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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It is TIME for a Women's Ministry Blog Weight Loss Challenge! (say that 5 times fast) here is the deal. I either have a closet that shrinks my clothes or I am growing wider at an enormous rate of speed. If it is the latter (which I am still checking and holding hope into the closet issue)...I am in desperate need of someone to hold me accountable for what I eat. I have tried Weight Watchers on-line...and finally decided that paying the $17 a month for 7 months to GAIN 14 pounds was just plain stupid. Apparently, It only works for disciplined people...which I am NOT! Travis on the other hand decided a few weeks ago to "cut back" and has drawn his belt up TWO HOLES....yes I said two makes me want to smack him. Meanwhile...I am about to give up the dream and buy elastic pants and a gallon of mint chocolate chip.

Or I could believe the promise in Phil 4:13 and get you all to pray me to victory...and ask me everyday how many points I have consumed and whether I did my running the night before. But then honestly it would be no fun if only I was trying to become healthy and not buy a bigger wardrobe. So after today reaching the weight at my 2nd child's birth...I am issuing a challenge to both of you blog readers to join me in the quest for better health...let's lose some weight and feel great! haha

Here's the deal...log in (anonymous if you want) with your goal of either total pounds or total % of weight to lose by 11/24 (day before Thanksgiving). Track it however you want. I am going to weigh on Wednesdays. If you reach your goal...I will buy you Cold Stone's ice cream one night in December!!! Yes, I know I am retarded to reward my weight loss with ice cream...but I love it....and I don't buy it often so it will be a treat! If you think of a better prize...I am game as long as it costs me less than $10 per person...I am not made of money despite what Peyton and Caleb would tell you.

And if no one wants to join me...then you still have to ask me every time you see me..."Kristy dear, how many points have you eaten today?" And every time you eat a bite...pray for me to have strength...cause on my own I have ZERO will power...just ask my man! Also, I will gladly take helps and hints =)

Happy Wednesday! Go to church and get refueled tonight! If your church does not have Wed night service...come to ours...just get it somewhere! It is the 2nd most important day of the week! I could not survive without it!

In Him,


  1. O.k. Kristy, I take you up on this challenge. I counted it up and it is 11 weeks from tonight till Thanksgiving. I have a lot more weight than you to lose so I may shoot for more than you would even need to lose. I think it is very possible for me to lose 2lbs per week. If I would just drink my water - I would probably lose 5 pounds the 1st week. So with that said. I am gonna try to shoot for 30lbs by Nov. 24th. I'll be praying. If you need help with weight watcher points has them all listed and it is free. It has grocery points and restaurant points. Well here goes....Thanks the spark!

  2. Ok - a little late.... I have been walking and eating better for about 3 months to attempt the 5K you have told me I have to do. I have given up all soda and other than my breakfast coffee and occasional skim milk, it is all water with lemon or crystal lite mix. Well, I was feeling a bit down and out - not seeing a lot of I finally got brave and stepped on the scale last night - 13 lbs lighter. So my goal, after being freshly motivated, is 20 lbs by Thanksgiving - that's a healthy 2 lbs per week. I have some new healthy, low cal, low fat, figure friendly recipes if you are in need of some kitchen inspiration - cause we all know TBIRD loves to cook (and since I am a good cook, I love to eat what I cook as well - hence the abundant bootie).