too. Kind of like the Seventh Sign movie or whatever it was called..."seeing dead people and they don't even know they are dead".

When we started at WMBC and the first Discipleship Training session rolled around. I signed up because everyone else did. It changed my life forever. Henry Blackaby taught me what it means to develop a relationship wit Jesus. Mr Joe and Mrs Jackie guided me in reading the Bible and seeking Him first. I can still remember my very first Scripture I ever memorized...John 15:5. It was week 1 of Experiencing God...and I experienced Him in ways I never imagined over those 12 weeks. I don't ever want to "not" have a Bible Study going...because you know what they say about idle hands...haha

Last night Billie talked about Discipleship and I remembered Henry Blackaby. And John 15:5 and the way I felt the first year I completed the one year Bible reading guide. And the affirmation God gave me ALL along the way.

I cannot wait to see what God is doing in our church...if you are not in a Bible me...I will recommend a good one and I will even do it with you if you need the encouragement and accountability. Because if you are saved but do not have a are missing out on so many blessings that God is wanting to lavish upon you. It is not all about is all about the relationship! Without are missing out!

Love ya!
Kristy =)

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