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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Randomly ending at the Harvest a couple of you sent me notes asking where was the next blog post? haha Sorry I was in training in Raleigh all week last week...and I just had nothing nice to say! If you have a spouse that works in Raleigh...hug him right now and tell him you love him. =) If you work in Raleigh...bless you...and I am sorry if I was in the way last week!

This is my final crop collection of the season (ignore the random junk on the counter). It is going to be sad tonight when I pull up the remaining vines. But they need to go. The harvest is done and the vines are taking over the steps when you try and go inside. And Travis reminds me of that daily...he has been ready for them to go for quite a while. I guess his not eating tomatoes might play a part...
So...we had a guest speaker for church Sunday...the dude was very good (if you weren't there you will think I am being disrespectful when I call him a dude...but he would laugh). He talked a lot about my favorite hobby...seed sewing, cultivating and harvesting. If you would have told me that I would EVER relate to a gardening illustration I would have laughed in your face. politely of course. But I was thinking as I was listening to the illustrations Sunday that my focus in life is slightly displaced. Much better aligned than EVER before...but still slightly displaced. I have been so wrapped up in focusing on eternal life versus the life now. In ways that have surprised me at letting things that normally would unnerve me roll right off because "they have no eternal significance". And in losing my Granny last year, I grieved so differently than ever before because I know where she is today without a doubt. And people think I am crazy when I refer to my children as borrowed from God...because honestly...that is what they are...borrowed while on earth. They are His alone...and I just get the privilege of trying to raise them to adults without killing them (or them killing each other...not sure which!). while my big picture focus is generally ok...eternal life is what truly matters most...I am now thinking my immediate focus is missing a tad. I think my focus has ONLY been on the harvest. Which is impossible to achieve without the sewing and cultivating. Through his many illustrations I realized that being an effective witness requires multi-tasking...which I THRIVE on so I do not know how I missed it!!! You have to be able to focus on seed sewing, cultivating, and harvesting all at the same time! Because every encounter is at a different stage. And you do not "know" what stage! So you have to be prepared for all three and let God lead you to the proper stage. I absolutely loved his story of the garbage man. If you were not there, email me and I will tell you the is kind of long and it will add so much to this post that the two of you regulars may never read the blog again...hahaha

Where is your focus? Is it only on the harvest or do you do well at multi-tasking? It is something to think about...tomorrow is Sep getting ready for your SMC verse!

Have a Jesus filled day!
Kristy =)

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