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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Integrity toes are hurting!

Lee Blackman filled in at church last night, and let me tell was awesome! I just love to hear him teach! The message was simple. From the book of Daniel. Specifically, the story of Daniel in the lions den. I bet I have read/heard that story hundreds of times. And almost every time I have accredited Daniel being saved by His faithfulness to God. But Lee added some depth to that philosophy. Daniel's integrity. Throughout the story, Daniel's integrity shines. In the first verses of the chapter (I think it was ch 6) we see that Daniel's integrity has landed him as the TOP administrator to the king. He was 2nd in charge. This made the other governors jealous.

Check 1 - Whom have you made jealous because your integrity is so highly thought of? When folks hear your name, do they think good standing, high integrity, etc? Or do they think compromising, able to be bought, wishy-washy, etc?

The next section is the governors convincing the king to issue the edict that no one can pray to anyone except the king. Because they knew Daniel well enough to KNOW he would continue to pray to God. That there was no way Daniel would compromise his faithfulness to God for anything...even the lion's den.

Check 2 - When folks see you Monday through Saturday, do they KNOW without a doubt that you are uncompromising in your faithfulness to Jesus Christ? Do they eventually give up trying to drag you down because you are standing firm on the Rock? And no matter what they tempt you with you always say no? Or do they know your button to push or your price for purchase?

The last section we discussed was obviously the lions den. It was brief because...well...Lee is a bit like myself...very good at talking and his time was But you know the ending to the story...God saved Daniel in the lion's den and then the king made everyone worship Daniel's God.

Check 3 - Who do you worship and with what motive? Do you worship God all the time purely so that you can become more Christ-like? Or do you worship your phone, tv, computer, money, children, friends, etc? Do folks know that you are a Christian without you saying the word? Or do you play church on Sunday but worship the world the other 6 days?

I leave you with a quote from the book "IT"...."if your gospel isn't touching others, it hasn't touched you"....

Who are you touching?

In Him,

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