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Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Friday!

We made it!!!! Tell me...why are short weeks so much longer than normal weeks? It amazes me. I really have nothing to say. Just wanted to tell you Happy Friday!

Oh and I did want to remind you that Discipleship Training classes are starting very soon (most start next Sunday, 19th). If you have not registered, you need to do so ASAP! If you cannot come to class (because you are passionate about shepherding the little children of the church - and we appraciate you more than you will ever know!!!) but would like to have the homework and an accountability monitor...pick mine =) There are no dvd instructional videos. It is purely discussion and homework driven. I can make it work for you. The important thing with Discipleship Training is to consistently get you in the Word! So alone or in a will work!

Other reminders are....THE 5K!!! If you are not registered...please go ahead! A lot of you keep telling me you are excited and ready...BUT we need to figure out what size t shirts we need to order so we need folks to go ahead and register! The link for on-line registration is on the blog main page at the top.

This morning felt so much like fall! I bet Caleb had teeth chattering...that boy is so cold natured...he could not have come from my thick blood! He wears sweatshirts and fleece coats year round. The PES teachers think we are the Adams Family I believe. Anyway, I love fall. Last few years we seemed to skip it into winter...I felt like Fall was getting cheated. Maybe this year God will let it linger. I went from not one thing to say to quite a bit of rambling...have a great day in Him!

Love ya!
Kristy =)

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