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Friday, August 13, 2010

Fall Discipleship Classes are coming soon!!!!

OK...I don't know about y'all but I cannot wait for the Fall Discipleship classes to start at church. Sep 12th is the day! Wooohooo!! Soon you will be asked to pick your classes. There will be several hard to pick from choices...but let me get a plug in for the one I will be facilitating...=)
This is the same author of the Ruth study I did over the summer. And I believe I did a blog post or two about the book I read recently "no other gods". The book was amazing I cannot wait to do the study with some of you! I want to ask now that you go ahead and begin praying for me as the facilitator because I am so spoiled by Beth Moore studies...having a dvd to just press start...this one has no is all discussion and leading. So it will be a challenge for me. But I am very excited about it!

Here is the link to the Introduction if you want to read it before you decide which class is for you.

Also, if you are reading the blog and do not attend our church...YOU ARE WELCOME to come to Discipleship Training. It is Sunday nights at 6pm...just email me and I will hook you up with the details. It would be awesome to have several churches studying together...(the "It" book I finished last night (yeah!) made me keenly aware of how awesome that would be in God's eyes...churches on the same team...WOW!)

And funny...that was my motivation for joining the JBA WMU Leadership form alliances and a network of Women's Ministry Leaders across the county that could share information and ideas and support each other in so any way. And it is so "God" to lead me to read the book "It" to affirm that is exactly what He wants me to do in this season of my life. I LOVE HIM!!!!

Imagine what five churches could do hooked up in the county to reach the lost versus one church standing alone! Because honestly in the big picture...WHO CARES WHICH CHURCH GETS THE CREDIT AS LONG AS LIVES ARE COMING TO KNOW CHRIST INTIMATELY!!! I imagine satan is shuddering right now as I put the words in print!!! And I have a smirk!

OK...I side tracked...honestly imagine what I could do if I went to the doctor and got something prescribed for my A.D.D.

Get ready for the Fall Classes...if you were planning NOT to do one...THINK need to be accountable in your study time with God...and this is the best way! So go ahead and plan for it! If you need me to encourage you personally...send me an e-mail I will be on you like a spider monkey drinking mountain dew! Nagging...I mean ENCOURAGING is one of my specialties =)

Love ya!
Kristy =)

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