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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Are we "dating" Jesus?

Last night I decided to run on the treadmill since I had to work late and missed my running partner. Deep down I did not want to run. Especially on the stinking go no where treadmill. But I knew I needed to stay on schedule so I hopped on and started flipping the channels. I watched the usual Sportscenter but it is hard to run watching baseball news. Need something more exciting to run to. Football works good and Basketball is not so much. I like watching when I am still, but not moving. So I went to God TV (I think is the name of the station) and low and behold there was Joyce Meyer. Some of you may not like her, but I really enjoy listening to her on 1270am. In fact, after hearing her on 1270, I got two of her audio teaching cd's for Christmas presents and have listened to them three times each so far. If you want them...they are awesome...about PEACE!

Anyway...what really got my attention when I flipped was this question "Are you just dating Jesus?". And I was like *pant pant* this is interesting *pant pant*. She talked about the day she got married. And how you get so much more than a husband. You get a new last name, debt or money - depending on who you marry!, help opening jars, more laundry to keep up, etc. Her point was that once you marry life is no longer JUST you. Every decision you make effects another person. Of course it is your choice if you continue to make decisions solely for SELF or for the joint person you now are!!! When you are is different. There is no responsibility to another human. There is no last name. There is no ring. You are not recognized as "so and so's wife". And most folks you meet do not even know if you have a boyfriend!

She related this to Jesus. Hang with me...I am trying my best to capture it (coming up short I realize!!!)

The church is the bride of Christ. And we are the church. So we are the bride of Christ. You probably already know that part. But do we act as though we are the bride of Christ, or like we are only dating Jesus? You remember the difference. Do we take His name as ours? Do we think of Him in every decision we make? Or do we only call on Him in a time of crisis? Do folks recognize us as His? Or can they even tell us apart from non-believers? Or even folks hear us say we are His and then we act as though we are not?!!!!

I was going to stop at 1.5 miles...but the show intrigued me and convicted me to 3 miles! woohoo!

I never cared what people "thought" of me. I always did my thing the best I could do and if others did not like be it. But the closer to Christ I grow...I realize that what people think about me is VERY important in my witness. If folks perceive me as hypocritical, or ugly, or self centered or ect...then my witness is ineffective. And then I am not helping Jesus at all! I am damaging the kingdom! me!

So who are you married to and who do you resemble???? Scary stuff, huh?

In Him,
Kristy =)

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