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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the small things in life...and sorry this has NOTHING to do with Women's Ministry but I thought someone might giggle

What started as a miserable turning out to be wonderful. I had kid and dog duty this morning which I apparently did not allow enough time to prepare for...with a sinus infection trying to attack but I am standing strong...and the last straw of a crazy morning was when the ever so mean Coke man put REGULAR COKE ZERO in the hole that is clearly labeled for CHERRY COKE ZERO. I am a Pepsi girl except for Cherry Coke Zero. I have one every single morning...and today the stupid shut up machine spit out a regular one.

So for spite...I drank a full octane REGULAR MT DEW. There you go Coke man...take that!

Then this afternoon...I saw the most glorious site...finally back in the machine... is...Mrs Freshley's cupcakes!!!!! And note I am drinking it with a Diet drink...does that lower the calories you think????

So I guess that sums up that my weight loss is stalling a bit...maybe tomorrow I can make better choices...

In Him,

Kristy =)

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