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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Two things...maybe three

1 - It happened again....what does the second option say??? Is it too much for a girl to ask for a Cherry Coke Zero? I finally sent a formal complaint. I didn't want to...but I was has been 9 days since the machine man put regular Coke in the spot of the precious Cherry Coke Zero. So I sent this picture along with a request that if Cherry Coke Zero was no longer available to please change the label. And the guy came around and said the Cherry Coke Zero was back and he was so sorry it had happened. So at lunch...I put in my money...and out came a regular Coke Zero...SERIOUSLY???? So I melted down...and supposedly it is corrected now...but I am not even going to risk it! I will be bringing my own and saving the $1.25 from now on!

2 - I am LOVING the No Other Gods Bible Study. Our first real session was last Sunday night and I thought the conversation was incredible and Spirit led. The homework last night was like a fresh revelation...I can't wait until tonight!

3 - I am also reading a new book. It is called "Deacon Wives" catchy, huh? It really should be called "WOMEN" because EVERY WOMAN needs to read it!!! It has been so convicting that I blubbered through Ch 1 with toes in seat to protect them from the army boot that was grinding them into the carpet. Finally I painted my toe nails to hide the bruises...haha Seriously, it is so funny how when you think you get it and start feeling a little spiritual "over-confidence"...Jesus gets out the 2x4 and tells you that no one ever truly gets it and that you certainly have a long way to go!!! So you call to Him and he tells you great and unsearchable things...Jer 33:3- memory verse a few weeks ago ;).

But alas I was rewarded last night for past obedience with this..."the best advice you will read in this book: read the entire Bible through completely every year". AMEN SISTER! Honestly y'all, that is the second most life changing thing in my spiritual life (first being scripture memorization). It was so overwhelming the first year...but now I am almost done with year 3 and it is second nature like washing my hair! If you have never read cover to cover...I have a reading guide that makes it simple...15 minutes a night...SEND ME A NOTE and I will provide you the spreadsheet I created. You can start NOW!!!!!

4 - I am going out of town Thursday so I will post the SMC be thinking of your verses! But understand that there could be a delay in your postings...not sure if I will have access to wireless. I can't count...but I love you gals!!!!
Kristy =)

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  1. Ok, if you haven't done today's homework yet, it is AWESOME! I loved it!