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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

One step closer...

I downloaded the pictures to my SLOW home laptop last tomorrow maybe some pics...haha

In Other randomness...
- Today is Wednesday! It is my favorite "week" day because we get to refuel at church tonight!

- This weekend is Homecoming at church and I am very excited because for the first time in years I do not have nursery duty! long as everyone shows up that is scheduled...hint hint if you are reading this! haha

- One of the baseball mamas made our Prayer Shawl Ministry group a lap blanket! It was so sweet of her. I was excited. She sees me crocheting at practice and asked what I was working on so I told her about the PSM Group. Two weeks later...a beautiful blanket! Wasn't that sweet? She is not churched right now that I can y'all pray for me to have the right words to encourage her to get involved with her church again.

- Yesterday I delivered the cookies to the Sheriff's Dept. I was early because they do not open until 8am. But a nice detective let me in the back door. They were excited and appreciative to get the cookies. Then the detective walked me out and said "If more folks in the county would do the Lord's work this would be amazing place to live". All I could say was amen! So I did what every good WMU Director would do...invited him to participate in the race! lol

- Speaking of which we are at 99!!!!! I am on pins and needles waiting to hit 100! God is so funny. I had prayed hard for 50...a low but achievable number...especially since there were so many doubters on the JBA board that it could be successful. Cause y'all know I hate to fail (especially my NOG girls!)...but my God is so BIG and He loves to remind me of it!! Go God! Ps 150:6!!!

OK...enough rambling...y'all lift up Clyde's Chapel today please their members, former pastor and Women's Ministry programs...they need some special prayer.

I do have one pictire to make you laugh...this is how I cam to work the day of all the raining...they think I am crazy...I don't know why???

Shine for Him today!!!
Love you!
Kristy =)

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