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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jesus Loves Me...more

Not much to say...the mouse pad says it

This was a present from my boss. It just tickles me to look at it. But then I think about what it says. And you can take it a couple different ways. Obviously, at face value you would think that someone actually thinks Jesus plays favoritism...but most of us know the foot of the cross is level ground. If you do not understand this and you honestly think Jesus loves you (or me or even Pastor Billie) more than any other sinner...we need to chat face to face. ;)

So the way I like to think about this mouse pad is that I should live my life daily so that others see me and think "wow, she just HAS to be the teacher's pet". Because if I live like I want to be the favorite, then I am walking in obedience and walking so close to Christ that others want what I have. Not that I want folks to covet or anything un-commandment like , but you know what I mean! When folks see Jesus shining out of you, they realize they NEED to have a relationship with Him too. It's contagious. And that is what Christianity should be...contagious. We should be so infected that when others are near us...they become infected too. Like a stomach bug or strep throat or the swine flu. Spread it to all your friends and neighbors. No amount of vitamin C should protect against it.

So why can't I do it daily? Why can't I be obedient and Christ-like on a daily basis? When you figure it out, let's write a book. I'll provide the comic annotations and you supply the earth shattering way to be Christ like. Oh sorry...the book has already been's called The B-I-B-L-E (yes that's the book for me). And it is full of earth shattering ways to be Christ like (along with some comic relief). So maybe if I read it more often, I'll hear the Father speaking more clearly and then I can be the teacher's pet!!!!! Cause if you know know that is what truly drives me...being the teacher's pet! hahaha

Seriously, how can we become more obedient? Do we need to pray more, read more, study more, or just live more transparently? There is no secret combination for the "best" Christian. We all fall short...but we should all strive to be "better". It helps tremendously to have an accountability partner to pull you through the slack times...or the rebellious times..or whatever season you "fall" the most short! So get one...or contact me and I'll partner with you. That is IF you can stand knowing that I am His favorite... :)

Any thoughts?
In Him,
Kristy =)

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  1. A Shelby Challenge Testimony!!! A couple friends put together some extra cash last week and bought a gas gift card for someone and we left it at the store anonymously! It felt so good to be a part of a secret mission that would make someone have a better day! If you haven't accepted the Shelby are missing blessings!